15 Tiny Conveniences You Deserve

Sometimes the littlest everyday conveniences are the biggest and most life-affirming. These are 15 tiny conveniences you deserve.

1. A Spare Sweater

Spontaneous trip to the movie theater with your friends? Boom, that spare sweater you left in your car last week saves you from shivering throughout the film.

2. The "Undo" Button in Gmail

It only took 25 years, but now we can undo an email we sent too soon, or accidentally sent as "reply all." Saving face digitally is possible — and it's wonderful.

3. Sleep-In Sundays

The ability to stay in bed on Sunday, especially after an activity-packed (or club-hopping) Saturday, is the best feeling. What's more convenient than getting to stay in bed?

4. A Well-Timed Breath Mint

You're about to leave for that interview and you're out of gum. The old pack of breath mints at the bottom of your purse, or your fastidious friend who always has gum, saves the day.

5. Easy to Remember Wi-Fi Passwords

Too often, you go to your friend's house or a coffee shop, ask for the Wi-Fi password, and you're directed to a sheet with 80 characters. That one friend or corner cafe with a simple and memorable password always wins.

6. Neighbors Who'll Pet-Sit

Ever have a neighbor who loves your pet and is willing to feed and play with them when you're away? If not, you deserve it, because it is so grand.

7. A Tiny Park

Walking around the neighborhood and pass by a pocket park with a welcoming, sun-dappled bench and a place to curb your dog? Take it up on its offer of a lovely, convenient experience.

8. A Bonus Book

You finally stow your bags and drop into your seat in a cranky flop sweat. Then, you find a new book in the seat pocket in front of you. Now you've got something to read without buying the Wi-Fi!

9. Free ATMs

Going out without cash is an uneasy feeling: what if we end up in a cash-only joint? Stumbling upon your bank's ATM and not getting a fee is a winning moment. There should be a free ATM on every block.

10. Ice in the Freezer

There should be ice in the freezer at all times. What can possibly be worse for Friday night cocktails than mixing up a martini, only to find there's no ice to shake it? You deserve a cold martini.

11. A Shady Parking Spot

You make a sluggish summer afternoon trip to the grocery store, then pull into the lot to find a big tree-shaded spot near the entrance. What a relief! Not melting the ice cream in an overheated car is convenient, indeed.

12. Instant Tissues

Face tissues like Kleenex are so important. Ever been in the car when a sneezing fit strikes? Having some tissues on-hand always is something we all deserve.

13. Working Motion Sensors

Why do so many public bathrooms fail at this? You madly waive your hands in front of the infrared eye and the sink/paper dispenser/flush doesn't work. When a motion sensor does work, though? It's so nice.

14. A Pen When You Need It

That pen at the bottom of your purse probably doesn't work. Trying to type that information into your phone might look rude. That friendly face with a spare pen you can borrow is a saint. We should all be so lucky.

15. Naps

The holy grail of tiny conveniences is that micro-nap you get to take on your lunch break, or the well-earned nap in the middle of a deep spring cleaning, or the luxurious nap on the beach chair during vacation. It's the convenience we should all take for ourselves without fear or guilt.

What some of your favorite tiny conveniences?

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Sometimes little conveniences can change your daily outlook. These are 15 tiny conveniences you deserve to be happy. | #lifehacks #lifetips #grateful

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Tiffany C (@sweetmatcha)

A shaded parking spot! esp in the heat of summer! I don't mind even if the bird decides to leave me a present! :)

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Marika Michalik

1, 6, 7, 8, 11 and 15 are my tops! :D I would add a atomizer filled with water (the one we use to make clothes wet before ironing, at least i do) in your bag on a sunny day. Whenever it gets too hot - you can just spray water all around you and it costs almost nothing :)