16 Clothing Items That Will Last Forever


Tired of chasing cheap clothing deals at fast fashion shops, only to replace them every season? Time to invest in some of these 16 clothing items that last forever.

1. Steven Alan Shirts

These classic and stylish shirts are perfect for every occasion, are easy to wash, and fit better with age. Try to grab some on sale and enjoy the compliments you'll get.

2. Freya Brassieres

These bras are so structurally sound people will think you lost weight just by wearing a better fitting, better lifting bra. Freya bras comes in all sizes, up to a K cup. They machine wash well, but if you hand-wash, you will never have to replace them.

3. Spanx Hosiery

Always getting runs in your hose? (I am!) Spanx hosiery gives you tons of color, texture, and pattern possibilities all in the same indestructible quality Spanx uses for their other shapewear.

4. Patagonia Jackets

If you live somewhere with unpredictable weather, Patagonia's puffer coats and parkas are excellent. Unlike many of the brands you will find at Burlington Coat factory, they will last many years without replacing.

5. American Apparel Tees

This American brand is known for pricey basics, but all of my American Apparel shirts are still kicking like new. To save money, try buying from the online sale section or getting a wholesale account.

6. CW-X Running Tights

This is isn't athleisure — CW-X makes compression, thermal, and stability focused tights in lots of cuts for men and women. Athletes and trainers agree that this brand of tights are amazing and last forever.

7. Bass Shoes

Bass has been around since 1876 because their shoes are very durable. With everything from girly saddle shoes to men's brogues, their genuine uppers and soles are meant to last.

8. American Giant Hoodies

A new brand out of San Francisco, American Giant is all about making the perfect hoodie that won't get destroyed in the wash after a couple years. These are soft, comfortable forever hoodies.

9. Converse Shoes

Converse never go out of style, and Chuck Taylors are America's go-to sneaker. They're always made the same, and if you don't wear them everyday, they can last a lifetime.

10. Birkenstock Sandals

You may have heard these are back in style, but for many people that is irrelevant. Birkenstocks have remained popular because the soles conform to your feet and never fall apart.

11. Levi's Selvedge Denim

Everyone has a pair of Levi's in the closet. They make lots of jean types now, but one of the best is the selvedge denim line, which produces very thick, durable denim that slowly wears in and never blows out.

12. Gold Toe Socks

These classic gold toe socks in everyday colors are not only affordable and comfortable, but the reinforced toe never gives way to holes.

13. Uniqlo Heattech Sweaters

Uniqlo is known for making strong basics for good prices. One of the best values is the Heattech line, which makes thermal tees, sweaters, and jackets for less money than brands like The North Face. They also come in more fun colors!

14. Pendleton Blankets

Pendleton is another brand with a legacy of long-lasting quality. Their colorful blankets are beautiful and never fuzz up and fade like others do. Keep one in your car or on the couch and you won't be sorry.

15. Frye Leather Boots

These genuine leather boots come in tons of classic and trendy styles for men and women with the same dependable longevity. The leather uppers mold around your legs and feet, and the soles take forever to wear down.

16. L.L.Bean Anything

From parkas to backpacks to slippers, L.L.Bean is known for making items that last. Many L.L. Bean items we had from childhood are still being used to this day. It's a great brand for families to depend on.

What articles of clothing have endured the test of time for you?

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