18 Beauty Tips and Hacks for Summer


As the weather heats up, your beauty routine might need a few tweaks to continue working for you. Hot temperatures and higher humidity, as well as fun summer activities, can affect your skin, hair, and body. Check out these beauty tips and hacks for the summer.

1. Double Cleanse

The sweat, salt, and sunscreen that accumulate on your skin in the summer can wreak havoc on your complexion. You may need to up your cleansing game in order to keep pores clean. If you haven't tried double cleansing yet, now's a great time to start. In the evening only, cleanse first with an oil-based cleanser (like Clinique's Take the Day Off Balm), and then with a gentle gel or foam cleanser (try Hada Labo Tokyo Hydrating Cleanser). The oil cleanser will get the gunk out of your pores, and the second cleanser will remove any remaining oil or grime, making your face a fresh canvas for moisturizing.

2. Exfoliate and Moisturize Your Body

With swimsuit weather upon us, you want all that visible skin to be smooth and flawless, right? Once a week, try using a sugar body scrub or an exfoliating cloth (try Salux cloths for a cheap but effective option), and be sure to moisturize afterwards.

For super soft skin, try first slathering on an aloe gel (put it in the fridge first for a refreshing boost), and then a layer of body lotion or cream, like Cerave Moisturizing Cream. Farewell, alligator skin!

3. Protect Yourself From the Sun

You know you should be wearing sunscreen daily during the summer, especially since the sun's rays account for 80% of wrinkles and visible aging, but did you know that you should be reapplying every two hours? The active ingredients in sunscreens break down with sun exposure, or can get rubbed or sweated off, so be sure to slather it on frequently. Also, with the UV index being so much higher in the summer, wear a broad spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30.

It can be a pain to reapply sunscreen, especially if you're also wearing makeup. Consider wearing a tinted sunscreen instead, like Bare Republic Mineral Tinted Face Sunscreen SPF 30 or Aveeno Positively Radiant CC Cream With Sunscreen, to make reapplying easier.

4. Check Your Sunscreen's Expiration Date

My husband recently went surfing and used an old sunscreen that his friend had found in a closet somewhere. Who knows how old it was. Although he slathered it on and waited the appropriate time before going in the water, he still got bright red within less than two hours. The compounds in sunscreens break down over time, especially in heat and light, so be sure you're using a fresh bottle.

5. Cool Down With a Mist

One of my favorite ways to refresh and cool down during the summer is to spritz myself with a fine facial mist. It not only cools me down, it also delivers extra moisture to my dehydrated skin .

To control oil in the middle of the day without disturbing your makeup, try spraying your face with a facial mist (like Caudalie Grape Water or First Aid Beauty Vitamin Hydrating Mist), and then blotting gently with oil blotting paper.

6. Protect Your Hair Before Swimming

Chlorine can do a number on your hair, leaving it dry, stripped, and lifeless. Protect your hair before going in the pool by massaging leave-in conditioner or a natural oil into your hair (coconut oil works well and is cheap). This will repel the water and prevent your hair from getting dried out. If you don't have time to prep your hair, wetting your locks in the shower and tying up your hair before going in the pool will help it to absorb fewer chemicals. Be sure to shampoo your hair after swimming to remove the chlorine.

7. Switch to a Gel Moisturizer

Warmer temperatures day and night mean that you might not need a heavy moisturizer during the summer. If your usual cream is making your skin feel greasy or weighed down, try switching to a lightweight gel moisturizer such as Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel. Don't skip the moisturizer entirely, though — that's a surefire way to dehydrate your skin.

8. Drink Lots of Water

It goes without saying that you should be drinking lots of water during the hot weather, but an added side benefit of staying hydrated is that your skin will stay brighter and more glowy. Keep a bottle of water handy for on-the-go hydration — for the sake of both your skin and your health.

9. Switch to Cream Blush and Waterproof Eyeliner

Powder blushes wear off quickly when you're swimming and sweating, so in the summer, consider switching to a cream blush, which have better staying power. Plus, who wants to fuss with a compact and brush when you're having fun in the sun? Apply cream blush with your fingertips, blend, and go!

Similarly, you may have to switch your eyeliner to a waterproof formula to prevent it from sliding off your lids. Be sure you have a good eye makeup remover to take it off without scrubbing.

10. Wear a Big Hat

Even the best of us forget to reapply sunscreen, so your next line of defense is a wide-brimmed hat (preferably a crushable one that you can throw into your beach tote). Not only does sun damage cause skin cancer and the majority of visible aging, but it can also cause discoloration and uneven skin tone (and I'm talking about big sun spots, not just cute little freckles). Wear a hat during the hottest part of the day, and your skin will thank you many years down the road.

11. Fake a Tan

With the sunscreen and big hats that you'll be wearing, how will you get that sun-kissed glow? Well, chances are you'll still tan slightly even while wearing sunscreen, but if you want an even, more bronzed look, self-tanner and bronzer are ways to deepen the color of your skin without damaging it or increasing your risk of skin cancer.

12. Invest in Makeup Removing Wipes

Late nights and fireside chats on the beach may end with you falling into bed without washing your face. Minimize the damage by using a makeup removing wipe before bed (keep them on your bedside table, so you'll have no excuse). Bonus if you also keep a moisturizer by your bed to use after you wipe.

13. Lay Off the Acids and Retinoids

AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) such as glycolic acid can make your skin more photosensitive, as can retinol, an ingredient commonly used in anti-aging products. They can exacerbate hyperpigmentation, melasma, and skin discoloration caused by the sun, and can cause you to burn more easily. Check your products for these ingredients and use them only at night, if at all. If you do use them (even only at night), be sure to wear a good facial sunscreen during the day, as AHAs and retinoids can be photosensitizing up to a week after you use them.

14. Shampoo Less Frequently

Shampooing frequently can strip your hair of its natural oils. When combined with UV damage, chlorine, and other environmental stressors, it's a recipe for straw-dry hair. You can go longer between shampoos if you use a dry shampoo to absorb the excess oil. You can also rinse your hair with warm water between shampoos to rinse away excess dirt and grease without fully stripping your hair.

When you do shampoo, use a gentle sulfate-free shampoo that won't be as drying and stripping as harsher shampoos (I actually shampoo my hair with Cerave Foaming Facial Cleanser, a gentle, pH-balanced cleanser meant for the face, which sounds crazy, but my hair has never been healthier and most importantly, my scalp doesn't itch).

15. Avoid Silicone Hair Products

Many hair products, from conditioners to styling products, contain silicone, which coats the strands of hair giving them a temporary smoothing effect. The problem is, silicone also prevents hydrating products from penetrating your hair, leading to dryness. They also attract dirt and make your hair feel greasy, and require a strong shampoo to remove.

Consider giving your hair a break by using a silicone-free conditioner. I like the Honest Co. Conditioner, which contains natural oils and makes my hair super soft without weighing it down. Shea Moisture and Living Proof conditioners are also silicone free.

16. Use a Primer

Summer is prime time (har har) to use a primer that will keep your makeup from sliding off your face. It will also help to fill in pores and fine lines so you can get that flawless look without having to pile on the makeup. I'm personally partial to Smashbox Photo Finish Primer.

17. Skip the Foundation

The last thing you want to worry about during summer R&R is a thick layer of foundation dripping off your face. Lighten up your makeup by using a BB cream, (I like Dr. Jart+ Premium) which combines moisturizer, SPF, and a light foundation in one. If you want to go even lighter, CC creams are designed to even out your complexion without weighing down your skin (try Peter Thomas Roth CC Cream in your correct shade). You can also use a tinted moisturizer or sunscreen for a bit of coverage, or go bare-faced with just touches of concealer and blush.

18. Cool Down With DIY Beauty Treatments

Try a yogurt/honey face mask to soothe a sunburn: blend together half a cup each of whole milk yogurt and honey and slather all over your face. Put your tub of aloe gel in the fridge so it will be nice and cold when you need it. Slice a cool cucumber into rounds and place them on your skin (especially your eyes). Rinse your face with brewed and cooled camomile or green tea to refresh and calm your skin. (See also: 7 Homemade Beauty Treatments That Actually Work)

How do you change your beauty routine for the summer?

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Fantastic beauty tips. I love the Cerave Moisturizing Cream and the Salux cloth. And recommend them to my friends on a regular basis. I would suggest that buying the Salux cloth at the link you provided be changed to the main site Saluxshop.com to ensure you get the real deal. More then 50% of the ones sold on the site listed are knockoffs. Just sayin.
I also love your Cool Down ideas and link. Have a wonderful day.

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