18 Easy and Delicious Ways to Enjoy Apples


What’s more American than apple pie? Not having enough time to make an apple pie from scratch. So if you’re strapped for time but have a lot of apples on hand, try these easy, relatively fast, and super delicious ways to enjoy apples this fall.

1. Make Apple Butter

Sometimes you want more than jam to spread on breads and use in other recipes — apple butter is not only easy to make, but really, really, really good on cornbread (and anything else you put it on).

2. Dip Slices in Honey

This is a great midday snack or dessert! Simply slice a whole apple into wedges. Then, pour a tablespoon of honey into a small dipping bowl. This is also how some people celebrate Rosh Hashanah, but literally anyone can enjoy this.

3. Snack on Apple and Quinoa Salad

This quinoa salad featuring chunks of sliced apple has a satisfying crunch and makes for a healthy side dish to any lunch or dinner. You can try this recipe substituting apples for citrus or berries as well.

4. Try Apples on Pizza

Have you ever tried some thinly sliced apple on pizza? Next time you’re going for a more playful sweet and savory pizza experience, try this pizza recipe with apples, gorgonzola, and caramelized onion.

5. Add Apples to Pork Roast

Sometimes you need a hearty, complex main dish. What could be a better fall weeknight dinner treat than a pork roast with apples? The Pioneer Woman’s recipe is tried and true perfection.

6. Bake an Apple Ginger Galette

When you don’t have time for a full-on pie with homemade crust on top, try a French-style gallette. It’s like a rustic tart-pie hybrid without half the fuss of either. Like the recipe instructs, roll out some homemade (or storebought) dough, fill the middle with apple filling, then simply fold up the sides. An easy enough dessert to bake on a weeknight.

7. Throw Them in a Grilled Cheese

Similar to apples on pizza, apples in a grilled cheese are to die for. Try a grilled cheese sandwich with lots of melty brie, fig, and sliced granny smith apples. It’ll become a family favorite in no time.

8. Dip Slices in Almond Butter

If you’re trying to keep your energy up throughout the day and need to watch your caloric intake, try this: cut up half of an apple into slices. Take out a jar of unsalted almond butter. Then, dip the slices in the almond butter for a reasonable and yummy snack.

9. Sip Mulled Cider

Sure, you can buy some cider and mulling spices at the store, but have you considered making your own cider one of these crisp, fall weekends? Make your own big batch of cider with this easy recipe and then celebrate by heating it in a Crock-Pot for a quiet evening by the fire.

10. Make a Classic Waldorf Salad

Have you ever made a Waldorf salad? This salad invented in the 1890s is an easy side dish with apples, grapes, celery, nuts, and mayo. There are also infinite variations on the salad, like this kale version made by Whole Foods.

11. Recreate the McApple Pie

You know those deep-fried apple hand pies you used to get at McDonald’s as a kid? They’re actually pretty easy to make. These work great as a party snack or just a special treat for the kids.

12. Sweeten Your Oatmeal

Need to get back into the oatmeal for breakfast routine to keep the pounds off? It’s really easy to get bored with the wallpaper paste flavor of even the best quality oats. Instead of flavored oatmeal, keep the plain and add chopped fresh apples to it. The apples add much needed texture and flavor.

13. Fry up Some Fritters

Do you fantasize about those delicious apple fritters at your local donut shop? It’s totally attainable at home! This excellent fritter recipe from The Kitchn makes it easy and fun to fry up some fritters for a weekend brunch treat.

14. Mix Some Party Punch

If you’re having any parties this September through December, you’ll need a seasonally appropriate drink. Trust me, you don’t want to make dozens of single cocktails as people get thirsty — you want a big, batch-made punch that will go strong all night. This brandy apple punch is sweet and potent enough to keep things festive.

15. Vary Your Apple Pie Game

Is a plain, traditional apple pie not exciting enough for you to set aside a whole day to make one? Try making a fun variation, like this apple blackberry recipe, this apple plum recipe, or this apple and cheddar recipe. Or, throw in a new ingredient to make it your own. There are so many options that you could make a new apple pie every weekend all season long.

16. Get Nostalgic With Candy Apples

Instead of buying them at a huge markup at a candy shop, do it yourself. This Halloween, make some chocolate, caramel, and candy coatings, set up a candy apple topping bar (broken candy bars, sprinkles, chocolate chips, cookie crumbs, etc.), and have everyone make their own candy apple.

17. Add Apples to Stuffing

Is it time to change up the stuffing you’ve been making for years? Try a new version with festive additions like chopped apples and nuts. This classic Ina Garten stuffing recipe combines apples and sliced almonds in a most classy and delicious fashion.

18. Finally Make Your Own Applesauce

It might surprise you that homemade applesauce is actually very easy to make, and can work with dozens of different variations. It’s as simple as boiling down the apples, then blending them into a puree. Add sugar, spices, other fruits — whatever you want!

Any easy apple creations we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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Emily @ JohnJaneDoe

Try a fall pot roast. Instead of the cooking pot roast with the usual onions/carrots/potatoes mix, use apples/carrots/sweet potatoes with a little cinnamon. It gives an earthy fall spin to a Sunday dinner standby.

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We just went apple picking today with our son! Can't wait to try some apple recipes...