20 Creative Uses for Peeps Beyond the Easter Basket


Love them or hate them, Peeps are here to stay. And I mean stay. The apocalypse will happen before they will go bad. And if there's ever a nuclear meltdown, viola! You have roasted Peeps. Here are new ways to use the eternal Easter treats. (See also: 5 Affordable, Eco-Friendly Easter Ideas)

1. Wreath

Hot-glue Peeps on a Styrofoam circle to make a Peeps wreath.

2. Table Centerpiece

Place chopsticks in the bottom of a dozen Peeps and arrange in a vase as a Peeps bouquet.

3. Outdoor Decor

Thread fishing line through the Peep heads, and hang on tree branches outside.

4. Collage

Make a mixed-media collage with Peeps.

5. Packaging

Use Peeps instead of packing peanuts for fragile shipments.

6. Romantic Gesture

Spell out your loved one's name on a bed using Peeps instead of rose petals.

7. Improved S'mores

Make Peeps S'mores using a microwaved Peep, a melted Cadbury egg, and graham crackers. You may fall into a sugar coma, but when you wake up, you'll realize it was worth it.

8. Garland

String Peeps on fishing line, leaving space in-between, and hang it as a garland across your windows.

9. Crown

Take floral wire and make the shape of a wreath around your head using a couple layers of wire. Then tie Peeps onto it that have been threaded with fishing line. You can also use fake daisies in-between the peeps to make a daisy/Peep chain for your head.

10. House of Horrors

Make a Peep house of horrors. Using the ever-faithful fishing line, hang Peep heads, ears, and beaks around the house on Easter morning. This is especially fun for teens.

11. Peeped-Up Egg Hunt

Have a Peep hunt Easter morning. Instead of eggs, which can rot if you don't find them all, hide Peeps. They won't rot. You can find one behind the couch next November, and you'll still be able to have a sturdy nibble. (Some people prefer stale Peeps to the fresh ones.)

12. DIY Candy Necklace

Peep necklaces are a fun way to entertain your children on Easter morning. String them with fishing line, and carefully intersperse jellybeans in-between each Peep.

13. Peepiary

Glue-gun Peeps onto a Styrofoam ball. Place a dowel in the bottom and place it in a decorative bucket with sand, rocks, or foam in the bottom to hold it. You have a Peep topiary.

14. Photo Frame

Glue-gun a wooden frame with Peeps and decorative Easter grass. Place your favorite Easter picture inside, and enjoy the ambiance.

15. Stamp

Use your Peep as a stamp. This one works best with the bunny-style Peep rather than the chick. Take your Peep and dip one side in your child's favorite washable, non-toxic paint. Then stamp away.

16. Peep Plate

Take your peeps and hot-glue-gun them to an inexpensive Easter platter that you can bring to parties. Just glue the edges so you have room to shove goodies on the plate...like more Peeps. A Peep platter, stuffed with Peeps. Never too much of a good thing.

17. Holiday Photos

Take pictures of Peeps in various locations around town. Then frame them for an Easter montage to be placed around your home once a year.

18. Peep Notebook

Take a Peep and glue-gun it to the cover of your favorite spring journal. You can also glue rows of them so they cover the whole notebook cover. This works best with the bunny ones rather than the chick ones. You can give it away or hoard it for yourself.

19. Peeps in a Jar

Fill a cute mason jar 1/4 full with spring-colored M&Ms. Then place the peeps around the inside, facing out. This works very well with the bunny ones.

20. Non-Lethal Warfare

Give them to the boys and encourage an outside Easter battle. Bonus: The carcasses are edible.

No spring is complete without your fill of these small, sugary confections. When you realize there are so many ways to fill your life with these treats, you may find yourself buying them in bulk to carry you through the year. Or you may just be waiting for the Peep season to pass. Either way, there's no escaping them.

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Meg Favreau's picture

Oh my goodness, those Peep s'mores sound so dangerously amazing.

Anybody have other good ideas for putting Peeps to use?

Sonja Stewart's picture

Sushi peeps, wrapped in rice krispie treats. Look at this amazing recipe idea I found today:
Just let me die and go to peep heaven.

Meg Favreau's picture

Mmmmm. You're killing me, Sonja. And that Peep sushi link led me to these cookies made with leftover Easter candy, which look both terrifying and amazing: http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2010/04/cakespy-easter-candy-leftover...

Guest's picture

The peeps in a jar can be an estimation contest too. It's the teacher in me. I vote for cupcake toppers!

Guest's picture
Susan Fitz

Add this to the list: ROAST THEM OVER A FIRE FOR PEEP BRULEE! better than regular marshmallows on a stick, when they roast up the outside sugar carmelizes and is awesome! these are a campfire's yummiest and simplest dessert option - just as easy as a regular marshmallow, but better!

Guest's picture

Love the house of horrors... but this post really made me want to eat Peeps 'cause I love 'em. Although - we did just use them to decorate a bird's nest cake for my sister-in-law's bird themed baby shower!

Guest's picture

All good ideas, especially the stamp one. Peep gift wrap?

As part of our family's longstanding tradition, the peep packaging is punctured early on. They are not eaten until they become very stale since we think the best peep is one with the texture of a circus peanut. A small package once a year is enough.

Guest's picture

your funny, really funny.Thanks for the laughs!