20 Delectable, Frugal Pineapple Recipes

Pineapples are in season, which means it’s spring! (See also: Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, by the Month)

It also means you’re going to be seeing a lot more of this exotic, fragrant fruit in the grocery store, so I’ve compiled a few recipes below to make the most of the tropics. But before you head out to buy a pineapple, follow this guide to pick out a perfectly ripe one (unless, of course you want to go canned, which I will not disrespect you for). I’ll wait right here.

Okay, caught up? Let’s go.

1. Upside Down Cake

Sorry to throw in Paula Deen right off the bat, but let’s be honest, she probably gets this infamous pineapple cake the best.

2. Pina Colada

Use the juice of a pineapple to make this sweet drink — no need to purchase the drink mix! Garnish with a pineapple, and you’re good to go.

3. Salsa

This pineapple salsa is good on anything from chicken to tacos, but it’s best served on pork.

4. Ice Pops

Now that the sun is shining and spring is in the air, make some simple frozen pineapple pops for the kiddos (and, of course, adults) to enjoy.

5. Tamales

My friend, who’s an excellent cook, suggested pineapple tamales to add to the list. While she’s never made them, she had a friend who brought them to her family every Christmas as a gift, and they were devoured within seconds.

6. Tart

These Taiwanese pineapple tarts seem delicious and are on one of my favorite sites, Rasa Malaysia. The tarts don’t have actual pineapple in them, but the gooey paste in the middle is filled with pineapple essence!

7. Fried Rice

Likewise, Rasa Malaysia has my favorite recipe for pineapple fried rice, which I’ve made every time I miss Thai food and can’t afford to eat it (for some reason it’s far too expensive where I live). Please note that I have eaten it out of a pineapple before, and you don’t actually have to use the shrimp paste or fish sauce.

8. Baked Chicken

As soon as I saw this recipe for sweet and savory baked chicken with pineapple and tarragon, I was sold. First of all, it’s easy and requires very few ingredients, and second of all, it’s looks delicious. If you eat meat, try it! If you don’t, I’m sorry.

9. Casserole

As with everything, pineapple can also be a casserole. It’s really more of a cake or cobbler, but since we’re already pretending casseroles are healthy, we’ll just keep pretending with this one.

10. Canned

Well, it’s true. You can can anything. If you’re not one for store=bought canned pineapple, use your spring pineapples wisely and set yourself up for the months when it’s not so fresh.

11. Salad

This simple mango pineapple coconut salad requires very few ingredients but offers a ton of nutrients.

12. Pie

If you like chess pie, try this exotic take on the country staple. If meringue pie is more your speed, then try out this pineapple meringue recipe.

13. Soup

That’s right, fruit soup. Add some dried fruit, apples, juice, and a few spices to your pineapples, and cook overnight.

14. Cookies

Of course, you can put pretty much anything into cookies, and pineapples are no exception.

15. Vodka

What? Yes, it’s true. Make pineapple and mint-infused vodka with this easy and super simple infused vodka recipe from Bon Appetit.

16. Slaw

Make your typical, everyday slaw much better with exotic fruit. This tasty slaw would be perfect on some barbeque.

17. Baked Hawaiian Islands

The other non-contiguous state has its own baked cake, so why shouldn’t Hawaii? Plus, you can never go wrong with combining pineapple and coconut. Check out this somewhat complicated dessert recipe, and get to celebrating the last state to join the United States.

18. Empandaditas

Like the tamales, add some flair to this Latin dish (which really has its origins in Europe). This is a perfect dessert for a party!

19. Ambrosia

This may not be the food of the gods, and more the Southern version of salad, but ambrosia is certainly a popular dish at churches and country weddings alike.

20. Caribbean Jerk Chicken Wings

Pineapples are an important part of this chicken wing flavoring. It also requires little to no time, unlike some marinades.

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I. LOVE. Pineapple. It is one of my favorite fruits so I had to see what this article had to say. Some of these are great ideas! I've had pineapple mango salsa before and it is incredible, and it would be really easy to make at home! I never thought of putting it in soup, but I have paired it with chicken, grilling them both gives pineapple a great taste like its candied!