20 Genius Storage Ideas for Your Bathroom


When you don't have a whole lot of storage space in your bathroom, finding places to stash all your stuff can be a challenge (especially if you're a product junkie like I am). Luckily there are tons of creative ways to increase the organization potential of your bathroom. Get inspired by one of these genius bathroom organizing ideas. (See also: 15 Genius Kitchen Storage Ideas)

1. A Hanging Shoe Organizer

Make use of the space behind your bathroom door by hanging up a shoe organizer with clear pockets. If you have lots of little bottles and tubes, this is the perfect way to organize them (By color! By type!) while being able to see all of the contents. I can only dream of owning enough tubes of lip gloss and makeup to fill one of these.

2. Stacking Bins

My under-the-sink area is notorious for getting stuffed with random bags of toilet paper, shampoo, cleaning products, and bubble bath. After a while, it gets so messy I don't even know what I have under there anymore! So I should be using stacking crates or bins are to take advantage of the vertical space. These stacking bins are perfect, but a little pricey. See if you can find the same thing or similar at local discount stores. (I frequent my local Daiso, a Japanese dollar store, for all my plastic organizational needs.) In a pinch, office organization bins can work.

3. Cabinet Shelving

If you're a little handy, you can build a few little shelves under the sink to better use your space. Or if you're not up to DIY, a couple of plastic shelves (again, check your local discount store) or an inexpensive shoe rack might do the trick.

4. Turntables for Hard-to-Reach Spaces

I'm a big fan of lazy Susans (also known as cabinet turntables) to help you reach those hard-to-reach areas easily.

5. Wall Shelves

Add wall shelving wherever there is dead space, like over the toilet. It's a great place to store baskets full of useful items, like floss and washcloths. If you do store things over the toilet though, it's a good idea to get into the habit of keeping your toilet cover closed, not only so things don't fall in, but to minimize contamination.

6. Furniture

If you have the space, you might even be able to move in a small cabinet or bookshelf for extra storage. If a piece of furniture is too big, try a small kitchen storage cart like the IKEA Raskog.

7. An Extra Towel Bar

Instead of fighting my husband for use of the towel bar next to the shower, we decided to hang an extra towel bar above the old one. Now each of us has our own rack for a less messy bathroom (and bonus, towels that dry!). An extra towel bar can also be used to hang baskets, curling irons, and other sundries.

8. A Vintage Ladder

Another creative idea I've seen is to use a vintage wooden ladder leaning up against the bathroom wall as a towel bar (if you have the space). With each rung holding a towel, you'll have plenty of towel storage.

9. Dishes

Storage items don't have to be made for the bathroom to be used for bathroom storage. I picked up a vintage yellow ceramic creamer and sugar bowl set at an antique store. They are perfect for storing cotton swabs and cotton pads in the bathroom. They look great too! Don't be afraid to use pretty dishes for storing small items. A crystal bowl can hold nail polishes, hand lotions, or lip balms. A tiered dessert server can double as a jewelry display.

10. Old Containers

Old candle holders (after you've removed the wax) can be used to hold toothbrushes and makeup brushes. Empty product jars (especially for fancier creams) can be repurposed to hold cotton balls, makeup removal pads, or even to decant larger items into. For example, put some of your favorite body lotion into a pretty jar, and store the rest of the giant bottle out of sight. Do the same with the enormous bottle of mouthwash.

11. Trays

A bathroom looks untidy with a toothbrush, toothpaste, contact cases, and other sundries littering the countertop. Keep these daily use items together on a tray or in a water-resistant basket. I use this IKEA candle dish as the perfect waterproof way to store daily use items. The countertop looks less cluttered, but I'm not stuck with trying to store oft-used items out of sight.

12. Hanging Rails

If you're lacking counter space, a great way to optimize storage is to hang things from the walls. Hang a rail storage system, like the IKEA Fintorp series, and stash your stuff in the various hooks, cups, and holders that hang from the rail.

13. Spice Racks

Similarly, an inexpensive spice rack, already meant to store small bottles, can be creatively repurposed to hold toiletries.

14. Drawer Dividers

A bathroom drawer can quickly become a bottomless pit of junk without a bit of organization. Divide up the space using creative solutions such as repurposed cardboard boxes, silverware holders, bowls, office supply containers, and baskets.

15. PVC Pipe "Holsters"

I thought this was an ingenious way to store curling irons — attach short lengths of 2"-3" PVC pipe to the door of your sink vanity, creating tubular holsters for the irons and their cords.

16. Hanging Baskets or Crates

Instead of bothering with hanging shelves, go straight to hanging baskets or wooden crates on the walls to hold towels and toilet paper rolls. You can make a little bookcase by stacking a few wooden crates on top of each other and anchoring them to the wall with the open side facing out.

17. A Wine Bottle Rack

Use a wall wine rack to store rolled up hand and bath towels if you don't have much towel storage in your home.

18. The Backs of Cabinet Doors

Use the space behind your cabinet doors by hanging small plastic baskets or utensil containers behind each door to store small things like nail polish, nail clippers, and other little things that get lost easily.

19. The Sides of Your Vanity

Attaching a basket to the side of your vanity cabinet can make use of an under-utilized space. This metal mesh basket (actually a file holder) hung on the side of the cabinet is the perfect place to store hair dryers and irons.

20. Hanging Storage From the Ceiling

Hanging tiered fruit baskets attached to the ceiling creates useful storage space without using up valuable real estate on the floor or walls.

Even the smallest bathroom can be optimized for storage space with a little ingenuity. What creative solutions have you found to organize your bathroom?

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