20 Household Uses for Pantyhose

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Have extra pantyhose or stockings lying around your closet? If you’re anything like my fiancée, you have at least 30 pairs of unworn nylon stockings clogging up your drawer. Here are 20 great ways to use them around the house. (See also: 17 Ways to Use Old Newspaper)

1. Remove Nail Polish

Cut your pantyhose into small strips and substitute for cotton balls.

2. Find Lost Small Objects

Cut one leg of the stockings off, and place it over the nozzle of the vacuum. Turn the vacuum on and carefully clean the carpet. The small objects will be trapped in the nylon filter that you have created.

3. Make a Citrus-Scented Bath

Dry and grind up lemon or orange peels, and pour them into the foot of a nylon stocking. Make a knot so the peels can’t escape. Place the pouch into the bath and let the aroma soothe you.

4. Keep Your Hairbrush Clean

Stretch a strip of stocking over your brush, poking the bristles through. Remove pantyhose strip when brush fills up with hair and lint, and replace it with a clean stocking strip to collect future build up.

5. Hold Potpourri

Fill the foot of the pantyhose with potpourri, tying a knot to keep the contents inside. Store in dresser drawers to make your sheets and clothes smell great.

6. Dust

Use pantyhose to dust in hard-to-reach places. Tie pantyhose to a coat hanger or long object, and the dust will cling to the pantyhose and can easily be cleaned off.

7. Buff Shoes

Pantyhose are great for shining shoes! Just cut a strip off your old pair of stockings and begin to buff.

8. Replace Loose Stuffing

Stuffing in animals and dolls that have lost their fluff can be replaced with balls of old pantyhose.

9. Store Flower Bulbs

Place bulbs in the foot of stockings, cut, and tie a knot to keep the bulbs from falling out. The nylon material will let air circulate, keeping mold and mildew from growing on the bulb. Keep the bulbs in a dry, but cool space until you are ready to plant them.

10. Clean Your Pool

Cut and fit the leg of a pair of pantyhose over a bucket and skim the top of your pool. The stockings will catch debris and tiny dirt particles that clog your pool drainer.

11. Paint Strainer

Similar to the pool strainer, cut and fit the leg of your old stockings over a bucket. The pantyhose serve as a great way to remove lumps from paint. Pour the paint into your pantyhose strainer, remove the pantyhose once you have finished, and begin painting with lump-free paint!

12. Prevent Erosion in Potted Plants

Put a piece of nylon stocking at the bottom of a pot, which will let water flow out without draining the soil.

13. Scrub Dishes

Just scrunch part of the stockings, add water and soap, and scrub away!

14. Prevent a Rolling Pin From Sticking

Rather than using water or flour to prevent dough from sticking to your rolling pin, wrap part of a nylon stocking around a rolling pin and roll out your dough. The dough won't stick to the nylon.

15. Tie Trash Bags

Cut up strips of your pantyhose, and use them to tie your trash bags.

16. Make Bungee Cords

Stockings are very elastic and can be used as straps to tie objects down. If you get a couple "S" hooks from a hardware store, you have your very own bungee cord.

17. Protect Growing Vegetables

Don't like using pesticides in the garden? Put stockings over growing vegetables to prevent pest damage without the harmful chemicals.

18. Make Your Own Loofah — and Save Soap

Save those last bits of soap from your bars, put them in the foot of your pantyhose, and scrub out those bubbles!

19. Scrub Floors and Metals Without Scratching

Whether you're applying polish to your silver or gold or simply scrubbing your kitchen tiles, try using a pair of stockings instead of sponges that could harm your valuables.

20. Save Money on Heating

Fill one leg of a nylon stocking with sand, and tie it shut. Put it at the bottom of your door during the winter to prevent the cold air from getting inside.

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Don't laugh - if a belt snaps in your vehicle far from any services people have been known to use pantyhose to limp their car back to civilization. Not a recommended method, for sure, but a pretty funny one!