20 Most Useful Pet Food Websites


Pet food costs can add up, so pet owners are always looking for an opportunity to save money while keeping their four-legged companions well-fed. Most online pet food vendors specialize in high-end, hard-to-find brands, so if your pet is content with regular ol' chow, you might be better off sticking to your grocery store and saving on shipping and handling costs. However, if your pet has special health concerns or a more refined palette, it's tough to beat the convenience of online retail. Here are 20 sites to help you out. (See also: Easy Walk Dog Harness Review)

Pet Food Direct

Offering 148 different brands and some of the lowest prices anywhere, Pet Food Direct is the Wal-Mart of online-only pet food retailers. The site promises 24-hour processing for most orders, and also maintains a selection of non-edible supplies for your pet. (See also: 5 Ways to Lower Pet Expenses)

Only Natural Pet Store

Chock full of buzzwords like "sustainable" and "organic," Only Natural Pet Store is the Whole Foods of pet food websites. If you can afford to spoil your pet with only the best, you'll pay a $6.99 flat rate on all orders, and be spared any shipping fee for orders $79 and over. (See also: Homemade Dog Food Recipe)


If you're looking for a smaller company with more personalized service, look no further than Pet-Source — not only is every employee listed, every one of their pets is as well. Pet-Source offers a selection of specialty-brand cat and dog foods, and on the off chance that you're a pig owner, they've got you covered as well.


With a $4.95 flate rate, free shipping on orders over $85, and 7-days-a-week customer service, EntirelyPets is a solid choice for pet owners in search of specialty-brand food.


As its name would suggest, Pet360 aspires to cover the full spectrum of pet ownership, with food retail being only one aspect. If one-stop-shopping is your thing, this site offers many hard-to-find brands, as well as prescription food for both dogs and cats.



This giant corporation needs no introduction. Its size allows Petco to offer some of the lowest prices around on food (especially if you enroll in their automatic delivery program), and one of the lowest minimums to qualify for free shipping, at $49.


You won't find much on PetSmart's website that you won't find in any of its brick-and-mortar locations, and many of its food products are listed as "In-Store Only." But keep an eye out for their limited-time free shipping offers to stock up on chow and have it delivered right to your door.


If your pet suffers from a condition that requires prescription food, you know how prohibitively expensive such a regimen can be. PetCareRx, founded in 1998, aspires to keep such costs down by selling prescription food at cheaper prices than brick-and-mortar clinics. (See also: How to Get Free Meds for You and Your Pet)

US Pets

A site that offers pet appetizers, not full courses, US Pets is worth the occasional visit for its limited-time sales (15% off at the time of this writing).


Cherrybrook makes no bones about it: it's for show dogs, and show dogs only (OK, there are some cat products too). If you're the proud owner of a champion purebred with particular tastes, you'll find near-human-quality food here.

My Favorite Pet Shop

My Favorite Pet Shop offers only "treats" for cats and dogs (in addition to a wealth of non-edible pet supplies), but any pet owner knows the importance of having such bribes on hand. Their Lowest Price Guarantee is a big selling point.

Big Al's Online

Not all pets are mammals. Big Al's is known primarily for its aquatic products, and also sells a variety of food for turtles, iguanas, parakeets, and rodents on its website. And since the company stocks over 4 million dollars of inventory in its 100,000 square foot distribution center, you aren't likely to run into too many back orders.


Centered in Pennsylvania, PetFood is the parent company to a number of pet-related websites, including Horse.com, Fish.com, and Ferret.com. It offers an Auto Ship Program that saves you money while automatically delivering pet food orders on a schedule determined by you.


One of the sites under the Petfood.com umbrella, the aptly-named Dog.com is strictly canine-focused. Sign up to their email list and you'll get exclusive, email-only offers and advance notice about new products.

Pet Food Station

Pet Food Station has a no-frills and easy-to-navigate site. It offers health-conscious dog and cat food, and one of the lower minimums to qualify for free delivery ($49).

Natural Pet Discount Superstore

Natural Pet Discount Superstore is another site that specializes in healthy and natural foods for your dog or cat, be sure to check in regularly for its daily specials that can offer big savings.


PetFlow offers limited-time "doorbuster" sales on selected products, complete with countdown ticker showing when the deal expires, and a running tally of how many items remain in stock.

Pet Solutions

Operating online since 1996, this Ohio-based company offers a good balance of scale and personal touch. Pet Solutions ships its more than 15,000 items out of a 700,000+ square foot distribution center, but remains family-owned. It sells food for all kinds of pets, including its own own in-house brand of fish food.


Wag's biggest selling point is its low minimum to qualify for free, 2-day shipping ($35). In addition, all its products qualify for free shipping, unlike some other pet food sites.

Pet Supplies Warehouse

With a wide selection of food — 910 listings for cats, 1004 for dogs — and very reasonable prices, Pet Supplies Warehouse is a solid choice to sate your pet's appetite. Sign up for their e-newsletter to receive alerts on sales, promotions, and discounts.

Price Comparison

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