20 Places to Find the Best Freebies


"They" say that nothing in life is free, but maybe they're just not looking in the right places. Check out these 20 places to score lots of stuff without spending a dime. (See also: Get These 5 Things for Free)

1. MySavings

MySavings.com corrals free samples from many different brands in one place. Some of what's available has a daily limit on how many people can request, while others may require that you enter a giveaway or sweepstakes or complete another task in order to get the sample. (See also: How to Win Sweepstakes)

2. StartSampling

NOTE: StartSampling has closed. StartSampling requires you to become a member of its program — it's free to join — and the free samples include perfumes, grooming products, magazines, and more.

3. The Free Site

There seems to be a hodgepodge of odd free samples on The Free Site, including a "Ready For Hillary" bumper sticker; a Lancaster, Pennsylvania Travel guide;and a wildflower reference guide. Still, there are a few more universal free samples available.

4. BzzAgent

BzzAgent has lots of coveted samples available, but its not just giving them away. Rather, you have to engage with the site by taking surveys, providing product reviews, and sharing on social media for the samples, which — as I was informed by one user — will increase in value the more you participate in the program.

5. P&G Everyday Samples

Everybody knows that Proctor and Gamble has a multitude of brands under its label, and we recognize them immediately. To receive free samples of some of the products you use every day — which all will arrive bundled in a box at once — register on the site.

6. Deal of the Day Free Sample Forum

Deal of the Day is set up sort of like a Reddit forum with users posting where and how to get free samples. There's a lot to sift through here, but you may find a few useful items that you'd like to have.

7. PINCHme

Much like BzzAgent, PINCHme lets you choose a product from its leading brands to try, taste or touch, and then provide a review and/or feedback on your experience. Samples are offered on a set schedule, the most recent of which was April 1. Register with PINCHme to start discovering new products now.

8. Hey, It's Free

Hey, It's Free is essentially a roundup of free samples available on the Internet from other sample and savings sites and sometimes directly from the brands.

9. FreebiesFrenzy

Sign up for the FreebiesFrenzy newsletter to be notified instantly when new samples are available.

10. Freeflys

Freeflys promises that if you register on its site, "YOU ABSOLUTELY WILL RECEIVE YOUR FREE PRODUCT SAMPLE!" Yes, all in caps, just like that. Seems legit, too. It has more than 4 million Facebook likes, and it's been featured on several talk shows, including "Today."

11. About.com

About.com keeps a running list of the most current free samples available. It suggests that you check the Free Samples page frequently — "multiple times a day" even — because the samples move at lightning speed until they're completely gone.

12. Kmart's Website

Kmart has its own online SampleCenter where you can register to receive the free samples du jour. At the time this post published, there were samples available from Eucerin, Breathe Right, EmergenC, and more. Kmart suggests that you check back often to see what's been added.

13. Walmart's Website

Just like Kmart, Walmart offers Free Samples & Savings, but at the time of this post there were no free samples available, only coupons for a few products.

14. Target's Website

Target also purports to offer free samples in its Sample Spot, but I've checked it several times over the past two weeks and there's a perpetual message that "samples go quickly" and basically I'm too late. I'll keep trying!

15. Wholesale Clubs

When I was a little boy I used to daydream about being locked in the Price Club (am I showing my age with that reference?) after it closed at night so I could eat all the gummy bears I wanted. I never realized that dream, but I still enjoy making the rounds at the sample stations whenever I visit wholesale clubs. There's always a membership fee associated with these buy-in-bulk clubs, so you could say that you're paying for the samples with the cost of the membership — but if you happen to tag along with a friend who's a member you're totally winning. Depending on your appetite, you can quite possibly have an entire free lunch at wholesale clubs by snacking on the free samples. (See also: 10 Surprising Things You Can Buy at Costco)

16. Specialty Grocery Stores

I went grocery shopping at a local family-owned grocery store in Richmond several years ago, and I was surprised that there were sample stations for all kinds of goodies, including two of my favorite snacks: donuts and cheese. I snagged a few to tide me over and continued shopping. I've heard that other specialty grocery stores like Trader Joe's also have samples available, and it's likely that your go-to supermarket has something to sample somewhere in the store. (See also: 5 Great Things About Trader Joe's)

17. Department Store Beauty and Grooming Counters

When my friends and I were in high school and didn't have the money to buy a large bottle of expensive cologne, we would stop by the cologne counter and ask for a sample of the fragrance. It usually came in a small vial or on one of those scratch-and-sniff cards that we could rub on. Back then this was an awesome quick fix before a date on a Friday or Saturday night.

18. Hotels

I've written about taking the small bottles of shampoo, soap, and lotion in the past, and I've received more than a few comments chiding me for the practice because it drives up the price of the hotel stay, according to the finger-waggers. Be that as it may, I still pack up those sample-size goodies on my way out, which saves me the money and hassle of buying my own travel-size products. This practice goes double for anything you've only partially used; the hotel staff is going to throw out whatever you've opened anyway. No reason to waste it.

19. Restaurants

Those small packets of condiments offered at fast food restaurants are great items to have on hand at home if you need, say, a packet of sugar in a pinch or seasoning for your lunch at work.

20. Conventions and Expos

I've been to more expos that I can count, and the best thing about expos is all the free goodies available. Depending on what type of expo it is, you can scoop up a small stockpile of pens, pads, reusable grocery bags, candy, keychains, and much more. Just don't make eye contact with the vendors; once they get you on the hook, it's very awkward trying to get off.

Are there more websites, establishments, or ways to get free samples that you'd like to share? Leave a sample in comments!

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