23 Airport Hacks to Remember Before Your Next Flight

Traveling is always a fun and exciting experience, but getting through the airport can be a struggle. If it happens to be an unlucky day, you'll get stuck with long lines, rude airport security officials, or delayed flights. Luckily with just a little bit of research, there are many ways you can make your journey faster and more comfortable. We rounded up all the tips and tricks so you don't have to! Learn to navigate airports like a pro with the advice below. You'll be surprised how much time and money you end up saving.

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1. Bring Your Own Ziploc Bags

Since TSA requires you to separate your liquids into clear plastic bags, it is always a good idea to bring spare Ziploc bags in case you lose one or if you're buying tiny travel liquids last minute. For carry-on bags, TSA has a 3-1-1 liquids rule and you are only allowed to have one quart-sized clear plastic bag.

2. Freeze Your Liquids to Bring on Planes

The only con to this trick is your liquids must actually be frozen solid like a rock. If you're on a long flight, however, consider freezing your favorite drinks.

3. Pack Your Own Snacks

If you can, you should avoid buying snacks and drinks at airports because they're overpriced. Instead, pack nuts, cereal bars, candy, and other dry goods to munch on while you wait for your flight.

4. Bring an Empty Water Bottle

Like snacks, water usually costs a lot more at airports. The best way to cheat the system is to bring an empty water bottle or canteen and fill it up once you get past security checkpoints.

5. Take a Nap at the Airport

Some airports, like London's Heathrow, offer sleeping pods where you can catch up on rest between long flight transfers. Pay $39 for four hours and you can take a shower (body wash and towels are provided) and enjoy a comfortable nap (not on the airport floor). If you're traveling internationally, check to see if your airport location offers this sleeping amenity. Your body will thank you.

6. Pick the Checkpoint Farthest to the Left

If you hate waiting in line (and who doesn't?), research shows that most people are right-handed and tend to turn right first, so do the opposite and go left. For more on how to find faster airport security lines, follow these tips.

7. Sign Up For a VIP Airport Lounge

If you're a frequent flier, you can use your flyer miles to buy a membership to airport lounges. Most lounges also offer day passes (under $50). These private, fancy spots are perfect for resting and offer amenities such as a great bar and knowledgeable staff.

8. Don't Be Afraid to Ask For Free Things

Especially when it comes to flight upgrades. Take advantage of special events; if you were recently married (on your honeymoon) or have a birthday, tell the airline staff — they may be willing to upgrade you. Traveling alone also makes it easier to ask for a flight upgrade as well as just simply asking! Do so quietly, and the worse that can happen is a polite no.

9. Bring Alcohol on the Plane

You're allowed to take bottles of alcohol that are 100ml or less through security as long as they fit into your one-quart Ziploc bag.

10. Wear Your Extra Luggage

Worried about your carry-on going over the weight limit? Wear the heaviest items and wear layers to get past security. Then head to the nearest bathroom and switch out of the clothes.

11. Fly Red-Eye

If you really hate packed airports and rush-hour traffic and don't mind overnight flights, try booking a plane that leaves past 10 p.m. You can simply go to sleep and wake up at your next destination without all the usual airport hassle.

12. Collect Unused Hotel Toiletries

And bring them with you next time you travel. These mini bottles are the perfect carry-on items, and you won't have to shell out the extra money for reusable bottles or travel liquids.

13. Sign Up For TSA Precheck or Global Entry

These programs allow you to bypass long lines and get into another country twice as fast. Check to see if you can apply for global entry.

14. Store Your Laptop in an Easy-to-Access Place

If you don't have a laptop case, invest in one. Security usually makes you scan your laptop separately, so always have it in an easy-to-reach spot of your bag or suitcase.

15. Always Check For Free WiFi

There is also a trick circulating that adding "?.jpg" to the end of a URL allows you to access the Internet for free.

16. Wear Glasses

If you wear contacts, you'll notice how your eyes often get really dry during the flight (as well as the rest of your skin). Glasses may not make a fashion statement, but you'll be comfortable, and you can always switch into contacts once you land.

17. Bring a Light Scarf or Sweater

Always expect an airport or plane to be cold. Bring a light blanket or extra sweater, hoodie, or scarf to keep yourself warm before and during the flight.

18. Bring Wet Wipes

Planes are one of the easiest places to catch germs and a cold. Pack wet wipes to use during the flight or while you're at the airport. They'll keep your hands clean and refresh your face after a flight.

19. Check Airport Real-Time Conditions

Check to see what's happening at your airport (whether there's a delay in flights, long lines, or other issues) before you leave your home.

20. Wrap Your Luggage Handle

If you're the type to worry about someone else taking your luggage, make your suitcase identifiable by tying brightly colored fabric or ribbon to the handles. You'll be able to spot that red bow amid all the black suitcases rolling out.

21. Carry a Portable Battery Charger

Airports have charging stations, and that's usually the spot everyone gravitates toward. And often you can't get a seat next to an outlet, so you end up standing off to the side while keeping an eye on your phone that's charging. To be on the safe side, carry around a small portable charger that you can pull out anytime.

22. Skip the Taxi Service

Check out the local transportation systems at your airport destination. See if there are air trains you can take to a regular metro or a bus that will take you to your destination. Avoid taxi services if you can, but if you really want to travel via car, check out services like Uber (which can be a lot cheaper in European countries).

23. Download Offline Google Maps

In case there is no WiFi when you land at your destination and you have a limited online data plan, download the Google Maps app beforehand.

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23 Airport Hacks to Remember Before Your Next Flight

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On US airlines at least, you are not permitted to drink alcohol you brought on board.

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I'd add carrying a portable surge protector with several outlets for those times when the airport outlets are full. I've got a Belkin one that has several USB ports that is perfect for charging iPhones.

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Drinking your own alcohol is also not legal on Canadian airlines. This tip really ought to be removed.