25 Exciting New Potato Recipes You Must Try

"Money is the root of all evil, and yet it is such a useful root that we cannot get on without it any more than we can without potatoes." — Louisa May Alcott

Tired of the same old baked or mashed potatoes? I sure was, so it was exciting to see what new things food bloggers have been doing to spuds. Here are 25 new recipe ideas.

1. Hassle-Free Hasselbacks

I was more than a little concerned about these fancy Hasselback potatoes. Sometimes things just look great in Pinterest photos, but when I try them, well, ahem, not so much. What I wondered was whether I could slice them thinly enough to make them look sporty while not cutting all the way through.

Enter the wooden spoon trick!

Put the potato on a wooden spoon and, using a very sharp knife, gently cut the potato. It prevents the knife from going all the way through, although it's a little rough on the spoon.

The next challenge was the butter. I live in a tropical climate, and, despite freezing the butter as suggested, the moment I took it out, it would melt in my hands. I learned to work fast and just jam that butter into its designated slice. I took a little liberty with this recipe and used Asiago cheese. I also added some paprika and chives for color. All in all, they were fun to make (who doesn't love a challenge?), and I think mine looked fairly good. They tasted great. How could they not, with alternating slices of cheese and butter?

2. Tarragon Potato Salad

This Tarragon Potato Salad was so enticing! As it turned out, this was a week for recipe tinkering. First off, I used smoked salmon, rather than the cured, as in their picture. (That was fine, according to the recipe.)

My next adjustment was to use sauteed leeks, rather than spring onions, since I had just picked leeks from my garden. Whoa, that sounded pretentious. My garden is currently a sucking mud-hole. I was devoured by mosquitoes and, because I am so out of shape, my hamstrings are still screaming. I'd have been better off letting the leeks rot and buying spring onions. I did use the fresh lemon, but only because a neighbor's had fallen off of their tree. And rolled to the street. Almost. It may have had a little assistance. Alas, there was no fresh tarragon to be had at the grocery store, so I used dried. My last addition was a sprinkling of grated Asiago cheese.

This was delicious.

3. Sweet Potato Dessert Squares

I debated so hard about testing and including this Sweet Potato Dessert Square recipe. To me, this is more of a fall dessert. In the end, I decided what the heck —  just wanted to try it. A friend had made a version with pumpkin, and that was wonderful. My husband was quite skeptical ("Sweet Potato Dessert? Really? Huh.") Once l I handed him a slice, all was forgiven. I made mine in a quiche dish, simply because I am lazy, and that's what was on top of my stack of clean dishes.

4. Roasted Potato and Asparagus and...

This Roasted Potato-Asparagus-Lentil Salad is another potato WINNER. First, I must point out that I used Israeli couscous, rather than lentils. My grocery store was, inexplicably, out of lentils. However, I firmly believe that time is money, and have no interest in driving from store to store in search of perfect ingredients. So, couscous it was, and Israeli couscous has a fun little round texture and look that I like. I also discovered that I was out of whole-grain mustard, truly a mystery, because I usually have five different kinds in my refrigerator. I made do with Dijon and nobody suffered. There are some recipes that turn out so well, I just cannot wait to make them again. This was one of them.

5. Crazy Name, but Crash Hot Potatoes Are YUM

I tried ignoring Crash Hot Potatoes on Pinterest for a while, thinking oh, what's the big deal — isn't it just a smashed potato? Well, as it turns out, yes. But it's better than that, especially if you understand the concept (as the author so charmingly put it) of having more "flavorful, crispy surface area." I dusted mine with some parmesan during the baking, because cheese and I are friends.

6. The Earl of Potato-Wich

Bear with me on this next "sandwich." It looks sort of sandwich-y, but it's almost more like a dessert (keep in mind a Monte Cristo sandwich). There is sweetness in the sweet potato, of course, but also in the raisins. Using coconut oil also gave it an interesting "tropical" taste. It certainly is packed with nutrition, between the sweet potatoes, raisins, walnuts, kale, and ricotta.

7. Potatoes for Potluck

I am always on the lookout for potluck recipes that go together quickly, and this Easy Hash Brown and Egg Casserole fit the bill. Of course I put grated cheddar cheese on top when I baked it. If you are a fan (like me) of breakfast for dinner, here you go. Pass the Tabasco!

8. Purple Potatoes I

Purple Potato Salad? Yes, it's delicious (served at one of my favorite cafes) and so pretty. Using Okinawan sweet potatoes gives it the beautiful purple color. Also, it's a good excuse to get out the mayonnaise.

9. Purple Potatoes II

If you liked those purple potatoes, try them mashed! Kids love these.

10. Purple Potatoes III

Or, as chips! And here's another tip: If you have little bits of chips left over, throw them into a sugar cookie dough. You'll get a crispy cookie with a little extra pizzazz.

11. Potato Patties

You can eat your "french fries" at the same time as your burger with these Potato Patties Burgers. Although meant to be kid-friendly, I sure would never turn one down. It does make things easier if you use the muffin tins.

12. Bourbon and Sweet Potato Cupcakes

True confessions: The words "bourbon" and "cupcake" convinced me to try this recipe out, not the "sweet potato." The original recipe calls for using Maker's Mark bourbon, but if I did that, my husband would have a cow. There are, uh, cheaper bourbons to use, and I thought this was delicious using one of those. These are definitely cupcakes for grown-ups. I love being a grown-up.

13. Potatoes, Meet Kale

And speaking of being a grown-up, and eating responsibly, ahhhh, thank goodness for things like these Potato and Kale Enchiladas, because they are delicious. I had some tomatillo sauce kicking around so used that in place of enchilada sauce. That wasn't as spicy, so next time I will go with the enchilada sauce.

14. Samosa Pie

As this recipe author puts it, "I luuuuuve samosas." Me, too. In fact, for my daughter's 18th birthday, that's what we served, because she also loves them. That's why when I saw this Samosa Pie, I got so excited. I used a Pillsbury's pie crust and that worked well. I had to make my own garam masala mix (which was not hard to do) because my market did not carry it. Now that I mention it, I don't know why checkers at my grocery store keep asking me, "Did you find everything?" because I always tell them them "no," and then they've never heard of what it is I'm looking for, and everyone is sad.

15. Great Grilling

It is getting to be that time of year when I just want to grill everything. Correction: I want my husband to grill everything. I don't even know how to run that barbeque, and we are both fine with that. Check out these Grilled Potatoes. Yum! I went with plain old ketchup as a dipping sauce, because the husband loves ketchup and, well, he was doing all the work.

16. Healthier Tacos

Roasting your sweet potatoes, I think, makes all the difference in a vegetarian Sweet Potato and Black Bean Taco. I had tried other methods, but found I really prefer the crispness of the potatoes, plus the "charred" look. That's kind of weird, when you think about it. I mean, it's a potato, not a joint of beef. This is a delightfully simple yet flavorful recipe. If you cannot get queso fresco, a Mexican cheese, try a Monterey Jack. I prefer these in a crispy shell, but the husband likes soft whole-wheat wraps, which also worked fine. Marriage is full of compromises.

17. Not-Boring Potato Soup

Potato soup. Yawn. Good, but hardly exciting or new, unless you top it with a bacon vinaigrette. Ah, I see I have your attention, now. My little tweaks were to use greek yogurt in place of the sour cream and to use leeks in place of the green onions (sauteed with the bacon). And, yes, I realize that sort of makes it a potato-leek soup. Whatever, it was delicious, and a nice change.

18. Pretty Potato Rolls

Carb lovers, unite! Not only are these sweet potato rolls a pretty color, but they require no kneading (bonus)! Using potatoes in rolls gives them a wonderful texture. I used low-fat buttermilk in place of the whole milk, just because I had it around, and I think it helps keep the rolls extra-fluffy. Warm from the oven, with butter, these will transport you to a happy place.

19. Roasted Sweet Potato Sandwich

Wait: A roasted sweet potato, goat cheese, red onion, arugula, and pesto sandwich? Toasted? When I saw these sandwiches, I think swooned a little. What a combination!

20. Fanciest Hash Browns, Ever

There was a problem with this recipe for Fontina and Goat Cheese Tart With Crispy Hash Brown Crust. The problem was that I could eat it entirely by myself. Have you ever before seen a crust made of hash browns? My grandmother's springform pan was on the highest shelf of my kitchen, but you can believe I got the stepladder out for this baby. As the recipe suggested, feta could be substituted for goat cheese (I love goat cheese but my husband doesn't). Also, as promised, it reheats nicely (if there is any to reheat).

21. Get Ready for Football Season Snacks

I am totally addicted to hot sauce, so when I saw this recipe for stuffed potato skins, I was in, hook, line, and sinker. The list of ingredients is long but oh, so worth it. I wasn't sure about the pineapple bits, but they offset the spiciness of the hot sauce nicely, so don't leave them out. Serve with beer.

22. Meatloaf and Mashed Potato "Cupcakes"

I had dismissed these Meatloaf Cupcakes With Mashed Potato Icing as purely "kid food." Well, one of my girlfriends thought they were the cutest things, and so made them, and has not quit raving ever since. I used turkey burger instead of hamburger, but turkey burger is also leaner, so it's harder to make them keep their shape. Lesson learned! They will hold their shape better if you do use cupcake liners, but they taste great, regardless. Big kids and little kids alike think they are awesome.

23. Best Use of Leftover Mashed Potatoes

Usually I just turn leftover mashed potatoes into potato pancakes, which are good, but next time I have leftovers, I must try these Mashed Potato Puffs. It will also give me an excuse to consider buying that nifty pan with the rectangles shown in the photo.

24. Spanish Frittata

I love a good frittata. They are good, I think, for any meal of the day. This one uses bacon and cheddar, but they are really versatile — I have used thinly-sliced Black Forest ham and all sorts of different cheeses. When I learned to make them, I was taught to flip them onto a plate and then flip them back into a pan. These instructions are much easier and would have saved a lot of messes.

25. Fold It Up!

A Potato Tart is a delicious, satisfying meal. Just add a green salad and you are all set. I have never been able to fold my pie crusts neatly, but they still taste great. I also like to saute' some mushrooms (drain them before adding to mixture) to this tart. This recipe features leeks, and after all the fuss referenced above, I wanted to use up some more leeks.

Have you discovered any new and exciting ways to prepare potatoes? Please share in comments!

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