25 Last Minute Gifts That Keep on Giving


The holidays are a fun but exceptionally busy time, and it can be a real challenge to wrangle gifts for everyone on your list. If you're running a bit behind on holiday shopping (as we often are), there are still lots of great gifts to be had. Our list of potential presents are not only thoughtful, but they also keep the giving going for days or months to come.

1. One Hope Wine

Wine is always a good last minute gift since it can be enjoyed at the giftee's leisure, and will almost always get used. One Hope Wine is an especially giving wine, since the company pairs with charities and has given over $1.5 million to worthy causes. It can be purchased at a number of stores across the country as well as online.

2. Beer Brewing Kit

Give the gift of homemade beer with a home brewing kit. The kits can be purchased online or in stores like Whole Food and Sur La Table, and come in a long list of flavors.

3. Spotify Membership

Music lovers will rejoice upon receiving a Spotify gift card, good for use towards a premium membership free of pesky commercials. They're easy to pick up at your local Target or CVS, and will keep the music going for a month or more.

4. Streaming Subscription

Everyone can appreciate a free month or two of a streaming service like Hulu Plus and Netflix, and even current members can apply it to their account. Hulu now has a version of its premium membership free of commercials, too.

5. Livestock Donation

Save the Children allows you to make meaningful donations in the form of tangible items, including a pig. Donations range from $1 to $1000 and buy everything from a soccer ball to livestock for a family in need.

6. Landscaping

Keeping your lawn looking great is a lot of work all year 'round. Hire gardeners to visit a friend or family member's house to mow, prune, or plant, and it'll make them smile every time they step outside.

7. Meal Deliveries

Everyone loves to eat homemade food, and even the most novice cooks can appreciate a service like HelloFresh. They deliver a few delicious meals worth of food that's measured and ready to go along with easy-to-follow recipes. One week's delivery of three meals for two people is just under $70. (See also: The Best Meal Prep Subscription Boxes)

8. Magazine Subscription

Magazines come in all shapes and sizes, and you're sure to find ones that will appeal to everyone's interests. A year's subscription will keep the gift-giving spirit going for months to come.

9. Digital Magazine Subscription

Magazine lovers can also read a long list of topical mags on their digital devices using the service Texture. A three month subscription is $35 and gives unlimited access to their large catalog.

10. Lumosity Subscription

Everyone should give their brain a little exercise, and Lumosity makes it fun by offering games that work out the rusty parts of your noodle. Give a gift subscription or add someone to your family plan and they'll be thanking you with newfound clarity.

11. Cooking Class

Novice to expert cooks will all enjoy a cooking class, and the skills learned will keep giving all year long. Sur La Table offers classes ranging from $60 to $80 at locations across the country, and a quick search will reveal many other cooking schools near you.

12. Spa Gift Certificate

A gift certificate to a nail salon, spa, or massage parlour comes in really handy when you're having a rough day. The recipient is sure to appreciate a manicure, facial, or massage and their lasting relaxing effects.

13. Global Goods Partners

When you buy a Global Goods Partners product, you'll be supporting a company that promotes social justice and helps women in need All of their jewelry and accessories are made by women in developing countries, and the nonprofit provides training and grants for its makers.

14. Indoor Herb Kit

Friends and family with a green thumb will love a pretty indoor herb kit. Buy one that's ready to go at a local nursery or farmer's market, or build your own with a few small pots and your choice of herbs.

15. Museum Membership

Add a little culture to a recipient's life and support a worthy cause with a local museum membership. Art, science, and history museums all offer gift memberships with a long list of different benefits.

16. Maid Service

Who doesn't love a clean house? Hire a maid service to clean a friend or family member's house and you'll be the hero of the holidays.

17. Soda Maker

A home soda maker like the SodaStream Jet is a fun gift that happens to be eco-friendly. Your loved one will be making sparkling water and homemade sodas for years to come, and it only requires the occasional CO2 tank trade-in.

18. Crafting Class

Crafters will appreciate learning or improving a handy skill like sewing, knitting, quilting, and more. Excellent classes are available at schools and shops across the country, including Jo-Ann Fabrics.

19. Wholesale Club Membership

A membership to a wholesale club like Costco is a great gift for a family. One year of regular membership is $55 and includes access to things like discount tickets, pharmacy, travel services, and more.

20. Adopt an Olive Tree or Tea Garden

A unique gift for foodies, Nudo Adopt offers olive tree adoptions with one to four deliveries of their olive oil over the course of a year, and tea garden adoptions with deliveries of tea. Prices range from $29 to $79.

21. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone, the effective language learning software, now also offers an online subscription. Give the gift of knowledge and your loved one will thank you in a whole new language!

22. Ten Thousand Villages

Ten Thousand Villages sells handmade gifts by artisans from developing countries around the world. By purchasing their lovely scarves, bags, and more from their stores or online, you are supporting struggling makers and their craft.

23. Babysitter

For new parents, there's no better gift than a free night of babysitting. Contact their usual babysitter and work out a deal, go through an agency, or do it yourself.

24. Art Class

An art class can bring out the creative side in everyone and offers the chance to sharpen an artistic skill. Weekly classes ranging from life drawing, painting, photography, graphic design, and more are offered at schools across the country. Check with your local art stores, colleges, and community centers.

25. CSA

CSA, or community supported agriculture, allows you to buy into the success and production of a local farm. In return, you receive fresh, in-season produce, eggs, meat, cheese, or even flowers on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Find one near you and give the gift of delicious, fresh food.

What cool gifts that keep on giving have you given or received?

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