25 Ways to Use Frozen Mixed Vegetables


When it comes to healthy eating options on the cheap, frozen veggies are king! Still, bags of chilled vegetables don't often inspire culinary genius. When money's especially tight, the creative use of frozen veggies might be your nutritional salvation, so it's important to find innovative ways to use and enjoy! Here, we've given you 25 tasty ways to use frozen mixed vegetables. Bon appetit! (See also: Delicious Ways to Prepare Frozen Broccoli)

1. Spicy Carrot Hummus

Have an excess of frozen carrots? Try this amazingly innovative spicy carrot hummus recipe. It calls for four ingredients aside from carrots, but you can add other sweeter or milder frozen veggies (like peas or Edamame) to give the dish a wider flavor profile. Trust me, it tastes amazing and will leave your guests impressed!

2. Veggie Fritters

With this awesome recipe, you can make tasty vegetable fritters vegan, vegetarian, or gluten free. Use any combination of frozen veggies to serve as the fritter's vegetable base, and with a delicate combination of spices, you'll love what results!

3. Creamy Chicken With Veggies

In 15 minutes, you can take some frozen vegetables and chicken and make them into a delicious meal. This super sophisticated but simple creamy chicken with vegetables recipe is delightful, and uses pasta to complete the dish. With or without pasta, you'll have a great dinner in no time.

4. Veggie Casserole

This mixed vegetable casserole recipe is a great place to start if you're in the market for a fun side dish or hearty main plate. Make a lot and freeze it, for a great mixed-veggie dish that keeps on giving! (See also: 10 Freeze-Ahead Casserole Recipes)

5. Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Elevate that frozen spinach or spinach medley with this scrumptious spinach and artichoke dip! You can even modify the recipe to just include only spinach or spinach and other veggies like corn and mushrooms if you aren't digging the artichoke component. Either way, this recipe is a tasty, party-friendly favorite. (See also: 35 Ways to Use Frozen Spinach)

6. Samosa-Stuffed Potatoes

I love me some samosas, but often times they aren't the healthiest. These samosa-stuffed spuds are a great, versatile example of making Samosas more flavorful and adding some nutrition. The recipe calls for separate individual vegetables, but you can definitely use mixed vegetables for the samosa stuffing. Enjoy!

7. Chicken Tortilla Soup

This great chicken tortilla soup recipe is easy, and the resulting flavors are wonderfully fresh! It calls for corn, but substituting a corn veggie medley gives this soup lots more body. Delicious! (See also: Soup From Leftovers)

8. Tortellini Primavera

For those who don't like to eat their vegetables, this tortellini primavera dish is a genius plate of food! Integrate those essential greens with filled pasta and a cheesy sauce to create a dinner everyone can not only agree on, but love!

9. Artichoke Spinach Lasagna

Need some inspiration for your frozen spinach? This artichoke spinach lasagna is dangerously good, and the moisture from the frozen spinach gives the dish added lightness. Add some other frozen veggies like carrots or peas if you're feeling especially ambitious!

10. Zucchini Parmesan Bites

Frozen broccoli, spinach, zucchini or cauliflower will work as the veggie for this fun little snack; just make sure to squeeze out all moisture so your bites come out perfectly. Pair with a yogurt-based dip or an egg for a side dish or breakfast delight! (See also: 20+ Breakfast-for-Dinner Recipes)

11. Pot Pie

Pot pie is a great way to integrate those mixed veggies into a hearty dinner. This chicken pot pie recipe uses low-fat ingredients that are as easy to prepare as they are to enjoy.

12. Veggie Biryani

Dig the traditional Pakistani/Indian dish but don't quite have the funds to dine in-house? This frozen veggie biryani recipe will bring Southeast Asia to you, on the cheap.

13. Minestrone Soup

A good Minestrone soup is a beautiful thing, but don't be nervous about trying to create your own! This recipe for vegan minestrone soup can be adjusted to suit your freezer's inventory.

14. Vegetable Curry

This recipe for mixed vegetable Kofta in a tomato curry shows how to take a Middle Eastern meat dish and make it vegetarian, delicious, and perfect for the low-budget cook! Try serving it over rice or with your favorite flat bread. Trust us, it will soon be a favorite way to utilize those frozen mixed veggies!

15. Creamy Egg and Veggie Bake

This casserole won't seem low-fat when you feed it to your family! A mixture of frozen vegetables, potatoes, eggs, chicken bouillon, and mustard make this casserole gluten free, healthy, and nutritious.

16. Au Gratin Potato Casserole

If you have some vegetables and hash browns doing serious freezer time, au gratin potato casserole is for you! Add the vegetable medley to the casserole recipe to give a heavy meal a bit of a light crunch, and also to add color! You'll find the casserole is delicious on its own, but even better with some veggies.

17. Southwestern Egg Rolls

Have some time, but not a lot of fresh ingredients? These southwestern egg rolls can be made with frozen spinach, onions, peppers, and corn as primary ingredients. Create a delicious appetizer that's restaurant-quality, using the bounty of your freezer! (See also: Frugal-but-Class Appetizers)

18. Curried Veggie Medley

Add some spice to your vegetable medley! This curry medley is simple and a great way for the beginning curry connoisseur to integrate some Indian spices into their regular cuisine. It calls for veggies of all kinds, potatoes, yogurt, and salt. It's gluten-free and vegetarian, and it's delicious! If you're feeling extra daring, add some fried or steamed tofu.

19. Vegetable Fried Rice

For a great Asian meal on a budget, this vegetable fried rice is simply the best! A few inexpensive specialty items like sesame oil and ginger will give the rice and veggies a great depth of flavor, and you can skip the eggs to make the dish vegan. (See also: 20+ Frugal Items for Your Vegan Grocery List)

20. Tomato Sauce

Sneak those frozen vegetables right into a nice cream or tomato-based sauce! This great garden tomato sauce makes adding a cup or two of your frozen veggies easy. Trust us, once you start adding veggies, you'll never go back to the pain old canned sauce!

21. Moo Shu Vegetables

Stir fry those veggies into an easy moo shu and you'll have dinner in a snap. Once you have the Asian kitchen staples like ginger, soy sauce, rice vinegar, and sesame oil, making frozen veggies into an Asian culinary experience is easy. The recipe is low fat, but feel free to add proteins like tofu, chicken, or shrimp into the mix!

22. Lemon-Parsley Green Beans

Frozen green beans can be used for this tart and tangy side dish, but don't feel shy about adding carrots, broccoli, or onions! A healthy, satisfying dish like lemon-parsley green beans is an excellent way to integrate those frozen mixed veggies into your everyday meal planning. (See also: How to Plan a Month of Frugal Meals)

23. Broccoli Soup

A good broccoli soup is a beautiful thing! Use some frozen peas, cauliflower, spinach, carrots, and beans in the medley to make your broccoli soup more veggie-packed! Soups are a great way to use those frozen vegetable medleys, and a cream or broth-based soup will showcase veggie flavors while keeping the dish hearty and filling.

24. Stuffing

Around the holidays, put those frozen veggies straight into your stuffing! This recipe calls for carrots, squash and parsnips, but you can cut or replace these ingredients with frozen veggies to cut costs (and not flavor)!

25. Vegetable Couscous

Toss those frozen v's into a couscous, and you've just make yourself a yummy, sophisticated vegetarian entrée. This vegetable couscous recipe calls for pumpkin and cilantro, but you can pare down or dress up most couscous and veggie recipes to your liking!

Now that you've got some frozen vegetable inspiration, let's see what other delicious recipes you can dream up.

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Meg Favreau's picture

I like using mixed frozen vegetables best in things where they're kind of hidden under a sauce -- or a flaky crust, like with the pot pie. I'll also use mixed frozen peppers for quick burritos or in my chili.

Guest's picture

I agree my favorite is mixed in pot pies. My kids aren't crazy over mixed veggies so i "hide them" in dishes such as....Potatoe pancakes & fried veggie nuggets ( comes out like a corn nugget,.. anything fried the family eats). when camping i've dumped a bag of veggies, a can of soup (undiluted) & served it over wavy noodles or rice. i even snuck them in leftover stroganoff with added cheese. (yummy!)

Jennifer Holder's picture

Super useful stuff!

Guest's picture

All delicious sounding choices! I like to throw in mixed veggies with some stir-fry.

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