25GB of FREE online media storage.


Don't leave home without it! Seriously, this is a great resource for file sharing. I often have files that are at least 500MB, sometimes a 1GB. You can't email those, they usually get bounced. With MediaMax.com , you get 25GB of FREE storage space to fill up as you please.

It's a sweet deal. You can, store, access, and share your personal videos, photos, movies, music, and files. And it's all secure storage.

  • Access your files from any web browser.
  • Share all your files quickly and easily, without file size restrictions.
  • Host videos, audio, images and more on the web.
  • Backup your files and data safely and reliably.
  • Absolutely no credit card required.

There's always a catch right? Well, one keen WB reader just spotted it, hence the update. You can only download or share 1GB per month. As far as I can tell, there are no limits on uploads per month. But, here's a link to the storage structure, check it out for yourself.

How to apply
All you do is fill out a really quick form, create a user name and boom, you're hooked up with some serious storage power. This is a great idea. And if you're super-serious about file-sharing, you can upgrade and get way more storage and access. It's all safe, easy to use and a great way to file share. Beats the hell out of those little keychain USB flash drives. And it's FREE.

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Why dont you tell people how you only can use 1gb/month with free service.

Paul Michael's picture

I will update the post and point that out. It's still a great deal though, much easier than email.

Fitch Hurst's picture

I was hyped at first, thought it would be a great place to back up my big video files, but it says you can only download 10MB at a time. That means that backed-up files can't exceed 10MB if you want them back. I wonder if that restriction is on sharing or if the uploader can download the same files.

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I signed up lured by the whopping free 25GB promise... But, all of a sudden the service stopped and has now reincarnated as www.thelinkup.com All the free user accounts have "Gone With The Wind".

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I am so glad that I read the comments BEFORE signing up! WWJD?

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MediaMax & The Linkup are both shut down...

Which really sucks, cuz I had a lot of files backed up there. That'll teach me not to use online free file storage.