26 Quick Ways to Have Fun (No Matter Where You Are)


Whether you are stressed or tired, bored, or blah, or just looking to make your life better than it already is, having fun makes you happy. However, sometimes you have to be intentional about cultivating fun in your life. While there are millions of ways to have fun, it can be hard to think of these things when you're not at your best. Here is a short list to get you started! (See also: Free Outdoor Fun)

1. Tell a Cheesy Joke

Even if only to yourself. Better yet, get a small group of friends or coworkers together, have each person learn a different joke, and then share them with each other.

2. Plan a Vacation

You don't have to actually go for this to add to the fun factor of your day.

3. Enjoy a Funny GIF or Two

GIFs are great pick-me-ups because they are short but silly.

4. Take a Silly Selfie

If you like the way it comes out, share it with your friends on Instagram or Facebook.

5. Play Pretend With Your Kid

Spend five minutes playing pretend with a child. Take on whatever role they ask you to, even if it means acting like a dinosaur or a bird. (See also: Free Ways to Entertain Kids)

6. Point and Giggle

Laugh at the funny, awkward things other people post on Facebook.

7. Turn a Cartwheel

If you don't know how, do a somersault instead.

8. Pick a Flower

If you can, pick a small bouquet and put them where you will be able to see them all day.

9. Sing Your Favorite Song

And do it as loud as you can. If you don't have the privacy to do this, close your eyes for a minute or two and pretend that you are singing.

10. Send a Postcard to a Stranger

Join Postcrossing to send and receive a random postcard from somewhere in the world. Sometimes, you can even cultivate a pen pal relationship with the person on the other end.

11. Take a Quiz

Determine whether you'd survive a zombie apocalypse. Compare your results with those of your friends, and come up with a long-term survival plan.

12. Learn a New Trick

It's always fun to understand how magic tricks work. So learn a trick and perform it for someone. Children are especially enthusiastic about these sorts of things.

13. Get Your Awkward On

Pose (and take) an awkward family photo.

14. Learn About the Rest of the World

Play Geoguessr and find out how well you know the world. Challenge a friend to a contest.

15. Enjoy a Hobby

Spend five minutes on your favorite hobby. It's not very long, but if you spend five minutes a day, over time you will see progress on a project that you love. See also: Awesome Money-Making Hobbies)

16. Turn Up the Music and Have a Dance Party

If other people are around, challenge them to a dance off.

17. Pick a Meme, Any Meme

Find your favorite Internet meme and come up with as many captions as you can in five minutes. Get your friends to vote on which is the funniest.

18. Get Pranky

Play a prank on someone. Choose someone who will find it funny. Bonus fun if you start a prank war.

19. Skip to My Lou

Add in a skip every 10 steps. Raise your eyebrows at anyone who gives you a funny look.

20. Go All Out

Exercise intensely for as long as you can. This gets those endorphins flowing, which can help you feel like you're having fun all day. (See also: Easy Ways to Make Exercise More Fun)

21. Celebrate the Little Things

Give high-fives, send cards, or invite someone over for dinner to make the most of a small victory.

22. Play a Game From Childhood

Try Red Rover, Ring Around the Rosey, or Duck, Duck, Goose. If you're alone, try spinning in circles until you fall down.

23. Party Hardy

Throw an impromptu party, even if it's only for five minutes in your cubicle. You can even have a simple theme and ask people to bring candy, make masks, or whatever.

24. Get Your Hands Dirty

Try fingerpainting. Or Play-Doh. Or modeling clay. Spend a few minutes doing something that is both creative and hands-on.

25. Make Water Balloons

Toss them at a friend, see how long you can throw one until it breaks, or have an all-out water balloon war.

26. Go on an Adventure

This can be as simple as trying out a different grocery store, or as complicated as planning a vacation for your family.

How do you add fun into your day? What do you do when you need a pick-me-up?

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