3 Easy Ways to Save Money With Twitter


I spend a lot of time on Twitter.

And by a lot of time, I mean "my-wife-needs-to-hide-my-phone-from-me" a lot of time. To justify all of my tweeting, I figured that I needed to prove that it could help us save some money. (See also: How to Break Your Social Media Habit)

With some planning and these tips, you can use your Twitter account to help you save money, too.

1. Search for Deals and Discounts

Before you buy anything online, make it a habit to first search on Twitter for coupon codes for the product or service you are about to order. Use the Twitter Search page or search field on your browser or smartphone app to do some basic deal sleuthing.

Find the Vendor on Twitter

Some vendors offer a promo code if you follow them or retweet specific tweets. It is a good idea to also Google if the vendor offers discounts in exchange for following them on another social media channel (e.g. Facebook). (See also: How to Make Facebook Productive)

Check on Flash Sales

Some companies use Twitter to promote clearance sales. For example, @DellOutlet is well-known for announcing flash sales of refurbished computers and electronics with up to 30% discount.

Keep an Eye on Giveaways

Some companies run giveaways for promo codes or gift cards in the most unexpected places. Take a look at this contest from the Zappos Careers account:

Let's get this week started off right! Zappos trivia and winner gets a 20% Zappos discount coupon! What year did Amazon acquire @Zappos Zappos Careers (@InsideZappos) April 14, 2014

Now that's one account you wouldn't expect to get a 20% coupon code from! (See also: Get Coupons for Every Online Store)

Use Hashtags to Find Deals

#deals, #freebies, #coupons are examples of some hashtags that can point you to savings. Remember that companies often release on holidays and special days (e.g. Tax Day).

2. Use Twitter for Better Customer Service

If you mail a letter or send an email to a company to file a complaint or request help, only the company's customer care department knows about your pain. But when you share your problem on Twitter, you are increasing the number of people who are aware of the issue. (See also: Getting What You Want from Customer Service)

Publicly shaming a company on Twitter can be a useful tactic to get your voice heard. Here are some things to consider before sending off your tweet:

  • Avoid tweeting when you are upset.

  • Focus on facts, not rants. You want your tweet to have the potential for going viral for the right reasons.

  • Include in your tweet the account from the company's customer care department , instead of the general company Twitter account (e.g. @WarbyParkerHelp versus @WarbyParker).

  • Consider including a high-profile and relevant journalist, consumer advocacy group, or local politician that would support your case.

  • Identify yourself via private message (PM) with a case ID or order number.

  • Follow the company so that its reps can private message you.

  • If the company does not contact you within 48 hours, send a reminder tweet that it still has not replied to your original tweet

Does it work? It surely can; just ask Aetna, AT&T, British Airways, and Southwest Airlines.

3. Sync Your Twitter Account to Company Services

Some companies are using the Twitter API to provide some high-tech ways to save money. By connecting their accounts to their Twitter accounts, customers can find offers on Twitter. Companies that have participated in the program are Virgin America, FedEx, Whole Foods, and H&M.

Who says that all your tweeting cannot help you save money? After getting several coupon codes and freebies (and better customer care for a smartphone replacement claim through our carrier) through Twitter, my wife has become a lot more lenient to my Twitter usage.

As long as I keep on looking for discounts for her next shoe buying spree.

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Didn't know we could actually save money using Twitter. Thanks for sharing this great tip.

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You're welcome! As more and more companies are paying attention to Twitter, they are becoming more adept at implementing deals and coupons through the platform. The deals from American Express are very easy to take a hold on!