33 Places to Retire If You Love the Rain

When contemplating places to retire, several things need to get crossed off your list.

First, it needs to be affordable, because you'll likely be relying on less income. Next, you have to factor in favorable tax considerations for real property and your sources of income. Finally, you have to want to live there. And while palm tree lined streets may seem ideal, let's face it — this imagery doesn't spark the same enthusiasm in everyone. It's about time we highlight the best places to retire if you love the rain, along with their cities' average annual rainfall in inches. (See also: 7 States With the Lowest Taxes for Retirees)

1. Canada

Although Canadian culture closely resembles life in the U.S., few retirees migrate there. In order to retire in Canada, American citizens need permanent status, but the Canadian government has strict economic restrictions for granting status to retirees. However, if applicants can demonstrate an ability to support themselves throughout retirement, investments, or are prominent members of society (like a PhD), they should have no problem. The benefits of moving to Canada include free healthcare and cheap real estate, and of course, lots of rain.

The Rainiest Cities in Canada

  • Prince Rupert, British Columbia: 102.11 inches
  • Abbotsford, British Columbia: 60.5 inches
  • St. John's, Newfoundland: 60 inches
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia: 57.8 inches
  • Vancouver, British Columbia: 57.3 inches
  • Terrace, British Columbia: 52 inches
  • Corner Brook, Newfoundland: 50 inches
  • Quebec City, Quebec: 46.6 inches
  • Saguenay, Quebec: 37.43 inches
  • Prince Edward Island: 35.04 inches

2. Washington

Coastal Washington is among the most precipitous regions in U.S. Some parts of the area can get over 200 inches of rainfall a year, leaving behind exotic ecosystems and picturesque backdrops. Washington state does not impose tax on income and its sales taxes are relatively low, from 6.5% to 9.5%. Tax on property varies by county and persons 65 and older might qualify for additional property tax exemptions.

Rainiest Cities in Washington State

  • Aberdeen Reservoir: 130.6 inches
  • Forks: 119.7 inches
  • Humptulips: 115.6 inches
  • Swift Reservoir: 112.7 inches
  • Naselle: 112.0 inches
  • Baring: 106.7 inches
  • Grays River Hatchery: 105.6 inches
  • Seattle: 38 inches

3. Florida

The Sunshine State is another no-income-tax state that appeals to many retirees. Its modest sales tax rate of 6% has remained stable for almost three decades. However, Florida has one of the highest property tax levies in the nation — though much lower than many of the other rainy East Coast states. But to combat this, and attract would-be retirees, the state offers residents 65 and older a $50,000 annual property tax exemption. Florida's rainiest months are mid-May through early October.

The Rainiest Cities in Florida

  • Fort Lauderdale: 66.5 inches
  • Pensacola: 65 inches
  • West Palm Beach: 62.41 inches
  • Tallahassee: 61 inches
  • Miami: 51.7 to 61.9 inches
  • Tampa: 46.31 inches
  • Key West: 39.75 inches

4. Texas

The Lone Star State is a retirement favorite because in addition to no tax on income, Texas also doesn't tax capital gains — meaning your income from SSI and distributions from investments are tax-free. You'd only owe federal tax if interest accrued in a tax-deferred account. (The same is true for Washington and Florida, by the way.) In addition, Texas also offers older residents property tax breaks in the form of a $15,000 property tax credit and a $10,000 homestead exemptions. The state doesn't get all that much rainfall but it's wettest cities are located toward the east and along the Bolivar Peninsula.

The Rainiest Cities in Texas

  • Port Arthur: 61 inches
  • Houston: 49.8 inches
  • Beaumont: 48 inches
  • Galveston: 43.85 inch
  • Bolivar Peninsula: 43.84 inches
  • Dallas: 40.55 inch
  • Austin: 32.15 inches
  • San Antonio: 30.51 inches

Did we miss any rainy cities? Let us know in the comments!

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When contemplating places to retire, several things need to get crossed off your list. Here are the best places to retire if you love the rain, along with their cities' average annual rainfall in inches. | #retire #retiring

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