4 Overseas Wedding Destinations Anyone Can Afford

When asked to think of their dream wedding, many people imagine saying their vows on a white sand beach under clear blue skies, while waves lap gently at the shore behind them. But the idea of this kind of ceremony in another country just sounds expensive, meaning that lots of brides and grooms don't even consider it an option. Having a destination wedding overseas can actually work out to be extremely cost effective, though, and with the right location, you could even save yourself thousands of dollars. (See also: Save Big With a Dream Wedding Overseas)

Things to note

Many cheap wedding packages at all-inclusive resorts come with certain requirements. These may include having a minimum number of attendees, as well as a minimum number of guests booking rooms at the resort. This is especially true of resorts offering "free" wedding packages, though some of these are still fantastic offers worth considering.

Packages do not include flights and generally only include accommodations for the bride and groom. Any special requests like decor or flowers will cost extra.

Keep in mind, too, that getting married overseas may entail meeting certain legal requirements that could increase your costs and hassles. Some countries have a legal requirement that you be in the country for a certain amount of time before the wedding. In other countries, such as Mexico, the bride and groom must have blood tests conducted before the wedding in the state where the marriage takes place. One way to avoid these complications is by having a legal wedding in your home state and a ceremonial wedding overseas.

This list focuses on cheap places to get married, but your overall budget depends on many things. You still have to factor in costs for things like photography, rings, dresses, and suits, all of which can still add a significant amount to the actual wedding costs. Here are four cheap places to have a wedding overseas. (See also: How to Save Big on Everything for Your Wedding)

*Note that prices listed are from the time of publication.

1. Mexico

Mexico will blow you away with the sheer number of options available to prospective brides and grooms. This incredible country has the perfect destination for any type of wedding you could dream of. But most people come for the beach destinations, which range from Caribbean islands such as Isla Mujeres and well equipped beach resorts like Cancun, to the rugged beauty of Baja California.

Because of this versatility, as well as its easy accessibility from the U.S., Mexico is one of the most popular choices for overseas weddings. Wedding specialist Heather Salvai at PlayaDelCarmen.com notes you can get excellent deals in 4 ½ -star venues starting at around $5,000 for a wedding with 30 guests. This is inclusive of a week's stay for the bride and groom, a symbolic ceremony, catering, the cake, a DJ, and even an open bar.

With return flights from the U.S. available for $300 or less, not only will a Mexico wedding be cheap for you, it will also be affordable for your guests. (See also: 8 Most Affordable Beach Towns in Mexico)

2. Jamaica

Jamaica is a seriously romantic island, making it an unforgettable destination for almost-newlywed couples. With its stunning stretches of palm fringed white sand beaches, laid-back atmosphere and year-round warm temperatures, it's no wonder people come from all over the world to say their nuptial vows here.

Thanks to its popularity as a wedding destination, there is no shortage of choices when it comes to hotels and venues that can handle your special day. But venues and resorts get booked up far in advance, so it's best to plan ahead to secure yourself a great deal. One example: the all-inclusive Jewel Resorts Jamaica has a wedding package for 25 guests that includes the ceremony, hors d'oeuvres, a three-course meal, the wedding cake, and an open bar for around $5,500.

3. Nicaragua

With its dreamy Central American location and startling natural beauty, Nicaragua is rightfully becoming a popular choice for couples to tie the knot. You can say "I do" on an exotic tropical island, in the thick of a lush green jungle, or in a wonderful high class resort by the beach.

I found a package offered by a wedding organizer on iBride.com for around $4,000 that includes a beach ceremony, catering for up to 50 guests, plus an open bar, and music for the evening.

4. Dominican Republic

The merging of Caribbean culture with a Latin flavor and colonial architecture makes the Dominican Republic a fascinating place to visit. Hundreds of miles of white sand coastline provide a marvelous backdrop for a picturesque beach wedding ceremony.

Many hotels and resorts offer great deals on wedding packages, which you can tailor to your liking. Ocean Blue and Sand offers a beach ceremony for 30 guests for $3,750. This is inclusive of catering, decorations, bouquet, sound system, and hair and makeup for the bride.

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4 Overseas Wedding Destinations Anyone Can Afford

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