4 Ways Reading the Newspaper Will Make You Rich and Famous

Last year, everyone proclaimed that print newspapers were dying. It turns out that fewer newspapers have gone under than some had predicted, but I don't think anyone is announcing that newspapers are thriving.

I'd like to see print newspapers make a comeback. I think that local and national newspapers play a crucial role in our society. But, more importantly for Wise Bread readers, there are a lot of ways reading a print newspaper will benefit you.

Save Time

I don't know about you, but I really dislike reading newspaper articles online. They are spread over several pages, each page taking an increasing amount of time to load. And each online page is covered with obnoxious ads. These two factors make it exceptionally difficult to skim articles and get a good idea of what's going on in the news in a short period of time. Sure, you can skim over some headlines on newspapers sites, but to get any depth to a story you have to click through and open it. In print, you can quickly glance over headlines, image captions, and read the lead-in to a story to get an idea of what it's about. I spend probably 20 minutes each morning reading my local paper, but if I read the equivalent number of stories online it would take me five times as long.

Save Money

My newspaper now lists something like "Save $250 in Coupons" at the top of the Sunday section. Coupon clipping saves me a few dollars each week, but I also save money by finding travel deals, theater deals, and cheap or free events. The Sunday circular ads are also a great way to comparison shop. I was recently shopping for a new stove and could look through the ads each week to see what was on sale at the stores in my area. (Have you ever tried to look at an ad circular online? You may still be waiting for it to load.) Most newspapers also have calendars in their weekly sections listing the special and free events taking place that week. For example, the Homes section makes it incredibly easy to check out any home repair workshops And in the Taste section, I frequently find beer and wine tastings.

Provoke Conversation

Unless you spend two hours a day reading news online, you're not going to be able to know the majority of happenings in your community. When you read a print paper and know what's going on, you are better prepared to make conversation with a variety of people, whether it's the owner of a company you're trying to get a job with or a person at a bar who might be your future spouse. This intelligent conversation leads to opportunities that can make you rich and famous.

Generate Money-Making Ideas

By following the news, you gain a glimpse into societal trends. Identifying these trends and then solving the problem that arises from the trend allows you to make money and help people. You don't have to come up with the "one brilliant idea." Instead, you just have to be able to fill a need or desire that some people have.

I know there are a lot of people who believe that paying attention to the news is a waste of time. However, it seems that most of these people are already rich and famous. Once you're rich and famous, you can hire someone to read the paper and tell you what's most important and relevant to your life. Until then, subscribe to your local print newspaper. Besides the greater good of having independent journalism, you'll save money and time, and grow your network and your business.

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There is a certain comfort in laying out a newspaper on a table and enjoying a cup of coffee, especially with a really good doughnut.

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I read my local newspaper every day, which is unusual for someone my age. However, I disagree with the premise of the article. Reading news makes you a more informed person and I do think there is value in that. But to claim it will make you richer or more famous seems a reach.

Particularly, Sunday coupons are typically for higher-priced name brand items and, unless you combine them with a sale (which is very possible, but takes a lot of that time you are supposedly saving), you are going to pay more for those items than store-brand. Secondly, the author seems to find online ads a nuisance but then encourages people to read the ads that come in the paper? Plus you do have to pay for the newspaper in the first place, unlike the online version.

I read the newspaper because I prefer the format and I will continue to do so. However, I think this is strictly a matter of personal preference and don't think there are other benefits to either version.

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kathleen Corrao

I completely agree!
My friends are always asking me how I find all these great, fun, free things to do and I always tell them I read it in the newspaper. That's not to mention the thousands of dollars I've saved with coupons for food, admissions, restaurants, etc.
Excellent article!

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I have read this story with interest because I've been re-discovering print, but I strongly disagree with mass media being a good driver for investment ideas and investable trends. I've been thinking about the concept for a while and your story has (pardon the plug) motivated me to write about it here: http://hkiadvisors.blogspot.com/2010/08/reading-newspaper-will-keep-you....

Long story short - by the time you read a piece of information in the paper, it's too late for making money.

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I have been reading papers all my life. But, I'm afraid that doesn't change the fact that print, whether it is newspaper, magazines, or books, is steadily losing ground. It will not be coming back. The Internet and how we consume information has changed as much as it did when the printing press was first invented.

For look at what electronic information transmission has done to this process read "The Shallows: What The Internet is doing to our Brains." You may not like it, but there is no turning back.

I also agree with the comment about coupons. They are always for the highest priced national brands. Buy the Walmart brand of virtually everything and you'll save 30%.

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Our major newspaper, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, and several local papers here in Atlanta, have not gone out of business but have suffered serious financial losses.
Their version of a daily paper now looks more like a newsletter than anything else.

I exaggerate a little. But its sad to see. I am as guilty as anyone. I get almost all my news online now.

But, newspapers in my opinion are another one of those "backbones" of America and should be supported.

They are also, by the way, a great way to teach a child to read. If you want your child to read, let them read about something they like. In a newspaper, they have a choice of about 100 things which they can read about.

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If you think reading a newspaper is faster than reading news online, you haven't discovered RSS.

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pam munro

You can also read newspapers without fear of them shorting out when they hit water of any kind - I am not as comfortable reading online during breakfast! And the newspaper itself is very useful, too - I always find useful things in the paper - ways to save $ - and so on - & it always gives me something to TALK about!

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Oh you have made me so happy! I'm a reporter at a local daily paper, and I love it, so watching the print news demise is really sad. There's just something about a newspaper in your hand that's so much more relaxing to read than online.
Also, it makes good packing paper, wrapping paper, pet cage liners and on and on and on.
Keep reading!

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Reality is, a lot of people don’t buy newspapers nowadays as they get to read news online. I agree with you on most points but that is not the way many people see about newspapers.

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For many online newspapers, you can hit the 'print' button and it will show as a single page article without any distracting flash ads. It will likely prompt you to actually print, but you can hit Esc and have the simple page there.