40 Ways to Use Spray Paint for Cheap and Easy Decorating


What's super cheap, highly versatile, available in every color, and something that anyone can use to make beautiful decor? The answer is spray paint, of course.

Whether you are looking to restore a great flea market find, simply touch up an existing item, or go for a dramatic change of color, spray paint gets the job done. While you can spray-paint just about anything, here's a host of suggestions, sorted by color, to help you start putting this awesome and affordable DIY tool to work for you. (See also: 7 Cheap Decorating Projects That Look Amazing)

Black Spray Paint: Touch Ups to Modern Looks

1. Mailbox

An often neglected element of curbside appeal, a black mailbox can benefit from a nice touch up with some black spray paint and rust protector to look good as new.

2. Entertainment Center

Whether you have a bachelor pad or just love modern decor, painting a wooden entertainment center with black spray paint can give your TV and gadgets area a sleek, updated look.

3. Halloween Decor

Using a can of black spray paint, there are many awesome ideas for transforming everyday items into Halloween decor. From using it on pumpkins to wine bottles, you can easily have the spookiest house.

4. DIY Chalkboard

Grab a can of black chalkboard paint and spray-paint a piece of sanded and primed wood to make your very own chalkboard. Or, use a picture frame, and spray-paint the glass area. Hang it on a wall in the kitchen or by the door to write notes and keep lists.

5. Modern Vases

Turn a collection of vases into modern decor by spray painting them in black matte. Add a single flower or greenery for a Zen feel.

6. Trivet Wall Decor

Add a layer of black spray paint to a metal trivet and hang it on a kitchen wall for instant country kitchen decor.

7. Accent Shelving

Add a nice touch to a light colored wall by spray-painting individual wall shelf ledges in black. Install on the wall to hold small accent pieces or display photos.

8. Fireplace Screen

Freshen up an old fireplace screen by coating it in black spray paint for a shiny new look.

White Spray Paint: From Shabby Chic to Clean Lines

9. Distressed Headboard

Spray-paint a wooden headboard in white and use some sandpaper to distress it for a shabby chic look. (See also: Repaint Old Furniture for a Budget Decor Update)

10. Cabinetry

Transform dark and dingy looking cabinets in the kitchen or bath with white spray paint. This makes for a classic, clean look that can really brighten up a space.

11. Flower Box Crates

If you can find an old wooden crate (think produce stands or flea markets), then you can add a nice coat of white outdoor spray paint to make a great flower box for your porch or patio.

12. Seashell Decor

Spray-paint large sized seashells in white to make some great tabletop decor. Or, use white spray paint on a handful of smaller shells and display as a collection in a glass vase.

13. Adirondack Chairs

This classic white piece of lawn furniture deserves a fresh coat of spray paint to keep it looking like new next to the water or in the garden.

14. Pots and Planters

Spray-paint a terra cotta pot or other large planter using white paint. This makes for a great blank canvas to add designs in other colors, such as chevron patterns or stencils.

Metallic Spray Paint: Add Traditional Style and Richness

15. Candlesticks and Candelabras

Add a more formal touch to any candlestick or candelabra with gold or silver spray paint. Or, spray-paint small glass votives in copper metallic to use on the table for special occasions, like a wedding or big party.

16. Hinges and Knobs

Spruce up any plain door by spray-painting a hinge or knob a metallic color, like satin nickel or antique gold. This can make even the little details seem high-end.

17. Baskets

Use some silver spray paint to transform a regular straw basket into an instantly glam storage vessel or decorative accent.

18. Bowls

Coat any large bowl with platinum or gold spray paint to make a fancy table centerpiece.

19. Holiday Arrangements

For instant holiday decor, find sticks or pinecones from your yard or purchase some at craft or dollar stores. Spray with a metallic spray paint to use in table arrangements or outdoor planters. (See also: 6 Frugal Ways to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays)

20. Table Lamp Bases

For a more elegant tabletop look, transform a dull lamp base with gold or silver spray paint to instantly spiff up your lighting.

21. T-Shirt Designs

Add a design to a solid colored tee using silver spray paint and stencils. Michaels Crafts gives you the full spray-paint t-shirt project directions for making a one-of-a-kind shirt.

Pastel Spray Paint: Fun and Whimsical Decor

22. Chairs and Stools

Spray-paint a set of folding chairs or give an old white plastic resin chair some color by using pastel shades. Or, add some pizazz to ordinary wooden bar stools by coating them in a pale green or light blue to brighten up a dark kitchen.

23. Jars

Spray paint repurposed mason jars or large glass vessels with pastel spray paints to make beautiful flower vases or some nice shelf decor.

24. Children's Furniture

Think of pastel spray paint for dressers, headboards, and bookcases in your little one's bedroom or nursery. Besides the usual light pink, purple, or baby blue, don't forget pale yellow and mint green for more neutral hues. (See also: Budget Design Ideas for a Kid’s Playroom)

25. Birdhouses

Turn an average birdhouse into an attractive shelter for any bird by using some pastel spray paint. This also makes a fun, decorative accent for the yard.

26. Light Switch Plates

If you want to add a nice color detail in a subtle way, try spray-painting an ordinary white light switch plate with a nice pastel shade to add some contrast against a darker wall.

Red Spray Paint: Go For a Dramatic Pop

27. Hall Table

Spray-paint a boring brown hall table in red to create an eye-catching piece. A red table in this location works great as it won't clash with other furniture and can brighten up dark spaces.

28. Wagon

Repurpose a little red wagon into some instant garden decor with a fresh coat of red spray paint. You can use it to hold potted plants or just let the kids play with it.

29. Dining Chairs

Give a pop of color to an otherwise neutral kitchen or informal dining space with some glossy red spray-painted chairs.

30. Outdoor Benches

Create some contrast in the garden or on a front porch by using red spray paint on an ordinary metal or wooden bench. This can create a standout piece to give any outdoor space a cool look.

31. Watering Can

Give a metal watering can a great burst of color by painting it with red spray paint. It makes a great gift or just looks nice when you use it around the yard or house.

32. Chandelier

For a bold look, spray paint a metal chandelier with red gloss spray paint.

Navy Blue Spray Paint: From Nautical to Not Expected

33. Nautical Decor

Whether you live near the beach or not, nautical decor can make a cool theme in any room. Use some navy spray paint on flea market finds or replicas of old ship's wheels, anchors, and other items to make great wall decor.

34. Large Hutches, Sideboards, and Dressers

For an unexpected splash of bold color in a living room or bedroom, try spray-painting one piece in navy blue and add a glossy finish. The finish makes the piece look lux and navy is a nice change from the usual brown or white.

35. Frames

Get some inexpensive picture frames and remove the glass in order to spray paint the frames in navy. A set of navy frames look great together on the wall or hang in a boy's bedroom for a more grown-up look than baby blue.

36. Wicker Furniture

Navy blue and white rooms can look fantastic when done right. Turn a sunroom or porch into a unified theme by spray-painting some wicker chairs in navy blue. Add some white cushions to complete the look.

Green Spray Paint: Fresh Looks Outdoors and In

37. Raised Garden Beds

To turn a backyard, raised garden bed into a natural part of the landscape, spray-paint garden box sides in a deep green to blend in with the greenery.

38. Kitchen Island

Add some flair to any kitchen by using olive green spray paint on the sides of a cooking island to contrast with the trim and island counter top.

39. Hose Reels

Spray paint an outdoor hose reel or hose storage box in dark green to make it blend in among the grass and bushes.

40. Wheelbarrow

Revive an old wheelbarrow by spray-painting the main body in green to hide dings and look like new.

What are some of your favorite spray paint projects to add to the list?

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Love this! I just starting using spray paint and the options are limitless! Such a thrift way to update things!

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I prefer to use regular paint for most projects. But a coat of any kind of black paint can really make stuff pop. Our main bathroom had a dingy cabinet. Even if I'd repainted it white, the whole room was kind of overwhelmingly white. The black made the silver pulls stand out. A beat up dresser now looks great in black (with some new pulls).

I did actually spray paint the hinges in our kitchen. I was replacing the pulls, and the old gold hinges didn't go. But I also didn't want to spend the somewhat appalling amount for 40 new hinges. Silver spray paint set everything right.

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I just bought my first paint sprayer and this post gives me so many ideas.

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Robert R. Prosser

Unbelievable, you can list all these things. Some ideas very useful for me.