400GB Western Digital external hard drive under $90 delivered.

WD 400gb

The stellar deals continue. Although I can't claim the credit for this one, a site called DealHack dug this little beauty out and I am shamelessly spreading the word to all Wisebread readers.

Right now at Staples.com you can get a Western Digital 400GB Elements External Hard Drive for a final price of just $89.98 with free shipping. That's after an instant savings of $70 and an additional $20 rebate. Here are the specs for all you techies...

Drive Capacity 400GB
Internal or External External
Connectivity USB 2.0/1.1
Manufacturer Western Digital
Manufacturer Model WDE1U4000N
Rotation Speed 7200 RPM
Compatibility PC/MAC
Burst Transfer Rate Up to 480 Mb/s
Average Seek Time 8.9 ms
Warranty 1-year mfr. limited

If you want it (and who couldn't use 400GB of extra space for that price) click here . Staples, you have to love them for this deal.


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Aw, it's showing as Out of Stock now...darn it!

Paul Michael's picture

That happened to me the first night.

When I came back the following day, I was able to order. I suspect they have a daily or maybe weekly inventory update. They will know this is a popular deal, so try daily folks. 

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Leo Dorest

Don't buy. I am returning to Microcenter Friday. Devide work fine at work. But at home it wants me to format, thus losing my entir 200 gb of music and video