45 Special Sweet Potato Dishes


They're cheap, they're sweet and they're full of great nutrients! In fact, sweet potatoes top every list of money-saving staple foods, so why not try and incorporate them you're your diet? Fortunately, they're also very easy to cook, mash, add, and incorporate into simple and exotic dishes alike. Here are 45 amazing sweet potato recipes that'll satisfy every palate. (See also: 10 Reasons to Eat Potatoes)

1. Bread

Why pay for bread when you can make your own? This sweet potato and pecan quick bread recipe is good for an afternoon snack or for a delightful, homemade enhancement to your breakfast. (See also: Homemade Bread for Beginners)

2. Biscuits

Make these special sweet potatoes biscuits to really stand out from the crowd.

3. Rolls

Sick of boring old white rolls for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or dinner parties? These sweet potato rolls have the same comforting texture of normal rolls, but adds some more flavor and nutrients!

4. Sandwich Spread

As I like to say, a good vegetarian sammy isn't complete without a strong, flavorful spread. This sweet potato sandwich spread looks pretty mouth-watering and would be perfect amongst your favorite veggies. (See also: 11 Ways to Update PB&J)

5. Hummus

Need something easy for an autumnal gathering? Sweet potato hummus could make you the belle of the ball. This sweet potato hummus makes a great, healthy dip for apples, celery, or chips (baked, of course).

6. Three Sweet Potato Soups

This lentil soup with sweet potatoes and spinach includes a winning superfood combo of spinach, sweet potatoes, and lentils. Or try this sweet potato minestrone. If you want a creamier variety, try this creamy sweet potato and rosemary soup.

7. Nachos

Try these loaded sweet potato nachos at your next game night.

8. Sweet Potato Skins

These Mexican sweet potato skins are loaded with black beans, cilantro, cheese, and more! Get ready game-night, you're in for a treat!

9. Shoestring Sweet Potatoes

Use these sweet potato strings to garnish or in place of fries, and your friends will think you're a culinary master (because you are!).

10. Fritters

Looking for a fun appetizer for guests? Try a fritter! These sweet potato corn cheddar fritters will please the most discerning of guests.

11. Sweet Potato Salad

You don't usually see a sweet potato salad on a typical picnic spread, but the nontraditional spin is worth it! This sweet potato salad uses no mayo — only great, simple ingredients to make yourself a new, potato-y tradition! If you want something a little more savory, try this sweet potato salad with bacon!

12. Sweet Potato Balls

This recipe for sweet potato balls includes sweet potato, coconut, orange, and brown sugar, all baked (instead of fried) together for a mouth-watering and innovative appetizer or dessert.

13. Samosas

A great sweet potato samosa can be an awesome bit of culinary perfection. These mini sweet potato samosas are perfect for hors d'oeuvres or an indulgent snack. (See also: Healthy and Frugal Snacks)

14. Hush Puppies

With an easy prep time and minimal ingredients, this sweet potato and bacon hush puppies recipe is a great way to make sweet potatoes fun and bite-sized! Bon appetit!

15. Scalloped Sweet Potatoes

These smoked chili scalloped sweet potatoes from Bobby Flay take the traditional scalloped potato dish and give it some uniqueness!

16. Sweet Potato and Onion Tart

This gorgeous sweet potato and onion tart is almost too pretty to eat! Another great party food because it can be served warm or cold.

17. Sweet Potato and Quinoa

Add something special to your quinoa this holiday season! This quinoa with sweet potato and mushrooms uses nuts, mushrooms and sweet potatoes to make a dish that's great as a side or a full meal.

18. Sweet Potato Stuffing

Want to try a healthier but tasty stuffing this Thanksgiving? This sweet potato veggie stuffing uses a minimal amount of oil and vegetable stock.

19. Sweet Potato Latkes

Try these sweet potato latkes with tomatillo salsa for a healthier Hanukkah.

20. Sweet Potato Muffins

Need some healthy carbs for a pick me up or post workout snack? These sweet potato muffins work well for breakfast or lunch, too!

21. Sweet Potato Smoothies

The texture of the sweet potato works well when you're blending up your own smoothies! Try a sweet potato smoothie that uses almond milk and greek yogurt for a nutritious breakfast alternative, or a liquid lunch. (See also: Best Blenders)

22. Sweet Potato Pancakes

Make sweet potato pancakes for a supercharged breakfast. Apple cider syrup go great with these, too!

23. Sweet Potato Waffles

For an indulgent breakfast, a sweet potato waffle could easily take the place of pancakes or French toast.

24. Sweet Potato Tater Tots

A sweet potato tater tot can be a great play on a snack or breakfast food for the kids (plus, it's healthier!).

25. Sweet Potato Hash

Spice up your breakfast with this quick and simple sweet potato hash. It makes for a satisfying morning side dish on a cold day!

26. Veggie Burgers

Try these beautiful and deliciously easy sweet potato veggie burgers and you'll never want to go back to a regular burger again! (See also: New Ways to Top Your Burgers)

27. Veggie Chili

If you've exhausted all your vegetarian crock pot recipes, consider a chili made with sweet potatoes. It'll add some sweetness and attitude to the dish!

28. Curry

Try red lentil and sweet potato curry for a new twist on an already exotic dish.

29. Enchiladas

These meatless yet delicious sweet potato and black bean enchiladas are the perfect party food. Make it the night before for a potluck or holiday party.

30. Shepherd's Pie

If you love a good dinner pie that's also better for you, this veggie shepherd's pie with sweet potato mash version will be your best friend!

31. Sweet Potato Empanadas

A sweet potato empanada can be a nice vegetarian play on an original, meaty recipe. Try this great sweet potato empanada recipe and you'll impress everyone with a flavorful, veggie alternative.

32. Stew

Surprisingly enough, sweet potatoes stew like a dream! This delicious spicy chicken and sweet potato stew will add a kick to any meal, guaranteed.

33. Chicken Marrakesh

Take your sweet potatoes to Morocco with this traditional dish! This recipe uses a slow cooker for an easy chicken marrakesh dinner.

34. Sweet Potato Meatloaf

There are lots of ways to make meatloaf healthy. This sweet potato and turkey meatloaf is an awesome way to keep the flavor and lose some of the calories present in a traditional beef meatloaf.

35. Tacos

Sweet potatoes can really make tacos light and flavorful, especially if you're going for a lighter taco meal. These turkey and yam spicy tacos are healthy, spicy and pack a flavor punch!

36. Mini Sweet Potato Pies

Don't want to commit to a whole sweet potato pie? Try these minis for a great appetizer or hors d'oeuvre!

37. Cobbler

I'll admit that it's fun to indulge occasionally in dessert. This sweet potato cobbler recipe takes sweet potatoes into very indulgent territory!

38. Sweet Potato Beignets

Didn't think a doughnut could get any better? Fry them into beignets. Even better? Sweet potato beignets!

39. Sweet Potato Oranges

For a festive, original dessert, try these sweet potato oranges on for size. It uses the sweetness of oranges and sweet potatoes for the filling, and bakes up inside of an orange peel. Adorable!

40. Sweet Potato Cupcakes

Want a seasonal treat that will have your partygoers wowed? Try this sweet potato cider cupcake!

41. Sweet Potato Ice Cream

Give your ice cream a kick by using sweet potato as a wonderful, rich flavoring. Try sweet potato ice cream and pair it with chocolate cake, sauce, or pumpkin pie. (See also: Best Ice Cream Makers)

42. Bread Pudding

It kind of makes sense that sweet potatoes would be a nice additive to a regular bread pudding recipe, but you don't know how delicious it really is until you've tried it! Check out this amazing sweet potato bread pudding with pecan crumble and be wowed!

43. Souffle

Soufflss seem fancy, but in reality they have minimal ingredients and are inexpensive to prepare. Impress your guests with this ultimate sweet potato souffle.

44. Two Sweet Potato Cakes

Bundt cake is a no-fuss traditional cake that can really make or break a good dessert course. This sweet potato bourbon bundt cake is a definite crowd pleaser. This sweet potato cake uses ingredients like rum extract, cranberry sauce and cream cheese, for a delicious winter treat.

45. Cheesecake

This coconut and sweet potato cheesecake uses healthy sweet foods for an unexpected, delicious surprise!

What's your favorite special way to prepare sweet potatoes?

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I love roasting a sliced sweet potato and sliced russet potato together for baked "fries," served with aioli. There are few things better than a warm, crispy-on-the-edge bit of sweet potato.