47 Unique Gift Ideas for Women

Choosing the perfect gift can be difficult, especially when you have someone on your list who "already has everything." That's why we've found some of the best gift ideas for every woman in your life. (See also: 50+ Unique Gift Ideas for Men)

1. How to Find Ideas

If she can't think of any gift ideas, or you don't want to ask, then consider the following sneaky ways to figure out what she has her eye on.

Check Her Pinterest Boards

Pinterest comes standard with boards like "Products I Love" and "My Style," which may contain some gift ideas. However, most women have more than just the standard Pinterest boards, so keep an eye peeled!

Check Her Amazon Wishlist

Amazon wishlists work like gift registries. You can find all of the things she wants in one place and buy them on the spot. If she does not have an Amazon wishlist, ask her to make one. Then, she's guaranteed to get exactly what she wants.

Go Window Shopping

Go shopping together and pay extra attention to what she shows interest in. You may get exact gift ideas, or at least some new general thoughts on what she likes.

Ask Her Friends and Family

When you're stumped for ideas, her friends and family can help. You will also score brownie points for the sentiment.

2. Find Something Meaningful

You don't need to spend a lot of money to give her something meaningful. Some of the best sentimental gift ideas include:

3. Unique Kitchen Supplies

Regardless of whether she has a nicely-stocked kitchen or is just starting out, the following items are something almost anyone can use (or replace their current one with):

4. Coffee Essentials

There are a plethora of gifts to help coffee lovers get more from their daily cup of joe. Some of the best coffee-related gifts include:

5. Book Accessories

If she's an avid reader, there are tons of gift ideas you can take advantage of, without having to know her taste in books. Some of the best book-related gifts include:

6. Appeal to Her Inner Child

To appeal to her free-spirited inner child, consider some of these fun gifts below:

7. Items to Be Careful About

Just as there are gifts that will work for most women, there are also gifts that won't work for most women. Before buying any of these items, make sure to take into account her personal style and taste.


Most people are very particular about their perfume or cologne, so it isn't always a simple thing to buy. A perfume sample kit, on the other hand, is a great way for her to find a new favorite scent.


Unless you know her exact shade and favorite formulas, it's not usually a good idea to buy a woman makeup or skin care products she hasn't specifically asked for. Think about getting her a nice cosmetics storage display case instead.


It can be difficult (and costly) to buy her jewelry. Instead, think about buying her a nice new jewelry box, or maybe a decorative jewelry stand or keepsake box. If you still want to buy her jewelry of some sort, try something unique, like a pearl necklace where she harvests the pearl, or a birth month flower pendant.


Unless you know her size and personal style, it can be a risk to guess what clothing and accessories she might like. If you really want to buy her something to wear, consider a kimono robe or some comfy socks she can cuddle up with.

5. When All Else Fails

Still stumped? When nothing seems like the right fit for her, there are some generic ideas that nearly anyone will love. You can still customize the gift and show her that you put plenty of thought into it.

Gift Cards

As long as you choose a gift card to one of her favorite stores and wrap it in a fun way, she'll be thrilled.

An Experience

Instead of giving a gift this year, think about giving her a tour, massage, spa service, cooking class, dance class, or art class. She'll be able to learn a new craft or hone her skills.

Bathroom Essentials

Choose a relaxing bathroom set, manicure must-haves, or an essential beauty kit.

Subscription Boxes

You can choose from food, beauty, and clothing subscriptions, among others. You can also choose from pre-made boxes, or surprise her with one customized to her preferences. You can send her one box or sign her up for ongoing subscriptions so she receives another the following month. (See also: The 10 Best Monthly Subscription Boxes)

Do you have other unique gift ideas for the woman who has everything? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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