4lb box of See's chocolates for $1, plus FREE shipping. DEAL ENDED.

Photo: See's

I'm scratching my head on this one folks. It may be a little premature to say I've found the "deal of the year" on January 1st, but I can't see anyone topping this for a while. It's possible it's a typo, or a glitch, or incredible good will on the part of See's, but they're currently offering a massive 4lb box of holiday chocolates for the paltry sum of $1...and it's FREE 3-day select shipping, too!


(You'll notice it says only 1lb in the write up, but everywhere else it states 3lbs, 15 1/2 oz...so, this could be a typo too).

The deal is available via this link . I test drive everything I do for WB so here you can see the results. First, the screen above shows the stellar deal. I thought it was a mistake so I did the only thing I could. I ordered 4 boxes to see if this would a) apply to multiple orders, and b) give me FREE shipping regardless of quantity.

So, the shipping issue. It worked, regardless of boxes (which makes me wonder what kind of tax write-off See's is looking for...my order of 16lbs of candy via UPS 3-day select cannot be cheap. A quick visit to UPS tells you that on average, it will be at least $30). Anyway, as you'll see, it was $0.00 for quick 3-day shipping.

free ship

How long will this deal last? I have no idea., but I'd get my order in quick! I called See's and got no answer, presumably they're off for New Year's Day (which could also explain why this 'glitch' hasn't been fixed yet). Anyway, my family and friends will be getting the benefit of my huge 16lbs of choccies, I'm more of a chicken-wing fan myself. But this is certainly one very happy way to start 2008. Happy New Year everyone!


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Lana Goodrich's picture

Just as millions of people vow to start exercising, eating right, and lose some weight this year, we have a January 1st treat that's almost too good to pass up! Great find, Paul! I think I may have to order one right now. Do you suppose they'll keep until Valentine's Day?

Paul Michael's picture

...I suddenly feel as if I'm the bringer of doom to all those 2008 resolutions. Obviously, I'm not encouraging everyone to go out and eat a ton of chocolates...but share the love. At this price, you can make everyone in the office happy, or your extended family very very happy! As for Valentine's Day, that I can't tell you. I imagine a box of choccies should at least least a few months though.

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I'm pretty sure that you can successfully freeze chocolates. I'm thinking I might order a couple to bring in to the office during crunch time; if they're in my freezer I won't be snacking on them at home (esp. knowing that I'm saving them for a morale booster!).

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So, after googling around for a bit, I'm not quite sure whether freezing is a good idea or not. This answer (from http://chocolatesonline.com/faq.html) seems to apply more than most of the other stuff I found, which was about freezing baking chocolate:

"Freezing chocolate isn't necessary; however, if you're planning to keep your chocolate for a couple of months, place package in two plastic bags, close tightly and freeze. When you are ready to eat your chocolates, take out of the freezer and allow the chocolates to thaw until they reach room temperature while still in the plastic bags. Typically one box will require 5-6 hours."

Linsey Knerl's picture

Took alot of refreshing, but my order went through.  Now, I'll be curious to see if they honor my order.  When I just went to the home page, they have a message that they are down for maintenance.  Good find, either way!

Paul Michael's picture

...from chocolate.org

1.7 I just bought a whole bunch of chocolate. How should I store it?

Chocolate is best kept at around 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit, the
temperature of a nice pantry or dark cabinet. Kept at this temperature,
chocolate (assuming it isn't covering fruit or other perishables) has a
shelf life of about a year. Freezing chocolate isn't such a great idea;
when you freeze it, then thaw it out, it will have a greater tendency to
bloom. but if you must, let it warm gradually to room temperature before
you try cooking with it.

What is blooming? Read on...

1.6 What is this white, blotchy stuff on my chocolate bar?

A white, filmy residue on chocolate is called a bloom. It occurs
when some of the cocoa butter in the chocolate separates from the cocoa solids, usually when the chocolate is stored in a warm area. If you buy a chocolate bar and find it has bloomed, don't let the sales person
convince you the taste has not been altered.


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Linda Eichblatt

As someone already said, it took a bit of refreshing...but it did work. I got a receipt for four 1-pound boxes (NOT one 4-pound box) for $4.25. I'm curious to see if it works, and I think See's could be found liable for my purchase at that price in any event. Vamos a ver.

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Thanks for the great deal.
I just went to the site, tried to place an order, and the site is down for ordering.
(I hope they are not adjusting prices because of an error.)

Speaking of price errors, the Frugal Travel Guy at http://frugaltravelguy.blogspot.com , wrote on one of his posts about fare mistakes found through the Mileage Run forum at http://flyertalk.com. He booked a round-trip Business class ticket to New Zealand for $ 1,100!

Guest's picture

"We are sorry but www.sees.com shopping is temporarily down for maintenance. You may continue to browse the non-shopping portions of our site by using the navigation on this page."


So, I guess it was a glitch in the system and they are now fixing it... Just when I was about to place my order ;)


Well, looking at the positive side of things, it will make it easier to keep my new year's resolutions.

Guest's picture
Linda Eichblatt

You gave up to easily. Keep trying, going back, refreshing, etc. It does work! Linda

Will Chen's picture
Will Chen

I think the lesson we learn here is:  Read Wise Bread every hour, on the hour, so you don't miss any deals.

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I went over to See's and the first time everything looked like a go, but a few minutes later a notice came up in red saying that the website was down for maintenance.

Thanks for letting me know anyway. It was fun even if I didn't get the prize. ;)


Guest's picture

I wished I had checked Wise Bread a couple of hours ago. If you click on the link, it now directs you back to the homepage. Oh Well.

Paul Michael's picture

But if that offer has indeed expired, I hope a lot of people got the deal. And no-one over at See's is in trouble.

Guest's picture

I just discovered Wise Bread via zenhabits and saw this post — it was surely making the rounds at all the usual bargain sites, accelerating it towards being a "dead deal". Ah well, we can always look for the next one to come along, yes? :)

Guest's picture

I successfully put an order through after I saw the deal here, got a confirmation email from Sees, etc. I just received this email follow-up from them:

Greetings from Sees.com,

We regret to inform you that a technical website error caused the following item to be displayed at an incorrect price on the Sees.com website:

Gift # 182 - 3lb. 15-1/2 oz. Holiday Gift Special - Price $1.00

We are unable to fulfill this item for the incorrectly posted price. Therefore, we have cancelled your order for this item that was placed on January 1, 2008.

At any given time, despite our best efforts, we may have an item appear on our website with incorrect pricing. We do verify prices prior to processing orders and any discrepancy will cause the order to go on hold for further review. We would like to assure you that your credit card was not charged as your order was placed on hold when the pricing error was discovered.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We value your business and hope that you will give us a chance to serve you again in the future.


Customer Service Department

I'm kinda bummed, but I suppose this will be better for my waistline in the end.