50 Amazing, Easy DIY Bath and Body Products

I don't know about you, but I love bath and body products. Unfortunately, they can also be quite expensive. Not to fret, my friends, because the web is teeming with amazing DIY products you can mix together using very basic, natural ingredients. In fact, you'll see quite a few components of these recipes repeated throughout this list. (See also: 25 Gifts You Can Make Today)

And the vast majority of these projects would also make wonderfully cheap (and impressive) gifts for birthdays and other holidays.

1. Copycat Bomb

Do you love those Lush bath bombs? So do I. This Butterball copycat recipe is full of skin-softening cocoa butter. The fizz comes from the baking soda and citric acid.

2. Flower Bomb

For even more luxury, make Rose, Lavender, and Oat Bombs filled with dried flower petals. If you're having trouble finding molds, check your local craft store with the decoupage or soap making items.

3. Soap Cupcakes

Or get fancy with your bath bombs and decorate by piping on soap like frosting on a cupcake!

4. Sweet Bubble Bath

This Vanilla Honey Bubble Bath takes only five minutes to put together. It should be used immediately (there's an egg white in the mix), but you can keep any excess in your refrigerator.

5. Bath Oil

Here's a dual-purpose bath oil that works equally well as massage oil. Your biggest decision is what base oil to use. I'd choose coconut oil because it helps with sunburns to psoriasis.

6. Bath Melts

I had never heard of Bath Melts before researching this article. It's a similar idea if you're looking for a bath oil, just in solid form. The blogger who made this batch shared that it took $3 total to make a whopping 15 melts.

7. Sleepy Bath Salts

Unwind from your day with these Nighty-Night Bath Salts. Epsom salts are made of magnesium chloride, which is thought to be a sleep aid. If you don't have the specific essential oil blend, you can use a combination of lavender, marjoram, mandarin, cedarwood, sage, etc.

8. Bubbling Salts

These Lavender Bath Salts also bubble with the addition of scented body wash. You can customize by using your favorite essential oils.

9. Detox Soak

We all need a cleanse every now and again. This Ginger Detox Soak is just what the doctor ordered, combining the detoxifying power of epsom salt, ginger, and apple cider vinegar.

10. Beard Oil

I'm making my husband this Beard Oil for Christmas — but don't tell him! Apricot oil is the base for this mix, but vitamin E helps soften those dry beards in a flash. The rest is up to you with the essential oil mix, though I'd certainly recommend the tea tree for its antimicrobial properties.

11. Beard Balm

Whiskey and woodsmoke. Those are two rustic scents that take this beard balm to a whole new level of manly. Beyond the scents, the rest is a combination of shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, and almond oil.

12. Shave Soap

This Natural Shaving Soap recipe has a base of lanolin and shea butter for extra moisturizing power.

13. Shave Cream

If you prefer a cream, try this simple shave blend made with coconut oil, shea, jojoba, and liquid castile soap. Whip using a hand or stand mixer for that creamy texture.

14. Makeup Removing Scrub

Skip the harsh face soaps at the store and whisk together this Sea Salt Scrub and Coconut Oil Makeup Removing Combo. The creator of this project packaged hers in some adorable glass containers with crisp labels.

15. Salt Soap

Here's a three ingredient Himalayan Salt Grapefruit Soap combination that uses a goat's milk soap base for a twist. Alternatively, you can use shea butter soap base, and both can be found at your local craft store.

16. Coffee Soap

My husband would enjoy this Rustic Cinnamon Hazelnut Coffee Soap. You mix together the soap bases to start and then fold in the cinnamon, hazelnut, and coffee grounds to give the whole thing texture.

17. Foot Scrub

Wow. Sugar Cookie Foot Scrub sounds so good, I could eat it. The ingredients all come from the kitchen (brown sugar, white sugar, olive oil, and vanilla extract), so I actually could swallow it with no repercussions.

18. Bath Paint

Here's a great gift for those kids on your list: Bath Paint! Just mix together bubble bath, cornstarch, and food coloring.

19. Bath Crayons

Or you could make them these Bath Crayons using a bar of white soap, powdered colors, and ice cube molds. Melt, mix, and set.

20. Bubble Gum Bath

Kids need bubbles, too. This Bubble Gum Bath is made from unscented castile soap, vegetable glycerine, and some scented oil. Far fewer ingredients than in the brands you'll find at the store.

21. Lotion Bars

You won't see parabens, chemicals, or formaldehyde in these Chocolate Peppermint Lotion Bars! The cocoa butter gives this blend a richness that's perfect for the winter months.

22. Lotion Cubes

I store my DIY Lotion Cubes in the fridge to keep them fresh. The mix of shea butter, coconut oil, and beeswax melts on contact with your skin.

23. Slow Cooker Bar

This Slow Cooker Lotion Bar recipe uses the same ingredients as the rest, but can be made conveniently in your crock pot.

24. Tea Lotion

Your beverage-loving friends will enjoy this Wild Chamomile Lotion made with loose leaf tea. Melt together the herbs and oils in a double boiler until combined. Then strain before beating into a smooth lotion.

25. Healing Salve

Give some TLC to super dry skin with this herb-infused Healing Salve. The instructions yield quite a few jars of the stuff, and I think recycled baby food jars would make perfect, low-cost packaging.

26. Basic Lip Balm

This DIY Lip Balm takes only three ingredients to make: Coconut oil, beeswax, and essential oils.

27. Kool-Aid Balm

Essential oils will not give your balm any taste. So, if you want a delicious blend like this Easy Flavored Lip Balm, you can use drink mixes (like Crystal Light or Kool-Aid).

28. Natural Flavor Balm

For a more natural experience, choose flavored oils over essential oils in the basic balm recipe.

29. Tinted Lip Balm

Or add some beet root powder to make a tinted balm for more special occasions.

30. Deodorant

This 5-Minute Homemade Deodorant will change your life. It's made with baking soda, arrowroot powder, coconut oil, and essential oils. If you need a stronger stench-fighter, choose clove or lavender, which have high antimicrobial properties.

31. Edible Mud Mask

Well, not real mud. This Edible Mud Mask would make an awesome snack if you don't use the whole thing on your face. It's made with banana, Greek yogurt, cocoa powder, buttermilk, lemon juice, and honey.

32. Shampoo

I love coconut milk, so I think I'd also love this Coconut Milk Shampoo. Combine the nourishing liquid with castile soap and vitamin E, then lather, rinse, and repeat.

33. Conditioner Bar

These spill-proof conditioner bars are perfect for travel or giving as gifts. You'll need some special ingredients, like incroquat, but you can find most easily online at a low price. Rub the bar on your hair to condition and rinse.

34. Deep Conditioner

You likely have the ingredients you'll need for this Deep Conditioner in your kitchen. Mix banana, yogurt, avocado, coconut oil, and apple cider vinegar together for a treat your hair won't soon forget.

35. Strength Conditioner

This protein-packed conditioning treatment is made with egg, olive oil, and some of your normal daily conditioner. It helps promote healthy hair shafts and good growth.

36. Shine Spray

Cool! DIY Shine Spray is made with Argan oil and agave nectar. Spritz on hair, especially parched and damaged ends, to moisturize. I love how the blogger made her own labels for the containers.

37. Hair Dye

File this one under interesting! You can use coffee to dye your hair. If you already use a natural dye, like henna, you can use coffee to enhance the resulting color. It's all-natural, so why not give it a try?

38. Sugar Scrub

I like my scrubs to be invigorating, and that's exactly what this Lemon-Lime Scrub is about. The sugar granules exfoliate dry flakes to reveal softer, smoother skin in their place.

39. Salt Scrub

This copycat recipe is for my favorite scrub on the market: Lush's Ocean Salt Scrub. It feels/tastes sort of like a margarita on your face with the lime juice, salt, and vodka. Yum.

40. Shower Jelly

Another Lush-inspired DIY, this Shower Jelly is so much fun to give and get. You mix soap with gelatin (or agar-agar) and food coloring. Set in your fridge overnight until firm.

41. Scrub Bars

Or take this idea to solid form with these Sugar Scrub Bars. Mix together shredded soap, sugar, coconut oil, essential oils, and even a little food coloring for pizazz before pouring into molds.

42. Chest Rub

This Natural Vapor Rub — made by mixing together olive oil, beeswax, and essentials oils — has worked wonders for my family. It's very similar to Vicks, and I've been able to make different strengths for my daughter as well as for myself and my husband.

43. Wash and Toner

Here's a wonderful spa set — DIY Face Wash and Toner for oily skin. Once you stir together your concoction, store in a travel container that you can find at most drug or box stores.

44. Face Wipes

Use some microfiber clothes for gentle cleansing Face Wipes. You'll soak and store them in a solution of water, coconut oil, and essential oils. To wash, pop them in a pillowcase so you don't lose any in the shuffle.

45. Face Mist

Do you have sensitive skin? This Face Mist is for you! Combine chamomile tea, essential oil, vegetable glycerine, and water in a spritz bottle. You can make your own label for gift giving, too!

46. Soap-Free Cleanser

Here's yet another Lush copycat recipe. This time it's for Angels on Bare Skin, a popular soap-free cleanser. The power comes from Kaolin clay, which you can purchase easily on sites like Amazon.

47. Sore Muscle Rub

Friends and family who struggle with aches and pains will love this Homemade Muscle Rub. It's all natural and uses the power of eucalyptus, cinnamon, peppermint, camphor, and rosemary to massage pains away.

48. Bronzing Bars

These DIY Bronzing Bars contain natural SPF to keep your glow pretty and safe year-round. (See also: Homemade Sunblock and 6 Other Non-Toxic Skincare Recipes)

49. Shampoo Bar

Have you ever tried a shampoo in soap form? Once you do, you might never go back. Try this Tea Tree Shampoo Bar as an entry into the new way of looking at your hair care. Note: You'll need lye for this recipe, which you can purchase at chemical stores and online. By the time you're done with your soap, none of the chemical should remain due to saponification.

50. Nail Polish

Yup. You can mix together your own nail polish using bases you can buy online (or cheap top coats, etc. you can find at the drug store). To create, use glitter or even eyeshadow as pigment mixed with your base. Get creative and make a custom blend your friends will love.

Will you be making any of these or other homemade gifts this year?

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50 Amazing, Easy DIY Bath and Body Products

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Great tips and info here, I see some really nice product that I would love to make at home!!

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Hello! Wonderful ideas. I know I'm late to the party so to speak but just a quick science FYI. Epsom Salts is not the same as Magnesium Chloride (magnesium flakes). It's Magnesium Sulfate. While still absorbable via topical application, magnesium chloride is even more so and more readily accepted into our bodies. Sorry for being the troll but seriously cute ideas!

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This is so informative. Since a lot of people are afraid of buying expensive products which contain chemicals that might be harmful to the skin. Great that you shared your expertise in doing bath and body products. They can choose whatever ingredients that they want to make sure that what they're using is all natural and organic.