5 Amazing Online Cooking Shows That Teach You All the Skills You Need


My Instagram account and Pinterest boards make me hungry. Cooks, amateurs and pros alike, are sharing gorgeous photos of food from their own kitchens and the recipes they used to whip up these masterpieces. If you're interested in heightening your own culinary skills, there is a plethora of amazing online cooking shows that will help you up your game in the kitchen. Here are five of my favorites.

1. Savory.tv

Savory.tv packs a punch. It lives up to its noble mission to help viewers create restaurant quality meals in their own homes because all of its content is created by professional chefs. In addition to the fun videos that are embedded directly into the site, it also has recipes, tips, global food trivia, and little known food facts. Easily find recipes by either using the search box or clicking on one of the many recipe categories listed on the right-hand side of the site. They also have a fun "Ask a Chef" feature, beer and wine pairing suggestions, and many resources that include a blog chock full of food news and how to find a sustainable farm near you. This video shows the preparation of a classic Butter Chicken recipe made at Sahara Restaurant in Mississauga (Ontario, Canada).

2. The New York Times Food Videos

Do you flip through the food section of The New York Times only to have your mouth watering over their seasonal recipes created by kitchen geniuses such as Mark Bittman? I do, too. The recipes are helpful though I often want to see how a professional chef follows them to get their tips on everything from knife skills to food and beverage pairings. The New York Times Food Videos section does exactly that in a simple-to-navigate interface that features all of the recipes they publish as well as clips on cool food news, trends, and explorations. Melissa Clark recently took fans into her kitchen to show us how she prepares the most devilish of Devil's Food Cake.

3. Everyday Food With Sarah Carey

Sometimes I walk into my local grocery store without a list and my mind literally goes blank. I see all of this great food and I don't know what to do with it. Sarah Carey is our guide when it comes to taking everyday items from the grocery store and turning them into healthy, inexpensive, quick, and easy-to-prepare meals for ourselves and the whole family. Her show Everyday Food features her easy breezy style and infectious laugh that make the show as joyful as it is helpful. In this video, Sarah shows us an easy, delicious, and economical green juice recipe.

4. FudeHouse

Jeffrey de Picciotto is the real deal when it comes to following a passion for food. He started out as an intern at New York City's Dickson's Farmstand Meats and worked his way up to head butcher. His multicultural background and his experience as a creative director and chef come together on his site FudeHouse, full of videos to teach you to cook from the heart and soul instead of from a recipe. Want to know how to truss a turkey, make a succulent pulled pork sandwich, easily grate ginger, or roll out the perfect pizza crust? Jeffrey has you covered with tips, advice, recipes, techniques, and encouragement. I think I'm in love. In this video, Jeffrey shows us how to make a restaurant quality steak at home.

5. Sorted Food

Laughing, cooking, and sharing, all with a British accent! That's the recipe for success for SORTED Food, an online cooking show by five chef-mates with a sense of humor who deliver the lighter side of cooking with equal parts knowledge and fun. From a three-part series on chocolate to how-to videos on sushi rolling, these blokes share everything they know about food and living a happy life in and out of the kitchen. If you go directly to their YouTube channel, they've also shared their favorite online cooking shows, which vary widely from sweet Lovely Lady Cakes to thrifty Nicko's Kitchen. With their signature humor and charming accents, they show us how to whip up a gorgeous, immensely satisfying Thai Noodle Broth.

There are few activities more satisfying than preparing nutritious, delicious food for yourself and those you love. These shows are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to online cooking shows. If there's a kitchen skill you want to learn, there's someone out there who's created a cooking video to help you learn it. These five sites are a great place to start.

What are your favorite videos for recipes and kitchen technique? Please share in comments!

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