5 Apps That Pay You To Exercise


There are lots of websites and apps out there that will help you track your eating and log your miles. However, these programs are typically the most useful for those individuals who have a great internal drive or commitment to healthy living. Or at very least, the motivation to remember to log in and stick to the plan. What about the rest of us who need a little (or a big) push? (Related: 8 Ways to Track Your Diet and Fitness for Free)

Well, there are several unique apps out there that provide just that. You can enjoy anything from monetary compensation for a job well done to support for your favorite cause as the fruit of all your efforts. So, if your current health app isn't doing it for you, be sure to check out this list for some fresh ideas that have the power to propel your routine into another dimension.


With PACT, users make weekly healthy living goals and track their progress all for cash stakes. Those users who eat well and exercise frequently reap cash rewards paid by those members who don't meet their goals. Yes — you can lose money, which is certainly motivating to a penny pincher like me.

Sign on to make veggie pacts, gym pacts, food log pacts, and more. Rewards generally range between $0.30 to $5 per week.

Cost: Free with exception of how much money you commit to meeting your goals.

2. Healthy Wage

If you'd like to up the stakes, try Healthy Wage. Users simply log in, get a verified weigh-in, and then wager to win big cash prizes for pounds lost in the timeframe allotted. Payouts come in the form of Amazon credit or PayPal balance. Plus, you can engage in a solo journey or sign up as a team.

Cost: Free with the exception of what you wager monthly.

3. DietBet

The money pot grows as more players join up with DietBet. Over $6,761,605 has been paid out since the site's inception. That's some major cash! You can start a new game of your own or join an existing challenge to start. And the site claims that over 90% of DietBetters indeed lose weight through their extra incentive — some upwards of $1,000.

Cost: Free besides bets.

4. Nexercise

Notes: Nexercise has rebranded as Sworkit and no longer offers rewards.

The folks at Nexercise believe that "healthy living is a mindset that's 99% mental." I wholeheartedly agree. And what's better to entice the mind than positive reinforcement (a payout)?

Users support one another and track activities to earn points by working out and eating well. Points can then be cashed in for credit at Amazon, CVS, and many other merchants.

Cost: Free.

5. Charity Miles

If you'd like to do some good with all your exercise, check out Charity Miles. Bikers earn 10 cents a mile and walkers and runners earn 25 cents a mile. Charities include Habitat for Humanity, Stand Up To Cancer, RED, Every Mother Counts, Pencils of Promise, Feeding America, Wounded Warrior Project, The Nature Conservancy, and more. Money is earned up to the group's initial $1,000,000 sponsorship pool.

Cost: Free.

How do you stay motivated to keep up with your diet or fitness routine? Please share in comments.

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