5 Best Amazon Deals for Monday 08/12

Free App of the Day: Galazer Deluxe - More enemies, more shots, more action, more fun, more Galazer in this Deluxe Edition of the arcade classic par excellence!

$74.96 (75% off) Levana BABYVIEW20 Wireless Video Baby Monitor - The night vision feature allows you to see your child when it's dark, and you can play comforting lullabies directly from the camera.

9.99 G by GUESS - Amazon has select G by Guess women's tops starting at $9.99.

Save $400: Reebok ZigTech 1410 Treadmill - Go online, update your status and connect to iFit for unlimited workouts.

$99.99 (from $139.99) Wireless Gaming Headset -The X-Tatic AIR is a wireless gaming headset, which was developed for the Xbox 360 and PS3, but is also compatible with PC, Wii as well as TV sets and other sound sources with RCA audio outputs.

Up to 49% Off Seasons of "Star Trek Enterprise" and "Star Trek Voyager" -  This week only!

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Guest's picture
Duncan Lamb

On the subject of that baby monitor... you really should write a Wise Bread article about how the best deals you can get for baby monitors are straight IP cameras, such as FOSCAM or others make. They have every feature, are cheaper, and they work with many different iphone and android apps to view the monitor on your phone, a key feature for modern parents Levana does not have.

I have 4 such IP cameras covering nursery and playrooms in my house, and I see them all on my android screen from anywhere - it looks like a professional security camera setup, with all the feeds on one screen, I double tap to zoom in on one, and can pan, zoom, listen etc from there.

"Baby cams" are going the way of standalone GPS. No one needs them anymore if they get good advice, and they are way overpriced compared to commodity alternatives.

Lynn Truong's picture

Thanks for the great tip, Duncan! I will definitely look into it!