5 Great Beer Apps to Kick-Start Your Summer

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The start of summer is almost here, and you know what that means — all you’re thinking about is ice-cold beer.

Whether you’re at the beach, near a bar, or in your own backyard, these five apps let you sit back, relax, and sip your way to satisfaction. (See also: 21 Great Uses for Beer)

1. Findmytap (Free)

Draft and craft connoisseurs will salivate over the recently launched Findmytap app for iPhone and Android that allows users to find their favorite brews no matter where they are. Its comprehensive database contains an extensive selection of searchable on-tap beers that are served at registered bars within a 10-mile radius. Users also can browse and leave reviews and ratings to help Findmytap users decide in advance if a particular bar is up to par, and there’s a Favorites list that allows users to save their preferences for easier decision-making next time around.

2. DrinkFit ($1.49)

When you’ve worked long and hard for that beach-ready body, the last thing you need is to pile on the pounds from a couple of pints. With DrinkFit, users can search the nutritional information (is that an oxymoron in this context?) for beer, cocktails, liquor, mixers, and wine — 1,600-plus drinks are currently listed — to avoid overindulgence. In addition to straight-up calorie counts, the app allows users to create a running list of the beverages he or she is consuming in one sitting to keep track of the carbs in real-time. DrinkFit is available for iPhone and Android.

3. BarTab Keepr ($.99)

You know the scenario — you hand the bartender a credit card to open a tab, buy your buddies a couple rounds of bottles, and a few hours later walk out without paying because too much hooch makes you forget that they actually cost money. Why we do it no one knows, but the developer of BarTab Keepr feels your pain. This ingenious iPhone app lets users keep a running tab of the drinks they’ve purchased — and input prices for those on a budget — with additional functionality that sets an alarm to remind the reveler that there is a minor monetary issue that must be resolved before stumbling out the door.

4. onTap Beer App (Free)

The perfect companion to Findmytap, onTap Beer App is what you open after you’ve honed in on hoppy happiness. This iPhone-only application allows users to take snapshots of their latest finds; rate beers and leave tasting notes like, “Goes well with the pizza after a night of wine tasting;” and view beers being enjoyed by other users. And if you’re the type with a whole network of ale aficionados and lager lovers, the developers have you covered there, too — you can share your malted musings via Facebook and Twitter without leaving the app.

5. iBrewMaster ($6.99-$9.99)

A frothy, frigid pilsner is a tantalizing treat, but sometimes it’s just too darn hot to waltz on down to your local watering hole to curb that craving. For those who prefer the comforts of their climate-controlled cottages, iBrewMaster — for iPhone and iPad — makes home brewing easier than ever. The app comes with 50 pre-installed recipes and instructions that walk you through the home-brewing process and track your batch’s progress every step of the way. Even better, estimated gravities, alcohol content, IBUs, color, and calories are automatically calculated, so all you’ll need to worry about is whether to pair it with a hamburger or hot dog.

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How did you miss Untappd? It is a great social media check-in app where people share & review beers and where they are drinking them with their friends. Great way to gain good local beer knowledge...


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Not a very enlightening article.......

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I can't see the article...just the one picture!

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@CK: Sorry! We had a bug in our system this morning. Refresh and it should be good!

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There are a ton of iphone beer apps out there... check out http://frankenmuthbrewery.com/blog/brewery/iphone-beer-app-awards/ for a more comprehensive list!