5 Hi-Tech To-Do Lists: Get It Done!

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While I still have those days where I write all of my important tasks on the back of an envelope or on my refrigerator white board, my most solid planning is done with a more technological flavor. Whether I’m at my desk, checking up on things with my iPhone, or utilizing cloud applications from a friend’s PC, the options for managing a busy to-do list and getting things done are almost endless. Here 2 of my preferred methods to the madness (see the full article at My Life Scoop):

Remember the Milk

Free for most functions, $25 a year for pro features

One of the most popular (and simple) task-management resources is the cleverly-named Remember the Milk site and mobile application. In addition to giving users a simple way to list tasks and prioritize those that needed done yesterday, there are several options for reminding yourself of their deadlines, including the choice to send yourself a text message or email so that they don’t slip your memory. Not online at the moment? The super-intuitive offline technology lets you sync up to your Google calendar when you have wifi, but won’t penalize you when you’re in a spotty service area.



Another simple-is-better style of application, TeuxDeux has won the praises of such sites as Unclutter.com for its elegant visual effects and dummy-proof practicality. With a calendar view that features Monday-Sunday’s tasks at a glance, it’s easy to help prioritize and conceptualize how each chore will affect your week. Perhaps the best feature is the hopeful-thinking “someday bucket,” which cleverly stores all those tasks you want to get around to, but don’t need cluttering up the “have to” list. This service is poetry for the multitasked!

Whether you need a reliable solution to tracking duties at work, need to remember that bread is on sale, or just like to make lists for your comedy DVD collection, it’s more about consistency than the actual tool of your choosing. Be realistic about what you can get done in a day, and leave some time for yourself. You deserve it!  See our full list of awesome to-do tools at the original My Life Scoop article.

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