5 Holiday Gigs That Are Perfect for Introverts


The average American spends nearly $900 a year on the holidays — from buying gifts to preparing special meals. That's a major expense, and many families take months to pay off their holiday bills after the season. To offset the costs of the holidays, bolster savings, and pay down debt, many people turn to seasonal jobs. Some people work a second job and take advantage of employee discounts to stretch their budgets.

But if you are an introvert, the thought of working the busy counter at a department store or handling returns in customer service can be overwhelming. But that doesn't mean you cannot make extra money this holiday season. There are plenty of jobs you can do without being surrounded by people. (See also: 6 Reasons Introverts Make the Best Employees)

1. Customer Service Representative

While customer service may sound like the worst gig for an introvert, modern roles can be a good fit. Many allow you to work from home, and many companies use chat or email rather than phone support. You can thoughtfully write your answers without feeling the pressure of a face-to-face conversation in the comfort of your own home. For example, 1-800-Flowers is hiring remote customer service positions to work through the holiday season. You need to meet certain technology requirements, but it can be a great work-from-home option.

2. Stock Associate

While working in the mall may sound like your worst nightmare, stocking can be a perfect fit for an introvert. Stockers usually work before or after normal operating hours, so you work in a relatively quiet environment, making sure there's inventory on the shelves and keeping everything organized. Right now, makeup giant Sephora is hiring over 1,900 seasonal stock associates at locations nationwide.

3. Delivery Driver

If you like driving but making small-talk with passengers makes you nervous, then working as a delivery driver may be a good option for you. Whether you work for UPS, FedEx, or Amazon Flex, you can make money by delivering packages without having to do a lot of chatting.

4. Data Entry

While the work may not be the most fascinating, data entry is a big seasonal job. Businesses are trying to wrap up their accounts and reporting before the year's end, and often need help. Some allow you to work from home, but most will ask you to come in and work in the office. But because accuracy is so important, no one will bat an eye if you put on your headphones to block out the office and do your work. Companies like Jackson Hewitt are hiring data entry seasonal workers now.

5. Package Handlers

Package handlers sort and load packages for delivery for companies like FedEx and ProLogistix. Without customer interaction, it's a good job for introverts who do not mind doing repetitive work.

The end of the year and holiday season can be an opportunity to earn extra money, helping you pay off debt and build up your emergency fund. While being an introvert can make finding seasonal work more challenging, there are many opportunities available now that would be a good fit. Apply now to improve your chances of getting a holiday side gig and make money for the holidays.

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