5 Mental Habits That Make the Rich Richer


The mind is a powerful thing that should not be underestimated.

Many successful people believe that if you can change your thought patterns, you can also change your bank account size. Here are five mental tricks that rich people use to make even more money. Try adopting these thought patterns to see if they work at boosting your income.

1. They Think of Money as a Game

Rich people tend to think of money as a game, calculating where to spend and where to invest. Successful people love to win, which is why they are continually trying to do better, do more, learn more, and grow. The average earner gets in trouble when they become stagnant in their career and finances. If you drag yourself to work each day for just a paycheck to survive, then don't expect much more than that. (See also: How to Retire Rich)

2. They Set Big Goals

Rich people are not afraid of setting big, somewhat unrealistic goals because they know they can conquer them. Why are we afraid of setting big goals for ourselves? Is it because we don't believe they can happen? Is it because we know we will hit our financial expectation if we set it low enough?

Set big, scary goals for all areas of your life and look at them as a challenge. What if you don't meet those goals? There is always going to be a possibility of setting a huge goal that you never meet, but what if you try and get halfway there? When you set the bar high, you force yourself to grow as a person.

For example, you can set two different financial goals this next year. One goal is to save $1,000, and the other to save $20,000. There's a big difference in the two goals, and for some, the latter seems impossible. However, if you set the $20,000 savings goal and then tried your best to achieve it, you are going to surprise yourself. You might not hit the $20,000 mark, but you might hit the $10,000 or even $15,000 mark, which are all so much greater than the low-expectations goal of saving $1,000. Don't be afraid to set big goals for yourself. Shoot for the stars, not the dirt.

3. Fear Is Not an Option

One of the biggest emotions that keeps people from achieving great things is fear. Rich people block out fear and take smart risks. Do they fail? Yes! Every rich and successful person has a list of failures to their name, along with even more accomplishments and achievements. When you are trying to battle your fear, ask yourself, "What is the worst that can happen?" Many times, the worst isn't that bad at all.

4. They Deserve to Be Rich

The rich think that they deserve to be rich. They view themselves as worthy of having money. On the flip side, those stuck in middle class don't feel worthy to be rich. They don't view themselves as anyone important or of value.(See also: 5 "When You're Rich" Dream Buys That Aren't That Great)

This isn't just some lofty thought to have. Think of your current job position. Can you be replaced easily in your company? If you answered yes, then figure out how you can become a valuable asset to your boss. If your company doesn't want to lose you, they will pay more to keep you. This can apply to almost any position, so don't think you need to go back to school to get a better degree to make this true for you.

5. Money Is Their Friend

Wealthy individuals realize the power that money has, knowing that it can solve problems and make their lives better. Those who earn less view money as the enemy. They work so that they can pay bills, they pay bills so that they can live, and so on. The cycle never ends, and they are miserable.

Obviously, money is not the answer to happiness, but those who are smart with their money can leverage their paychecks to make their lives better.

These mental tricks aren't magic. Instead, they help rewire your brain to value yourself and your work — which in turn means you will earn more and spend your money better.

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