5 more ways to hustle free drinks.


My favorite scammers from The Real Hustle have been busy. I know over 130,000 of you enjoyed (and hopefully tried out) the friendly scams in my last post . Well, the hustlers have come up with a whole bunch of new ways to grab some free booze. There are some great new cons here, some require props, others a little practice, but I guarantee any one of them will get you something for nothing. What I do like is the justification behind them, which I never thought of before but it works every time.

"If you lose and buy me free drinks, you can play this trick on your mates and get free drinks bought for you." Great! It's like Pay It Forward in reverse. At some point everyone in the world will get a free pint of ale or a wee dram of scotch. What a wondeful world that will be.

So, here's your new ammo. Take notes people and have fun.


1 - On a roll: The Beer Bottle and the 20

2 - Chain of fools: The escaping ring

3 - Balancing act: The impossible stack of coins

4 - Swipe it: The hand is quicker than the dough

5 - Hole truth: The note and the coins

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I think the second one will be very popular at Lord of the Rings conventions.  =)

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I think a little magic is a lot more fun. Slight of hand is all you need. Lots of that going on in Shanghai.


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I often did this trick on fellow drinkers to get a free drink. I would bet someone I could hold a lit cigarette between my thumb and index finger with the lit end on the finger and the filter on the thumb....and hold it there longer than they could. Before offering the trick, I would order an ice cold drink in a glass, preferably an ice slush daquiri, and hold the glass between my thumb and index finger the entire time I explained the bet. Then, I would offer to go first, puff a good red hot coal at the end of the cigarette and commence to hold it between my fingers. By the time I put the cigarette between my fingers, they were numb with cold, and it would take about 20 seconds for the ash to warm them up to where it might start hurting, and I would casually take the cigarette away and offer it to them. Usually, I would have no takers. Sometimes they would try and drop the hot cigarette immediately. Give it a try if you smoke. Now, I don't smoke any longer, so I don't do any more.

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All the videos are down...

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