5 Newspaper or Magazine Subscriptions That Are Actually Worth the Cost

Any newspaper or magazine you actually read is worthy of its subscription value. But there are a few publications that offer some additional benefits. From buyer's remorse prevention to stress relief, a subscription to one of these publications is worth the price — and more.

1. Consumer Reports

The expert product ratings contained in just one issue of Consumer Reports could save you from making purchase mistakes that no customer service hotline could fix. This consumer's bible is one of the most highly regarded resources for folks cutting through the spin of advertising in order to identify which consumer products are safe, reliable, and fairly priced. If you've ever bought a product that didn't live up to its name, you know how valuable such a guidebook can be. A subscription to the magazine gets you access not only to new product reviews, but also more than 7,000 archived ratings for appliances, home and gardening tools, electronics, baby gear, food products, and cars.

2. Mindful

Mindful magazine celebrates being mindful in all aspects of daily living. Its pages are filled with how-to guides and anecdotal stories on topics like yoga, meditation, eating with intention, taking time to appreciate nature, and decluttering your home. In short, it's filled with inspiration and guides to achieving inner peace, happiness, and wellness. If you're inspired to meditate after reading a Mindful story about the ancient practice, you'd be well on your way to feeling happier, focused, and more even-keeled. And if you were to follow their guide to decluttering material objects from your living space, you'd be opening yourself up to greater personal fulfillment and self-confidence. Simply reading the magazine won't change your life for the better, but applying its teachings certainly may.

3. Your Local Newspaper

The average American family can save up to $1,000 a year with coupons, and your local newspaper — particularly the Sunday edition — is chock full of them. But there's much more to gain by subscribing to your local broadsheet than supermarket savings. News about jobs, crime, weather, politics, traffic, and building and permitting regulations are essential to navigating modern life. Local news enthusiasts are also more connected to their communities, which just so happens to be an indicator of wellness and health. Belonging to a community gives us a strong sense of identity that researchers say can lead to fewer stress-related health problems, lower risk of mental illness, and faster recovery from trauma or illness.

4. The New York Times

From its searing photographic account of a massacre by gun-wielding terrorists at a Nairobi shopping mall, to an investigation into the millions of dollars in secret payments by European nations to ransom hostages held by the Islamic State; The New York Times produces some of the finest reporting and storytelling in the world. And that was just last year.

Since 1990, the paper has had 117 Pulitzer Prize winners and finalists, more than any other publication. The Pulitzer is widely considered to be the top prize for excellence in journalism, and the fact that the Gray Lady has racked up so many is telling of the value of a subscription. In addition to hard-hitting news, the Times is also a top source for feature stories, travel reporting, health and wellness news, and up-and-coming trends and events in the arts.

5. TIME For Kids

In a survey by Rutgers University, 92% of teachers said classroom magazines like TIME For Kids improve student interest in reading. Now, what parent wouldn't want that? This weekly news magazine puts interesting, educational, and age-appropriate content in the hands of kids with the goal of making them motivated and excited about reading. A powerful teaching tool, TIME For Kids builds reading and writing skills while reinforcing curriculum in subjects like social studies, science, and math. Plus, every issue of the classroom magazine addresses the new Common Core State Standards, further supporting our kids' efforts to succeed at school.

Which subscriptions are essentials in your household?

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