5 Reasons Black Friday Craziness Is Worth It


It seems like all the cool kids poke fun at Black Friday, and I get it. Black Friday is crazy! However, there are also some great reasons for hitting the stores the day after Thanksgiving. Here's why you might choose to head out and score some amazing deals on one of America's biggest shopping days. (See also: Hidden Ways to Save Even More on Black Friday)

1. Discounts

Black Friday sales offer some amazing discounts. Sure, not every product advertised is at the lowest price, but it's easy to do some research online to find out whether a deal is good.

Black Friday discounts come in especially handy when someone wants something for Christmas that you can't actually afford. Check online ahead of time, so you know about how much the item usually costs. Then, if a store offers a better deal on it, it's totally worth your while to go out and get it.

These discounts are also useful if you are struggling to make ends meet financially. Need new work clothes but can't afford them at regular prices? You're likely to find some deals on Black Friday. The same is true for children's clothes and common household items. If you need to save money, the Black Friday struggle can totally be worth your while.

2. You'll Feel Good About Your Deals

People tend to feel playful and excited when they get the deal they're after. Basically, what can seem like a struggle turns into something that feels more like a game. So if you're dreading holiday shopping, going out on Black Friday can make it a little more exciting. See the whole thing as a puzzle you need to solve and your fellow shoppers as competitors, and it just might be the most fun you've ever had on a shopping trip.

3. Finish Christmas Shopping Before the Last Minute

If you're one of those people who finished their Christmas shopping in July, this isn't for you. But if you're like the rest of us, Black Friday can save your life.

For this to work, you have to be organized. Look through the ads and find out what you want to buy for each person on your list. Write it all down. Check it twice. Make sure you're actually getting good deals. Then go out, follow your plan and, at the end of the day, all you'll have left is the wrapping.

4. The Thrill of the Chase

If the idea of beating out other shoppers for a great deal doesn't do it for you, thinking of Black Friday as a hunt can make it a lot of fun. People enjoy being part of a group, and they enjoy pursuing goals as part of a team. If hunting down just the right item at just the right price excites you, it's totally worth all the hassle to get out there on Black Friday.

5. It's Kinda Fun

Sure, there can be jerks out there on Black Friday, but my experience is that the vast majority of Black Friday shoppers are extra nice. People chat in line, or even pay it forward at places like Starbucks. Since Black Friday is the "official" start of the Christmas season, people often feel especially festive. When you catch the Christmas spirit, it's totally worth all of the frustrations of shopping on Black Friday.

Will you be out there on Black Friday? Why or why not?

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