5 Reasons Tax Prep Software May Be Right for You

I’ve been doing my own taxes for about 5 years now. Even as my needs have changed (I’ve gone from a simple 1040EZ to a more complex small business partnership structure), I’ve found that the tax software available on the commercial market has grown to meet my needs. Here are the most compelling reasons you may also want to give it a go!

The following tips are taken from my recent guest post at My Life Scoop, and feature just a few of the five reasons why a tax software product may be right for you!  


I grew up in a home where taxes were dreaded for many reasons.  In addition to the worry that our small farming operation would owe money to the government at the end of the year, there was also the anxiety that came from stressing about how much the tax office would charge.  With tax prep software, it’s not only usually more affordable to do some of the most common tax tasks, it’s also no surprise when the bill comes. 

Tax software usually starts out with a free version, and while it offers to “upsell” you to pricier versions that are designed to handle more complex tax codes, you’ll know about these pricing changes ahead of time.  There should be no shocker on what you’ll owe the tax software company.  (We just wish we could say the same about the IRS.) 

Tax Filing for EVERYONE

Not everyone resides in the heart of a bustling city, near a shopping mall, or even in a 50-mile radius of an independent prep office.  For this reason, tax software is an increasingly appealing option for anyone who finds it inconvenient, or altogether impossible, to get in and get the job done. 

While we know that there are still old-school tax filers who get a rush from making an appointment with their tax attorney or scooping up scads of forms from the local public library, there are many more who would prefer to stay home, save their gas money, and sip some home-brewed coffee while doing their taxes.  Preparation software knows no geographical limits, and therefore, is a popular choice for both the busy and the displaced.  

Check out my full guest post on Life Scoop to see all five expanded reasons for giving tax software a try! 

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