5 Tactics for Relieving Work-Related Stress

While money concerns usually top work stress, time spent in the cubicle and on the clock has a way of grinding away at even the most well-balanced person's gears. If your workplace anxiety and anger require more than a bubble wrap session try these healthy stress-relieving tactics.

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Decode Your Stressors

How can you combat the most significant workplace tension triggers? Start by decoding the elements of your day and the tasks and projects you perform that set off your stress meter and how you can change them. If you're generally content with your position, focus on the positive during moments of dread and actively try to fall back in love with your job.

When in doubt, take a walk around the block and consider talking to your manager about changing things up to keep you motivated and growing. If you experience anxiety all day, spend some time thinking about the bigger picture, your career options, and steps you will need to take to make a larger change.

Study more of the most common workplace stressors.

Focus on Your Strengths and What You Do Have

Margaret Wehrenberg, co-author of "The Anxious Brain," has useful advice for how to cope with financial stress and says, "Think about what you’ve got in the now. Today you’re OK. Focus on what you have instead of what you don’t have."

Her suggestion to "worry once and do it well" is perhaps overly optimistic, though conquering anxiety with productivity (like meeting with a financial planner or updating your resume) is always a good idea and a proactive approach to managing finance and career stress can only help.

Clean Off Your Desk

A cluttered desk can clutter your mind. And a dirty desk is even worse. If you feel tensions rising clean off your space and kill a few germs while you cool off.

Find an Inexpensive and Healthy Way to Unwind

Keeping your head clear after a rough day at work isn't easy for anyone. It's crucial to let go of the workday blues when you leave the office by taking time for yourself, but the key is to not rely on retail therapy. Try SavvySugar readers' favorite tips.

Get Away

Vacations can be effective for clearing your head when the stress of every day becomes overwhelming, and most importantly, they allow you to enjoy life without a schedule. Can't jet to Jamaica on the fly? Take a walk around the block. Plan a no-email Saturday. Schedule in "me" time.

What's Your Work-Related Stress Relief Tip?

We all have our own way of fighting through the stress. What's your surefire cure?

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5 Tactics for Relieving Work-Related Stress

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Since I mainly work from home, if work is stressing me out, I just go out and have fun with my family at the mall or in a nearby park. If I can't go out, I stop working, sit comfortably on the couch, and do a DVD marathon.

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I make sure that I do something, anything with my family after work. It's hard to be stressed about a report or meeting when you are pushing your two-year old on the swing. I also go to the park near my work and just sit there. No book, no cell phone, just sit. I usually feel refreshed in about 15 minutes.

Guest's picture

I recently got a puppy and I bring her to work each day. She helps everyone in my office relieve their stress...and I'm guaranteed a nice walk in the afternoon!

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My job can be very stressful. I try to remember, though, that in the grand scheme of things, little day to day work problems don't really matter. I also watch a lot of documentaries and read about the universe. Learning about our large galaxy and expansive universe helps me realize how insignificant my problems really are.

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I work for a great company (GreenAppleSupply.com) that gives me an hour for lunch, so when I'm stressed or can't focus I use half my lunch to go on a walk! By the time I'm done I feel more awake and ready to check things off my to-do list!