5 Things You Should Never Pack for Vacation

Going on a vacation is supposed to be fun, so you never want to get weighed down by what you're packing. Here's a useful list of items you will never need once you get wherever you're going. These things will become a waste of space in your luggage, not to mention a waste of the time you'll spend packing and unpacking them.

1. Multiple Pairs of Shoes

I get it, shoes are awesome. But if you're being completely honest with yourself, whether you're going on a weeklong trip or you'll be backpacking around the world, you don't need that many pairs of shoes. It may be hard, but it's not impossible to pare down your shoes.

Shoes take up space and they weigh a fair amount. You will never regret bringing one pair of functional, semi-fashionable sneakers. These will come in handy at literally any destination, since traveling usually entails some amount of walking. So be kind to your feet and bring appropriate footwear.

Depending on your destination, you should also bring one pair of versatile sandals. This means something that you can wear out at night or to the beach during the day. These should not give you blisters within five minutes of putting them on your feet.

2. Excessive Toiletries

You might have a complicated and involved skin care routine that includes face wash, toner, moisturizer, eye cream, and more. You might be loathe to go without your favorite bath soap and shampoo during your trip. But you'll survive. Not only do these items take up space, they have the potential to leak and get flagged by security. Use what the hotel or a local store offers. It'll be fine, really.

3. Too Many Electronics

We all love our gadgets and electronics. Surely, you're going to bring your phone and maybe your computer along. But traveling is also a time to disconnect, and you don't want to get bogged down into organizing and packing all of those extra charging cords — only to end up not using any of them because you were too busy having a good time.

Electronics take up space, they weigh a lot, and they're an extra thing to worry about getting stolen since they're usually among the higher-value items you'll have with you. Limit it and reduce them whenever it's possible.

4. Towels

That's right. They seem like an item you can't live without, but you really don't need to pack towels. If you are on a backpacking trip, you can bring a microfiber backpacking towel along or just dry off with a cotton T-shirt.

Towels that are packed away in your bag for any amount of time are going to get stinky and funky really fast. You'll be happier you left them at home.

5. Easy and Cheap Things You Can Buy

Nobody should be packing anything that you'll want to buy once you've reached your destination (preferably with a no foreign transaction fee credit card). Consider the place you're going and identify things you're interested in buying, whether they're practical items that cost less or just souvenirs.

Don't bring anything that falls into this category. You can always make your purchases on the road with space to spare in your bag.

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