5 Ways to Make Money Selling to the Educational and Homeschool Markets

Thought you had to be a major curriculum publisher or a licensed teacher to make money from students? As a homeschooling mom of five, I have seen so many ways ordinary, talented individuals are making a tidy profit selling to home educators, tutors, and daycares. Here are just a few from which you can possibly earn a little pocket cash — or even start your own full-time business! (See also: Extra Income Opportunity: Online Tutoring)

1. Tutor

Even the best-educated homeschool parents need a helping hand. Whether it's someone to coach a student on an especially difficult topic or a child just needs a break from everyday sessions, tutors are utilized by many families for their students (not just those with learning difficulties). Tutoring can be done in your home, their home, at a library, or even online via a virtual communication tool like Skype.

Earning Potential: $10-40 hour, depending on experience and difficulty of subjects taught

2. Printables Creator

The printables business is booming, and stay-at-home parents are primarily the ones getting into the game with this low-overhead business. What is a printable? It's any learning aid that can be purchased as an electronic document (usually PDF) and can be printed in the home classroom for private use. Many printables creators are former teachers, but anyone with a knack for creating cute coloring pages, worksheets, themed activity lessons, or study tools can earn money with this business. (For an in-depth look at what it takes to start a full-time printable business, see this interview at 1099Mom.)

Earning Potential: A few cents to a few dollars per printable product

3. E-book Publisher

Do you have a unique perspective on a particular subject? Are you an "expert" in your field? If you have insight that could be shared with educators and students, and you have enough material for a short book, than publishing that book as a digital product may make you a little money. Most e-books are done via online publishing sites and require very little initial investment. While you won't sell as many copies as a traditionally published book, your cut of the profit is much higher. Whether your book is an easy way to teach Spanish, a look at the newest trends in college applications, or an inspirational guide for new homeschool moms, you should make sure you research the market to make sure there is one before you write.

Earning Potential: $2-15 per book sold, on average

4. Music Teacher

Most kids I knew growing up took piano lessons; a few even took guitar lessons. But what about the child that would like to take a lesson for an instrument that's a little less common? For homeschoolers, there are programs available for them to take band and music programs via community or public education classes, but not everyone can make it work. Also, these classes rarely cover some of the more off-beat instruments (like the harmonica, ukulele, or instruments from other cultures.) If you are proficient in one of these areas and are good with showing others how to play, you could find yourself in high demand as a music instructor. Bonus points if you can develop your own curriculum via the printables or ebook options mentioned above.

Earning Potential: $8-35 per lesson (lessons are 30 minutes to an hour)

5. Book Bundler/Reseller

Many homeschoolers today prefer to use what's called a "classical" approach towards education; the Charlotte Mason method is also very popular. Both styles of teaching encourage the use of classic books and often out-of-print titles for all aspects of a child's learning career, making a parent's literary "wish list" quite long. Some of these books are easy to come by, but others are very difficult to find. Anyone who can use their book-searching talents to accumulate titles will find a market of buyers eager to pay. If you are able to bundle titles by suggested grade level, you will find parents will pay even more for the convenience. Book resellers can usually find a title list for high-demand books at sites like Ambleside Online; books can be sold on Amazon, eBay, or a home education niche auction site.

Earning Potential: $1-20 per title

The flexibility that many of the opportunities provide makes them attractive to the stay-at-home parent, and many have gone on to create full-time businesses from their education-focused start-up. The bottom line is that parents want the best for their kids; if you can assist in that goal, there is money to be made!

Have you earned income via homeschooling or education? How? Please share your experience in comments!

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5 Ways to Make Money Selling to the Educational and Homeschool Markets

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Great ideas! Particularly liked the last #5 Book Bundler/Reseller, super creative and useful.