6 Affordable Home Remodel Tips for Pet Owners

A pet can bring unbridled joy and unconditional love to your life. However, they can also leave stray hair, furniture damage, and other messes behind. Here's how you can keep your home beautiful even when you have a four-legged fur-baby shedding all over everything. (See also: 5 Pet Costs You Don't See Coming)

1. Opt for hard flooring

Install floors that can stand up to scratches and dirt. Hard flooring like vinyl, laminate, hardwood, and tile offer easy maintenance and pet cleanup, along with a great value over time. Ceramic tile is also great because it's particularly resistant to animal stains.

2. Choose the right carpet

Carpeting can be very difficult to clean, particularly with accidents and excessive hair. It can also harbor stains and make your pet allergies worse.

If you do decide on carpeting, look for a synthetic blend option with low pile that won’t absorb as much hair and is easier to vacuum. Also consider modular carpet tile or inexpensive rugs that can be easily picked up and cleaned or replaced.

3. Select washable fabrics and concealing patterns

Choose washable fabrics for cushion and pillow cases whenever possible so you can easily throw them in the washing machine. Fabrics with patterns can help camouflage old stains. Avoid tweed fabrics that can trap hair between the fibers.

Look for items in colors that match your pet's fur. For instance, you wouldn't want to purchase a black couch if you have a white cat; the stray pet hair would be abundantly obvious.

4. Use semi-gloss wall paint

Flat finish paint is nearly impossible to clean. Semi-gloss paint in satin or eggshell finishes is easy to wipe down, making it more pet-friendly.

5. Set up a pet station

Convert an area by the door into a pet station. This will be for hanging leashes, walking shoes, towels, doggy bags, and anything else you need to get your pet out the door quickly. This will also come in handy on a rainy or snowy day when you need to wipe your pet off before they run around the house with wet or dirty paws.

6. Hide the litter box

Hidden litter boxes look like an ordinary nightstand or planter on the outside, but have the litter box housed inside. Keep the litter box in a private area, away from feeding areas, so your pet can feel safe and comfortable.

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6 Affordable Home Remodel Tips for Pet Owners

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