6 Cool Jobs for Retirees

While some of us will be lucky enough to have neither the need nor the desire to work through retirement, the truth is that a lot of retirees find themselves searching for employment.

Whether you're thinking about your own future, or helping an older relative think about theirs, retirees can live and work outside the box. Here are some fun ideas for working in retirement.

1. Work in a National Park

National parks need all sorts of seasonal help, from gift shop workers to cooks and managers. If you love to travel and adore seeing the best that the United States has to offer, consider taking one of these jobs. Not only do you get to work in some of the most spectacular places on earth, but you'd most likely end up living nearby, too. Depending on the park and the job, you may even have housing provided or subsidized within the park itself.

If this interests you, check out sites like Cool Works. They don't just list jobs for retirees, but they have a lot of interesting jobs in a lot of interesting places.

2. Housesit

So many retirees want to travel, but a lot of people find that the cost is just too much once they are actually living off their retirement income. If you're willing to be flexible and do a bit of work in addition to your travel, housesitting could be the job for you.

Housesitting isn't just limited to looking after the homes of people you know. Sites like Trusted Housesitters help connect people who want to do this work with those who want it done. Many housesitting gigs are unpaid, but retirees who do this work often value accommodation savings while traveling.

Some housesitting gigs come with extra work, like keeping up a small farm or caring for the home in particular ways. These are more likely to be paid, and will require you to have at least a minimum level of fitness to complete the tasks.

3. Consult

If you have an in-demand area of expertise, you might make a good consultant. Many observant people learn a lot about corporate structure, streamlining, finding good employees, and more during their working years. With some time and some focused effort, you can turn these observations into a thriving consulting business. Simply show people what you know, prove that it works and that it will help them, and you will be in great shape as a consultant.

4. Drive a Limo

Do you like to drive? If you're okay spending long hours in the car and have the physical capacity to help people with heavy luggage, you might have fun driving a limo in your retirement. You can choose to purchase your own vehicle, though many retirees find that it's easier to work for a company so that you don't have responsibility for the car and you don't have to get your own gigs.

5. Become a Tour Guide

Is there a place you love, or one you'd love to learn more about? Consider applying as a tour guide for that location. All sorts of places need tour guides: stadiums, factories, wineries, historical sites, and museums are only a few places to consider.

Guiding requires you to spend quite a bit of time on your feet, and it can also require a lot from your voice. As long as you're comfortable in those two areas, and don't mind interacting with a lot of people, this could be a fun job for you when you retire.

6. Teach Fitness

There is a huge push right now to get seniors to exercise more. If you are fit and like working out, why not lead a class of your peers at the local gym? Teach other seniors athletic skills, like how to lift weights safely, do yoga, or have fun getting aerobic exercise, and make some money at the same time. It will help if you are already familiar with the discipline you want to teach and have any necessary certifications, though you can always pick these up along the way, too.

Are you retired with a cool job? What do you do and how did you get into it?

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Whether you're thinking about your own future, or helping an older relative think about theirs, retirees can live and work outside the box. Here are some fun ideas for working in retirement. | #retirement #retiree #retiring

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