6 Easy Ways to Spring Clean Your PC

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With all the hustle and bustle of the new season, it may be easy to forget about one important item in your home that could really benefit from a good spring cleaning — your PC! Before you go another day with clutter or dirt dragging your performance down, check out two of the six tips we shared at My LifeScoop to help you clean up your act!

Clean That Screen

Don't wait until a stranger at the airport asks about the menacing blob on your laptop screen before you do something about it. Take time weekly to shine it up the right way: Mix ½ part distilled water and ½ part white vinegar for an affordable alternative to the store-bought stuff. Spray a clean rag (old T-shirts work well) lightly with the solution. With your PC turned off and disconnected from an outlet, gently buff the screen until all the gunk is gone. (Note: Plasmas may have special considerations to prevent voiding the manufacturer's warranty. Consult the manual for the details.)

Trim the Temporary

Every time you visit a website, your browser may be holding on to various files and data paths that you'll probably never need again — and each of these can take up valuable space on your computer. If you cruise the web often (more than an hour or so a day), get into the habit of clearing all temp files, cookies, and cached pages at least once a week. Each browser will have slightly different methods for getting the job done, but most likely you'll find a "Tools" drop down from your browser command bar that can get you headed in the right direction. (Google searches for the name of your browser and either "Delete Files," "Delete Cookies" or "Clear Private Data" should get you adequate info to do the job right.)

Looking to finish the job? We have all the tips in one place (including a nifty how-to video), over at the full My LifeScoop article.

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