6 Financial Gifts Mom Will Love for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is an opportunity to let Mom know just how much she means to you, but it can be hard to find the perfect gift. You know that a World's Best Mom mug and some fancy bubble bath just won't cut it — so what should you do instead?

This year, why not give Mom the gift of money? That doesn't mean handing over a wad of cash in lieu of a present, but instead finding a gift that will help her bottom line. Here are six gift ideas for Mom that will keep on giving financially.

1. Start a dream fund

Maybe Mom has always dreamed about a trip to a certain destination, or planting the perfect garden straight out of a magazine. These things cost money, and if there's little room in the budget, it can be hard and time-consuming to save up for them. This is where you come in: Give Mom a "dream fund" for Mother's Day with seed money to realize her goals.

If Mom is a crafty or creative type, you could present the fund to her with a "dream board," including relevant pictures to inspire her to keep saving. She'll love adding to the board herself. You could even add a complementary gift card (such as to a home and garden store) as a finishing touch.

You might also consider saving up for something to do together. My mother and I have always talked about traveling to Greece, so our mother-daughter dream board would include photos of the Greek Isles, illustrations from Greek mythology (which I fondly remember her teaching me when I was a child), and photos of delicious Greek food. I would then also include a gift card to an airline or cruise line as the first step in reaching our goal together.

2. Buy her a share of a company she loves

Buying shares of a company can be a lovely way to honor your mother and give her a gift she will appreciate. You can buy her a gift-ready stock with a framed certificate, or buy shares directly from the company.

While a gift-ready stock with certificate included will set you back more money, it does provide you with something to wrap up for Mother's Day and gives her something to display. Consider buying shares of a company whose products you know Mom absolutely loves, like Starbucks, Target, Tiffany's, Hershey, or Netflix.

3. Give her a subscription to a financial magazine

If Mom has remarked that she'd like to know more about how to handle her money, then get her a magazine subscription that can help improve her financial knowledge. Buy a copy of the current issue to wrap up for her on Mother's Day.

As for which magazine to choose, both Kiplinger's and Money are considered excellent resources for the personal finance newbie.

4. Donate to her favorite charity

What causes are close to Mom's heart? Pick a charity that you know she supports, and make a donation in her name. Not only will Mom be touched by such a thoughtful gift, but an organization in need will benefit, too. It's a win-win. (See also: Improve Your Giving With 5 Smart Charity Tricks)

5. Pay a few of her bills for the month

Help Mom get ahead financially by offering to pay one (or a few!) of her bills for Mother's Day. This could be a mortgage payment, utility bill, medical bill, or credit card payment — anything she could use a hand with. This will take some of the budgeting burden off her shoulders, and maybe even leave her with wiggle room to treat herself.

6. Pay for Mom to visit a financial professional

Depending on what type of financial needs your mom has, you could pay for her to consult with a certified financial planner. A CFP can be an invaluable resource in helping Mom plan out her saving, investing, and retirement strategies. So how do you go about finding, vetting, and paying for such a gift? You can start by asking around your inner circle for any recommendations. If that doesn't yield any leads, you can locate a fee-only CFP (which means the planner will not be working on commission) near you via NAPFA. The fees that planners charge vary greatly, but once you have found a CFP that you like, you can ask them how much it will cost to make Mom an appointment.

Show mom you love her with the gift of better finances

Flowers fade, brunch is over all too soon, and Mom does not need yet another canister of fancy tea. For Mother's Day this year, give your mother a gift that will keep giving for years to come.

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This year, why not give Mom the gift of money? Here are six gift ideas for Mom that will keep on giving financially. | #financialgift #mothersday #moneytips

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