6 Money Lessons We Can Learn From "Gilmore Girls"


In case you have had your head in the sand, been stranded on a desert island, or just been sitting on your couch with your fingers in your ears chanting, "La, la, la," let me be the one to tell you: The Gilmore Girls are coming back!

We've learned a lot from them over the years. Feisty Lorelai and sweet Rory have taught us about love, family, friendship, food, and more. And, on November 25th, I hope to continue my education.

Not only do I hope to hear more witty banter and find out (finally???) whether Team Jess really and truly won Rory's heart, but I bet I'll also learn a bit about money. Here's what I've learned so far.

1. Money Isn't Everything

Look at Richard and Emily, or Paris Gellar, or even Logan. They all have quite a bit of money, but it hasn't brought them much in the way of happiness. Instead, it has brought them stress, a constant need to keep up with the other wealthy folks around them, a whole lot of pressure, and anxiety. In fact, if they are what it means to be wealthy, I don't want any part of it!

On the flip side, Lorelei and Rory don't have that much money. Sure, by the time the show starts, they clearly are better off than they used to be, but they still aren't wealthy. Yet they are happy, have a solid relationship, and know what they want out of life. When it comes to happiness, being financially stable is important, but being wealthy is not.

2. Sometimes the Little Splurges Are Worth It

We've all heard about how much we could save if we didn't get that coffee every morning, didn't eat out so much, didn't buy so many drinks, etc. But, sometimes, those little splurges are worth it. Think about the number of times the girls bonded over coffee and a meal at Luke's, or even the relationship that developed between Luke and Lorelai.

While there are other ways to facilitate relationships, getting a coffee together is socially acceptable and nonthreatening in our culture. So you may not want to drink as much coffee as the Gilmore Girls, but a cuppa here and there, especially when it comes with good conversation, can easily be worth the cost.

3. It's Okay to Ask for Help

Lorelai asks her parents for financial help several times (starting in the very first episode) and it's hard for her every time. She has worked hard to get to where she is, and she doesn't want to lose her financial independence and put herself in a place where she owes someone. Yet, in order to make it possible for Rory to attend Chilton, she humbles herself and asks Richard and Emily for help.

And it turns out to be a good thing.

While asking for financial help can be at least as tricky in the real world as it is for Lorelai and Rory, sometimes that is what you need to do. If there is something you need and can't afford, or something that would be really, really good for you or a family member, and asking for aid in a mature, intentional way could be one of the best things you ever do.

4. Dream and Plan for Financial Success

Owning their own inn is a dream for Lorelai and Sookie, and it's not one that could ever come true without intentional planning. First, they dream, then they save, then they look for the perfect place, find the right realtor, and so on. By combining their dream with a plan, they eventually achieve their goals.

Most dreams cost money, which means that achieving them requires some sort of plan. Without this, the dream will never become feasible and will only ever be a dream. Planning and putting your money behind a dream means that your money is working for you, and gives you motivation to be frugal and make wise choices.

5. You Can Have Fun Without Spending a Lot

Sure, Rory and Lorelai spend quite a bit on coffee and takeout, but they aren't extravagant when it comes to entertainment. Other than a concert here or there, they spend most of their evenings at home, eating a ton of food and watching all sorts of movies. Through this ritual, they've gotten to know each other and have built a strong mother-daughter bond.

6. That Side Hustle Can Add Up

Lorelai works full time and goes to school, but she also takes jobs on the side. She and Sookie cater parties so posh that even Emily wants them to throw one of hers. Without this extra income, I'm pretty sure Lorelai would never have been able to buy the Dragonfly, even on a very generous manager's salary.

If you're good at something, start developing your side hustle today. It can be small at first, but who knows what it will grow into. Maybe it will generate some income so you can follow your dreams, too.

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