6 Money Lessons We Can Learn From the Easter Bunny

Easter is upon us once again, and with it comes the arrival of the Easter bunny and baskets full of treats. Sure, everything about this holiday is delicious and worth the caloric splurge — right down to the succulent Easter ham — but what can we learn from all this spending? Maybe it's time to embrace the bits of financial wisdom we can get from the Easter bunny himself. What can he teach us about this annual day of sweet treats? And how can he help us with our money over time?

1. Hard work is rewarded

Hunting for Easter eggs is something most of us remember fondly from our childhood, and pass on to the kids of today. And there's a simple lesson to be learned here; the more work you put in, the more you get out of it. In this case, get out there early, search every nook and cranny, and fill your basket with as many eggs as it can hold. Then, there's egg decoration. Many schools, and some families, like to make a competition out of the task. While a simple egg dipped in dye is ok, those who really go the extra mile win the day. And that can mean winning a basketful of goodies, or a fun experience.

In your career, your financial management, or a creative pursuit, the more effort you put in, the more you'll get out of the entire process. You'll also be much prouder of the reward you receive, knowing you truly earned it. So do the work and get the rewards — financial or otherwise.

2. Don't compare your assets with your neighbor's

How many times have you seen some kids continually look into the baskets of their friends, saying, "No fair, you have way more than me!" And "How many have you got?" They're so concerned with what others have, they get less eggs than they could if they were focused on their own egg haul. Plus, it's also a quick path to misery. They may have only four or five eggs in the basket, but that's still a bunch of free candy and goodies that they didn't have an hour earlier.

It's been said that we measure our happiness by our neighbors, and that can be frighteningly true. For example, you're proud of your new car, especially next to your neighbor's old rust bucket. But when they trade that in for a brand-new car twice the price of yours, with all the bells and whistles, your paradigm shifts. Your great car … now, is not so great, even though it's the exact same car. This attitude can make you spend money when you don't want to. So, focus on yourself, not what others have.

3. Never put all your eggs in one basket

When kids are running around, grabbing as many eggs as they can to load up their baskets, there's no problem. But in the real world, we want to avoid this practice.

Whether it's the stock market, your career, investors, or clients, diversification is the key. When it comes to your career, these days it's essential to have other irons in the fire. Layoffs happen daily in America, and all too often, people are finding it hard to get the same job because it's dying out. You should consider finding other ways to bring in money, in areas that are growing in strength; even if it's just a side business flipping thrift store finds on eBay. (See also: 15 Ways to Make Money Outside Your Day Job)

4. Something of value may not be visible … yet

That Easter egg hidden in the dense grass isn't something that can be found immediately. But for those with a little perseverance, it's waiting to be collected. So much that we do in life applies to that moment. It's the idea sitting in the back of your head that can become a business venture. It's the investment opportunity that seems like nothing special. Or, if we are to be very literal, it's a hidden treasure tucked away in your basement or attic; something worth a small fortune, just waiting to be uncovered one day. Keep your eyes peeled for the prospect of uncovering something of value, and it's much more likely to happen.

5. Don't judge a book by its cover

In the case of Easter, don't judge the contents of an egg by its shell. Many parents and schools will put the most valuable prizes, like cash and gift cards, inside the most unassuming eggs. The big, gold, shiny eggs may well be fool's gold, containing only a few candies.

Now, if you have ever shopped at a garage sale or thrift store, and found something valuable, you'll know it was hiding in plain sight. It didn't look like much, but to the right person, it was worth a lot. People can be judged in just the same way. Do you hire someone based on how they look, or what they offer? It is, of course, the latter. A home can look terrible at first glance, but after a little sweat equity, they can double in value. Find your hidden gem.

6. Something can come out of nothing

We all know (well, most of us, anyway) that the Easter bunny doesn't really exist. However, look at the excitement and incredible good will generated by the existence of this fantasy, including the revenue generated every Easter. We spend big bucks on this holiday each year. And yet, there is no bunny. There's no magic. It's all something we have created. So, do likewise with your finances. Can you find a way to create money out of something that doesn't exist right now? Is there a gap in the market? Do you see a need that is not being fulfilled, like all those contestants who appear on Shark Tank? It may not exist right now, but you can make it real, and you can make it a financial success.

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6 Money Lessons We Can Learn From the Easter Bunny

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