6 More Apps That Pay You to Shop

Not into cutting coupons? With the help of technology, you no longer have to spend hours looking over the Sunday paper and trying to creatively get around print limits. Several apps make saving money on groceries much simpler and all at your fingertips.

These six apps will help you save money on your grocery bill, help you find the best money on certain items, and even earn you cash back

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1. Your Favorite Store's App

Depending on what store you shop at, there is probably an app for it. I live in Southern California and shop frequently at Vons. All I did was attach my Vons loyalty card to the app, and I automatically had over 100 coupons available to use. Not only do they offer store coupons, like $5 off $20, but they also offer the manufacturer's coupons that are found in the Sunday newspaper.

My Vons app also gives me coupons based off what I buy. So if I buy organic chicken one week, then it might have an organic chicken coupon on the app the next week. Also, since my Vons has a Starbucks, I receive special coupons and free drinks through the app, too.

Whole Foods is another store that has coupons on its app. Usually, Whole Foods is on the expensive side. However, if I am in the area and there is a good price on a certain product, it is easy to just run in for one or two discounted groceries.

2. Flipp

Flipp matches local circular deals with coupons, allowing consumers to see the best price matches for their area. You can also connect your loyalty card numbers with the app, so that your personalized store coupons will sync with the deals. Since you have all of the current circulars in one spot, you can easily price match our favorite deals at a store that price matches.

For example, if your local Wal-Mart will price match with online circulars, then you can simply show them this app, rather than keeping track of several different papers. Some stores will require the physical ad for price matching purposes, so know your store's policy before you shop.

3. Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is very similar to Ibotta. All you have to do is buy one of the special offers (right now any brand of milk will earn you $.50 and tomatoes will earn $.25), scan the product bar code, and upload the receipt. It is very simple and quick to use. I like that all of the offers are right on the front screen, and you do not need to shop at a certain store. This means that if you find a gallon of milk at the .99 Cent Store, you can redeem it, whereas Ibotta does not offer that store for cash back.

The Ibotta app still offers more cash back offers, but you don't have to pick one or the other. You can use both to get the most cash back possible. For example, if there is a $1.00 cash back offer for Enjoy Life cookies on Ibotta and Checkout 51, you can get $2 back from scanning your bar code and receipt on both apps. (See also: The Best Cash Back Sites to Earn Thousands Per Year)

4. BerryCart

BerryCart is another cash back offer app that features healthy foods offers. This app pairs well with the Whole Foods app, since many of the deals will overlap, allowing you to get organic and non-GMO groceries for free or very little.

5. RedLaser

Not sure if you are getting the best deal on an item? Simply open up yourRedLaser app and scan the bar code. Not only will RedLaser show you which online stores have a better price on an item, but it also uses GPS to show you the price of that item at stores close to you. For example, if you wanted a certain book and went into Barnes and Noble to buy it, you could scan the bar code and find that the Target next door has the same exact book for $2 cheaper.

6. Shrink

Shrink is a fun app to use. You can earn points, as well as cash back. You can earn points for sharing an item on Facebook, referring friends, and doing other small tasks. These points can then be redeemed for coupons and free grocery products. When you buy certain items, you can then earn cash back for that product. The only drawback is that Shrink features a lot of harder to find, specialty health food items. You might be able to find the products at your local Whole Foods. For example, I was interested in trying a new product called Mother-in-law's Kimchee, but the nearest location I could find it at was a specialty store 150 miles away.

To save even more money on your groceries and earn more cash back, look up price matches before you go. Simply Google "(store name) + price match + (current week or month)." Many websites will easily lay out the best deals for certain stores, as well as which app cash back rebates are available.

What's your favorite app to use at the grocery store?

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