6 Passé Slang Terms You Need to Stop Using Today

New slang terms might sound weird (nobody can really pull off "on fleek" or "bae" anyway), but those who cling to outdated slang are even worse! If you're using any of these six passé slang terms, you need to stop using them today (totes).

1. Dope

"Dope" is outdated, but it's sort of like a vintage wine. Those who are deemed worthy of bringing it out of retirement are chosen, not born. Calling something "dope" requires a certain level of "swagger" to pull off, and you don't want to be the guy at the party who grinds proceedings to halt due to an ill-advised "dope." It's awkward.

2. Winning

Remember 2011, guys? It was not a good year. We had to follow all the news relating to a drug-addled Charlie Sheen, who coined the term "winning." Any person using it now looks as if they just discovered the term. We would all love to forget it ever happened. It's embarrassing for all involved.

3. Cray

Another slang word from 2011, this one's tricky. It made such a cultural impact on the Internet that people are still using it online and in real life. But here's the thing: when they use "cray," it's like a shell of its former self. No one can reinvigorate the greatness of first seeing and using "cray" or "cray-cray." It also sounds extremely silly. Let's let it die.

4. Amazeballs

This word went from being a joyful celebration of something nerdy to a random exclamation very quickly — always a bad sign. Now, blurting out "amazeballs" is startling and unwelcome. Sorry, amazeballs, it was fun for a while, but we're done.

5. Epic

Another nerd slang darling that started in the tabletop gaming scene, epic has gone too far. Like its cousins "awesome" and "radical," it's an adjective that can't possibly be describing something accurate to its definition.


This acronym is a good example of this rule: If you hear a slang term on a broadcast sitcom or summer movie, it's not cool anymore. It's true: You do only live once. We all know that. If you only live once, why spend precious seconds sounding like a douchebag?

What's the dated slang you just can't stop saying?

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I wish people would stop using the term "douchebag". Dictionary.com defines it as "a small syringe having detachable nozzles for fluid injections, used chiefly for vaginal lavage and for enemas". Every time I hear the word used casually, I cringe.

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This article is so fetch

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FOMO fear of missing out

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Haha, I agree with you on "amazeballs"! I never could get down with that one. But I'll never give up YOLO! ;)

I really wish people would stop saying "I'm anal (retentive)" when referring to being neat and organized. It makes me cringe every time...

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I still use awesome. And douchebag. It's impossibe not to when you live in CA...we're knee deep in them out here.