6 Personal Finance Tips for Extroverts

Like every personality type, extroverts have their own special style of personal finance management. In many ways, you go-getters have a great advantage when it comes to executing your saving, spending, and investment goals. But extroverts can also be too quick to act, sometimes leading themselves into a booby trap in financial regret. (See also: 8 Personal Finance Tips for Introverts)

Read on for our roundup of the extrovert's natural strengths to savor and weaknesses to cautiously avoid when it comes to money matters. You never know, it just might pay off in the future.

Maximize Your Strengths

If you're an extrovert, use the things you're already good at to improve your financial fortune. Just don't let someone more cautious scare you out of them!

1. Negotiate Prices Like the Master Smooth-Talker You Are

Extroverts know how to navigate conflict with a certain finesse that makes it seem there's no conflict at all. And that's a priceless skill when it comes to negotiating everything from your car payment to your salary. It's not that extroverts are good at lying, it's just that they have a way of figuring out the best case scenario for themselves and then painting it like a win-win for both parties.

So whenever possible, you should negotiate in person. Your charm and charisma are best employed in face-to-face showdowns. Just don't forget to be gracious as you talk your way into getting what you want.

2. Get Aggressive

Extroverts aren't afraid to pull the trigger when they get the feeling that it's right. When applied to the stock market, credit card rewards programs, and investment properties, that astute sense of intuition can be a major bonus. Many introverts missed out on low stock prices at the end of the recession for this very reason. They weren't sure that the market had really bottomed out, so they weren't sure whether they should buy.

But while it pays — literally — to have a good handle on your intuition, you also mustn't get cocky. The same cause of crash-and-burn among world-class poker players applies to extroverts, too.

3. Take Risks

Extroverts are more comfortable taking risks because they're more comfortable engaging with the ever-changing world around them. As compared to introverts, they simply have more experience throwing themselves into uncertain situations and coming out alright on the other side. Every habitual risk-taker develops some sense of resiliency.

4. Brand Yourself

Extroverts know there's no shame in using well-designed business cards and social media platforms as a means of attracting positive attention to their work accomplishments. In fact, they know it's one of the best ways to line up future job prospects before they may decide they even want them.

Work Your Weaknesses

While using your strengths will take you far, learning to overcome your weaknesses can make for an even better bill of financial health.

5. Play the Long Game

As an extrovert, you're likely not so good at delaying gratification. This means you sometimes fail to grasp that wealth generally generates slowly. Often you pass up on opportunities to win small gains because you're not imagining how big they can stack up over time.

So teach yourself that the road to riches will have its ups and downs — maybe even a few colossal ones — but there are still many ways make gains on your losses. And always be sure to have a sizable financial safety net, should one of those colossal downs trip you up so badly that you're unable to recover right away.

6. Do Your Homework

It's tempting to jump into investing with your own strategy, or with one you haven't really researched yet. So many people think they can beat the market, yet so few actually do. As an extrovert, you have gusto to go with your gut. But what you're sometimes lacking are the listening skills to hear what has worked for others before you, what has worked and what hasn't, and to craft your own investing strategy around the successful strategies of others.

So remember: there's no harm in getting a second opinion from someone in-the-know.

Are you an extrovert? Has it helped you manage your finances?

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6 Personal Finance Tips for Extroverts

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