6 Podcasts for Travel Lovers


The coming of the new year means that for many of us, our paid time off (PTO) allocation resets. This lets us dream of how we'll spend that vacation time, and where we'll travel. If you're not sure which sights to see, a travel podcast might be just what you need. These six travel podcasts will make you want to pack your bags, grab your passport, and get movin'! (See also: 5 Ways Science Says Travel Is Good for Your Health)

1. Zero to Travel

Zero to Travel (Z2T) is a travel podcast that's so much more than a travel podcast. Yes, it's packed with exciting destinations and adventurous travel stories. More importantly, it's a podcast that wants to help you get out there, and quite frankly, stay out there. The podcast, and the supportive online community built around it, offers tips, ideas, and action plans to help you get travel work, start a location-independent business, travel on a budget, and build a life that has travel at the very center of it. (See also: The Easy Way to Save Up a Big Travel Budget)

2. Amateur Traveler

If more travel is one of your New Year's resolutions, Amateur Traveler is a podcast tailor-made for you. For over a decade, host Chris Christensen has been coaching new travelers on how to find and visit locations that are on their bucket lists, and to visit them sooner rather than later. Destinations are domestic and international, so in his deep catalog of episodes, there's something for everyone. Recent episodes include Northern Chile, Belarus, Albuquerque, and Napa. (See also: Where to Do 9 Popular Bucket List Items on a Budget)

3. The Budget-Minded Traveler

Solo female travel certainly isn't new. However, it's growing in popularity as a rite of passage every year. As someone who's traveled alone many times, I'm always amazed by the people I meet, what I learn, and how satisfying it is to trek through the world.

The Budget-Minded Traveler is specifically geared for solo women travelers, though its tips and resources are certainly valuable for anyone traveling on their own. In addition to the podcast, there is also a blog and a comprehensive list of resources. Jackie Nourse, host and founder of the blog, even offers an online class that she describes as a blueprint for solo travel. (See also: 6 Unexpected Benefits of Solo Travel)

4. Travel With Rick Steves

I've loved Rick Steves' travel books for years, and now I love his podcast, Travel with Rick Steves, just as much. Steves is an expert in European travel, so if European destinations are on your must-see list, he is your sage. Yes, he covers the highlights that you'll find in any travel guide. However, the real value is in his secret finds. He's been traveling to Europe for so many years that he's built relationships with owners of tiny inns, local chefs, and niche tour guides who will take your European adventures from great to once-in-a-lifetime experiences that you will never forget.

5. Travel Wisdom Podcast

If you believe in the power of the hivemind and crowdsourcing, you're in good company with the Travel Wisdom Podcast. This podcast includes a wide variety of featured guests who share their travel stories and what they learned along the way. It packages up all of these experiences and gives you the very best advice to enhance your own trips. Better to learn from the travel mistakes and challenges of others, than have to manage them on the road yourself.

6. As Told By Nomads

Want to combine your concern for world affairs with your desire for cultural immersion in your travel? Tayo Rockson hosts the As Told By Nomads podcast, and he interviews other travelers who are leaders in business, culture, travel, and global affairs. They all share a deep sense of cultural awareness and global identity.

These podcasts teach us that there are as many ways to incorporate travel into our lives as there are incredible places to visit. Whether you're looking for a vacation, a career break, or a way to build a location-independent life and career, these podcasts will give you what you need to make your travels the adventures you've always dreamed of having.

Now get out there! Happy trails. I can't wait to hear about and see what you find.

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